Softimage Announces New SOFTIMAGE-DS Version 2.0 SDK And Availability of SOFTIMAGE-SDK Version 1.8

ORLANDO, Fla., July 20, 1998 — Softimage Inc. announced today at SIGGRAPH 98 the release of the final beta of the SOFTIMAGE® |DS version 2.0 software developers kit (SDK), an advanced toolkit for building cutting-edge effects plug-ins for SOFTIMAGE|DS 2.0.

Using the open, extensible architecture of SOFTIMAGE|DS, the SDK provides access to the interface and programming tools used by SOFTIMAGE|DS developers and allows third-party programmers to efficiently create plug-ins that integrate seamlessly into the SOFTIMAGE|DS environment.

In addition, the company announced the shipment of SOFTIMAGE|SDK 1.8, the SDK upgrade for SOFTIMAGE|3D 3.8, which provides developers with deeper access into SOFTIMAGE|3D and programmatic control over custom shaders and channel drivers. A key new component to the SOFTIMAGE|SDK 1.8 is a powerful tool for game developers, the SOFTIMAGE|GDK (game development kit). The GDK is a high-level C++ API, covering the subset of the current SOFTIMAGE|SDK functionality most important to games developers. With this new API, developers will be able to quickly and efficiently design and implement custom conversion tools between SOFTIMAGE|3D and real-time engines.

SOFTIMAGE|DS 2.0 SDK Now in Beta

With C++ base classes, wizards, utilities and sample code, the SOFTIMAGE|DS 2.0 SDK is a comprehensive development environment that allows developers to quickly construct and modify data elements specifically for SOFTIMAGE|DS. The SDK allows third parties and SOFTIMAGE|DS customers to create customized effects including 2-D video and audio, 3-D digital video effects (DVEs), enhanced paint and keying features.

“The SOFTIMAGE|DS 2.0 SDK continues our commitment to provide full support to the development community through SDKs, as well as ongoing technical and marketing support,”
said Rebecca Warner, third-party marketing manager at Softimage.
“We believe this SDK is an important contribution to the industry, since the resulting third-party plug-ins offer features that further strengthen the SOFTIMAGE|DS environment and allow digital artists and editors to create even more compelling content.”

Early adopters of the SOFTIMAGE|DS SDK betas include 5D Software, Artel, The Foundry, Photron USA, and Ultimatte Corp., which have all successfully created and shipped plug-ins that act as valuable enhancements to SOFTIMAGE|DS versions 1.0 and 2.0.

“Softimage SDKs are key tools in our efforts to reduce development time, allowing us to continue to deliver useful plug-ins in a timely manner,”
said Marc Dando, sales and marketing director, 5D Software.
“We plan to fully utilize the SOFTIMAGE|DS 2.0 SDK beta to provide even more functionality in 5D Monsters for SOFTIMAGE|DS 2.0.”

SOFTIMAGE|DS 2.0 SDK effects can process multiple media types and be applied to clips, tracks, time lines, layers, paint strokes and audio strips. Capabilities include the following:

  • Image effects, including filters, DVEs, transitions, source generators, time-based effects and keyers

  • Graphic paint effects, allowing image effects to be applied to brush strokes for paint capabilities

  • Audio effects, including time-based effects and filters

In addition, the SOFTIMAGE|DS 2.0 SDK delivers Microsoft® Visual C++® development system effect wizards to simplify development and boost productivity, as well as access to C++ base classes for effects, property pages and interactive tools.

SOFTIMAGE|SDK 1.8 Provides Improved Conduit With SOFTIMAGE|3D 3.8

Already a venerable tool set for developers of professional-quality enhancements to the Softimage product line, the new SOFTIMAGE|SDK will provide even more powerful access to the industry-leading 3-D animation package, SOFTIMAGE|3D. The improved SDK will allow customers and members of the Softimage Partners Program to create increasingly diverse plug-in solutions to complement the more than 50 shipping products currently available to users of SOFTIMAGE|3D. Developers will be able to take advantage of a robust development environment that includes four components: SAAPHIRE (Softimage Advanced API for Relations and Elements), SOFTIMAGE|GDK, Channels and mental ray
development kits. Highlights of SOFTIMAGE|SDK 1.8 include the following:

  • More control of the SOFTIMAGE|3D user interface

  • Convenience functions to access scene animation data and actions

  • More low-level, detailed access to modeling data

  • Access to the new audio capabilities of SOFTIMAGE|3D 3.8

  • The SOFTIMAGE|GDK, a new SOFTIMAGE|SDK conponent added specifically for game and real-time application developers, providing functions to quickly design and implement custom conversion tools between SOFTIMAGE|3D and real-time engines

Pricing and Availability

The SOFTIMAGE|DS 2.0 SDK will be available early August 1998 to third-party developers through the Softimage Partners Program. The program provides Softimage software, SDKs, technical and marketing support to commercial developers interested in creating and marketing plug-in enhancements for Softimage products including SOFTIMAGE|3D and SOFTIMAGE|DS. Membership to the SOFTIMAGE|DS component requires successful application and $1,500 (U.S.) annually. In addition, the SOFTIMAGE|DS 2.0 SDK will be available to SOFTIMAGE|DS 2.0 customers via resellers for $1,000 (U.S.).

The SOFTIMAGE|SDK and Softimage Partners Program membership pricing remains unchanged with this release. Commercial developers of 3-D applications require successful application and an annual membership fee of $1,000 (U.S.) to join the Softimage Partners Program, and SOFTIMAGE|3D customers can purchase the SDK for $750 (U.S.) directly from resellers.

Commercial developers interested in joining the Softimage Partners Program may call (514) 634-7706 or e-mail a request to [email protected]. A complete catalog of SOFTIMAGE|3D and SOFTIMAGE|DS plug-ins and enhancement products can be found on the Softimage Web site at .

About Softimage

Founded in 1986, Softimage develops software for media-rich applications including video, film, interactive games and CD-ROM applications. Products include SOFTIMAGE|DS (video production), SOFTIMAGE|3D (high-end animation), SOFTIMAGE|EDDIE (compositing) and Toonz (2-D cel animation). The company was acquired in 1994 by Microsoft. Additional information about Softimage and Microsoft can be found via the Internet at and , respectively.

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