Microsoft Extends Year 2000 Customer Support With New Programs, Tools and Information Resources

REDMOND, Wash., May 6, 1999 — Microsoft Corp. today unveiled new information resources and tools to address customers’ requirements as they continue to prepare their computing environments for the year 2000 (Y2K). Customers will benefit from the new Y2K consumer Web site, which offers easy-to-understand information and prescriptive advice on Y2K, and from additions to the Y2K Resource CD, which enables quick assessment and simple updates. Companies will benefit from the 120-day version of Systems Management Server 2.0, which Microsoft is offering to the more than 18,500 Microsoft® Certified Solution Providers (MCSPs) worldwide. These partners will receive the products and training they need to help businesses prepare for the year 2000. These new deliverables will help customers of all sizes save time, resources and overall costs as they continue to prepare for Y2K.

“Microsoft is aware that the 1999 midway mark is fast approaching, and as customers focus on preparing their desktops and their existing data for the year 2000, we are committed to helping them with value-added tools and information related to all three components of the year 2000 challenge: hardware, software and data,”
said Steve Ballmer, president of Microsoft.
“Today’s announcement is an important step in our ongoing support program.”

Microsoft has also extended its Y2K product policy to include a commitment to resolve date-related issues on a number of core infrastructure products through Jan. 1, 2001 (for a detailed list, please see addendum). Enterprises are now able to select products on the core infrastructure product list with the assurance that Microsoft is committed to maintaining their year 2000 status.

New, Easy-to-Understand Consumer Web Site and Developer Portal

With the new consumer year 2000 Web site, accessible in early June at , customers will have access to easy-to-understand information and prescriptive advice, as well as the more detailed and technical Y2K information about Microsoft products available on Microsoft’s TechNet Y2K Web site. Both sites are accessible at . With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, the Y2K consumer Web site allows users to understand year 2000 date-related issues even more easily and take appropriate action if needed to prepare their home PCs. The site includes information on hardware and software analysis and resources to help customers review personal data, such as letters or spreadsheets, for potential year 2000 issues. While it is designed to help customers prepare their home computers, the consumer year 2000 Web site also can be used by businesses to communicate the scope of the year 2000 challenge to PC users within their organizations.

The new Microsoft Developer Tools Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure and Resource Center will be accessible May 10 at . Offering a comprehensive list of year 2000 resources by developer tool, the site provides independent developers, software vendors and organizations with the resources they need to create Y2K-ready solutions with Microsoft developer tools.

New Resource CD Offers Quick Assessment and Simple Update Installation

In addition to a wealth of information, white papers and Microsoft Excel Plug-Ins, the enhanced Microsoft Year 2000 Resource CD now contains easy-to-use and simple-to-install product updates for the Microsoft Windows® 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT® 4.0 Service Pack 4 operating systems, as well as Office 95, Office 97 and Microsoft Works 4.5a. The Microsoft Year 2000 Product Analyzer is also included on the CD, allowing a customer to scan a computer’s hard drive, or mapped network drive(s), looking for core Microsoft products and immediately generating a report with Y2K-compliance information. The CD also provides links to additional product information and updates if needed.

Customers can subscribe to this quarterly CD-ROM free of charge via the year 2000 Web site, , or by calling (888) MSFT-Y2K (673-8925).

Systems Management Server 2.0 Evaluation Version Offer

Microsoft will offer a 120-day evaluation version of Systems Management Server 2.0 to the broad base of MCSP organizations that sell, deploy, support or develop Microsoft-based solutions. This version will include a database with compliance information for Microsoft products, year 2000 queries, a report that graphically displays the number of systems in each compliance category, and a comprehensive training course. The Microsoft Official Curriculum training course on how to use Systems Management Server 2.0 for year 2000 compliance analysis will be downloadable free of charge by the end of the month. This offer will enable the channel to help customers with inventorying hardware and software and compliance analysis. A $14.95 shipping and handling fee will apply; the product may be used as a 120-day evaluation copy between now and March 1, 2000. Channel partners may order this offer over the Web at or access more information at .

Year 2000 Customer and Developer Workshops

New, tailored workshops make it easier for customers and developers to access important year 2000 information and assistance. The data remediation workshop will consist of a half-day presentation to assist customers in preparing a year 2000 data remediation plan. In the workshop, customers will assess their year 2000 data and learn how to use third-party tools and Microsoft Plug-Ins to change two-digit dates to four-digit dates and help maintain the remediated data environment. Customers who are interested in attending the workshop should contact their local Microsoft subsidiary.

In addition, as part of the upcoming Microsoft Tech
Ed conference May 21-28 in Dallas, Microsoft is offering a technical breakout session for developers that focuses on ways to create Y2K-compliant applications in Microsoft development environments. The session will also address ways to evaluate the year 2000 compliance status of existing custom applications.
Ed registration information and details on the year 2000 session can be found at .

Resources to Support Channel Providers

The new year 2000 tools and information resources will also be made available to the broad base of channel organizations via the Microsoft Certified Solution Provider program and Microsoft Direct Access. MCSPs will have access to year 2000 tools through mailings, including the Systems Management Server update kit, as well as through the private MCSP Web site. Value-added providers that do not belong to the MCSP program can obtain year 2000 resources via the Microsoft Direct Access Web site ( ) and at Direct Access quarterly briefings, which provide technology consultants with free technical and business information. This channel support and Y2K consulting services bring to the forefront the importance of customer education and awareness-building.

Users can obtain the latest information on Microsoft products and other year 2000 resources from the Microsoft Year 2000 Web site at , by calling (888) MSFT-Y2K (673-8925) within the United States, or by contacting a local Microsoft subsidiary.

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq
) is the worldwide leader in software for personal computers. The company offers a wide range of products and services for business and personal use, each designed with the mission of making it easier and more enjoyable for people to take advantage of the full power of personal computing every day.


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Infrastructure Product Commitments

Microsoft is extending its Y2K product policy to include a commitment to resolve date-related issues on a number of core infrastructure products through Jan. 1, 2001. Enterprises can now select from a broad range of Microsoft core infrastructure products with the assurance that Microsoft is committed to maintaining their Y2K status.

BackOffice family4.5All

Small Business Server4.5All

Windows NT 4 SP4All

Windows NT 4 SP3All (at Compliant #)

Windows NT3.51 SP5All

Site Server 3 SP2All

Systems Management Server 2.0 All

Systems Management Server 1.2 SP4All

Microsoft Exchange 5.5 SP2All

Microsoft Exchange 5.0 SP2All

SNA 4 SP2All

SQL Server7.0 All

SQL Server6.5 SP5All

Proxy 2.0 All

Windows 98 All

Windows 95 (all versions)All

Microsoft Internet Explorer4 SP1All

Office 97 SR2 Most Tier 1, 2, and 3 languages

Office 95Most Tier 1, 2, and 3 languages (at level with Y2K software update)

Works4.5aTier 1 and 2 languages

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