Microsoft and Compaq Announce Breakthrough Initiative

P>REDMOND, Wash., and HOUSTON, Sept. 10, 1998 — Microsoft Corp. and Compaq Computer Corp. today unveiled their initiative to propel the Microsoft® Windows NT® Server operating system into a premier role in the enterprise data center. The companies announced the initiative will provide customers with the cost-effectiveness and ease of use of Windows NT, in addition to the advanced clustering, OLTP scalability and robustness of Compaq’s best data-center technologies. The results of this work will be incorporated into future releases of Windows NT, and will be broadly and openly licensed to the industry.

This initiative includes technologies previously available only as components of Compaq’s Tandem NonStop Kernel™ , Digital OpenVMS and Digital UNIX platforms, including:

  • Clustered transactional and recovery services

  • Remote mirroring technology for improved disaster recovery

  • Clustered file system infrastructure and management

  • Data and file partitioning infrastructure

  • Advanced software testing tools for high-availability systems operations

  • Remote system management and system health-detection services

“Our mutual customers are using Windows NT Server in more and more mission critical applications, including electronic commerce and ERP,”
said Paul Maritz, group vice president of platforms and applications at Microsoft.
“This important initiative combines the COM programming model, ‘nonstop’ clustering infrastructure and advanced, partitioned database capabilities to create a next-generation operating environment.”

“Working together with Microsoft, this initiative provides an opportunity for customers to leverage all of Compaq’s strengths: Windows NT expertise, enterprise data center experience, Intel and 64-bit Compaq Alpha platforms, and worldwide service and support,”
said John Rose, senior vice president and group general manager, enterprise computing group, Compaq.

“This is not only a major inflection point for the industry, but an epiphany for how the Digital, Tandem and Compaq cultures complement each other and the strategic relationship with Microsoft,”
said Brad Day, vice president, Giga Information Group.
“The capabilities covered by this initiative include Compaq’s best enterprise technologies, which have been proven in the most demanding environments in the industry. Customers can now plan for the future with a clearer vision of how Windows NT Server will be enhanced for the data center.”

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