Momentum Grows for Microsoft Transaction Server Technology

REDMOND, Wash., Aug. 19, 1998 — Microsoft Corp. reported today that Budget Rent a Car of British Columbia Ltd., Pebble Beach Co. and Walker Inc. have committed to deploying multitier applications using MTS technology. These leading companies represent the growing momentum behind MTS technology, used by companies in a variety of markets to build and deploy scalable, enterprisewide, multitier applications for the Windows NT® operating system.

Initially released as part of the Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack, MTS technology is a COM-based transaction processing system designed to make it easier for developers to write and deploy scalable, reliable, multitier Internet and intranet server applications. MTS technology allows developers to focus on business logic and value-added programming instead of writing code for the application infrastructure, thereby significantly reducing development time and costs.

“We’re pleased with the growing number of companies using MTS technology for building and deploying scalable multitier applications,”
said Joe Maloney, group marketing manager for COM and MTS technologies at Microsoft.
“Microsoft continues to focus on helping companies meet their business goals. With MTS technology, developers can build and deploy multitier applications faster and more easily than ever.”

Major Corporations Deploy Windows NT-Based Applications Using MTS Technology

Budget Rent a Car of British Columbia Ltd., part of the Budget Rent a Car worldwide network, required a scalable, mission-critical, Web-based system that could manage customer profile, reservation, rate control and fleet information. The company turned to Sierra Systems Consultants Inc., ( ), a Microsoft Solution Provider with expertise in the development of business applications, for an MTS-based three-tier system. The new three-tier system will enable individual Budget Rent a Car franchises to access and share real-time information more quickly and easily, allowing Budget to provide improved customer service.

Pebble Beach Co., a California-based corporation that operates two resort hotels, four public golf courses, retail golf and tennis venues and a beach club, selected Infinium Software’s MTS-based Financial Management and Human Resources Management solutions to handle its accounting needs and diverse business operations. Pebble Beach Co.’s aggressive growth in the 1990s motivated the company to select an MTS-based Enterprise Line of Business solution from Infinium Software with an extremely flexible, component-based architecture, that offers a low-cost, high-function computing environment that will evolve as Microsoft and Infinium technologies evolve, thereby ensuring long-term high return on technology investments.

“MTS has helped us bring products to market faster,”
said Frank Torbey, senior vice president of development at Infinium.
“Our customers have embraced the features and benefits MTS technology brings to our suite of business applications for Windows NT. We expect this demand to continue to grow exponentially in the years ahead.”

Walker Inc., ( ) a leading supplier of enterprise financial, operational and analytic applications, has committed to using Microsoft Transaction Server technology and COM+, an evolving extension of COM, for all new products. For customers of Windows NT, Walker is developing a suite of solutions using MTS and COM+, which will seamlessly integrate data, business rules and disparate applications with Walker’s IBM/S390 enterprise server-based applications. The component-based infrastructure offered by MTS will allow Walker’s enterprise customers to easily customize their applications and deliver business information to more users. Since all Walker business rules will be packaged as COM and MTS components, customers will easily consume, extend, refine and integrate those components using the Microsoft Visual Studio
development system family of tools.

More About MTS Technology

Developers can take advantage of MTS technology through Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack, Windows NT Server 4.0 and Windows NT Server Enterprise Edition 4.0. Licensees of these operating system platforms can obtain MTS technology through the Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack. For more information on Microsoft Transaction Server and other COM technologies, visit the Microsoft Web site at .

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