Microsoft Press Announces Complete Line of Learning and Reference Solutions for Microsoft Office 2000

REDMOND, Wash., May 17, 1999 — Microsoft Corp. today announced the availability of more than 50 learning solutions to help users maximize desktop and Web productivity, collaborate more effectively, manage deployments and develop custom solutions with Microsoft’s newest productivity suite ¾Microsoft® Office 2000.

In conjunction with the release of Office 2000 software, new titles from Microsoft Press are available for all versions of the Office 2000 suite ¾ Standard, Small Business, Professional, Premium and Developer ¾and also for each of the individual Office 2000 applications, which include Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Word, the Outlook® messaging and collaboration client, the PowerPoint® presentation graphics program, Publisher, PhotoDraw
™business graphics software and the FrontPage® Web site creation and management tool.

The range of learning solutions runs from hands-on tutorials and general reference titles for beginning, intermediate and power users to programming and IT references. For detailed information about the complete line of Office 2000 products from Microsoft Press, please visit .

Available to accommodate all learning styles, the Microsoft Press® series includes At a Glance (visually oriented desktop user references); Running (comprehensive user references); Quick Course® (concise user tutorials); Step by Step Interactive (scalable multimedia training for individuals and organizations); Resource Kits (in-depth technical references for IT professionals); Programmer’s Guides (in-depth references for developers); and other programming references with source code on CD-ROM.

For the End User

Microsoft Press Office 2000 desktop resources for end users include the following:

  • Microsoft Office 2000 Step by Step Interactive (by Microsoft Press, ISBN: 0-7356-0506-8, one CD, $29.99 ERP). This multimedia-enhanced computer-based training system shows users how to maximize productivity with Office 2000 Professional through task-based lessons, Office 2000 software simulations, animation, pre- and post-lesson assessment, and hands-on interaction with Office 2000 software. A network-enabled version of this product is also available via license for multiple-desktop installations within organizations (see * below).

  • Running Microsoft Office 2000 Premium (by Michael Halvorson and Michael Young, ISBN: 1-57231-945-3, 1,552 pages, $49.99 ERP). Co-authors Halvorson and Young provide tips on the most-used tasks and functions of Office 2000 Premium, including information on document management for hard drives and the Internet. The Running series offers clear explanations of computing features and is designed as a comprehensive reference suitable for a wide range of Office 2000 users and up-graders – intermediate users and newcomers alike.

  • Microsoft Office 2000 8-in-1 Step by Step (by Catapult Inc., Perspection Inc. and ActiveEducation, ISBN: 1-57231-984-4, 800 pages with one CD, $44.99 ERP). This guide instructs the beginning-to-intermediate user on how to get the most out of the Office 2000 Professional suite. It covers Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, FrontPage, Publisher and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 software. The Step by Step series provides self-paced, easy-to-follow lessons that include clear objectives and real-world examples, with practice files on the CD-ROM.

  • Microsoft Office 2000 Professional At a Glance (by Perspection Inc., ISBN: 1-57231-937-2, 416 pages, $19.99 ERP). This title provides a fast, visual way to get answers about everything in Office 2000 Professional: Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, Internet Explorer, Publisher and Small Business Tools. Everything about the At a Glance series is designed to make finding answers fast and easy screen shots, numbered step-by-step directions, quick hints and more.

  • Running Microsoft Office 2000 Professional (by Michael Halvorson and Michael Young, ISBN: 1-57231-936-4, 1,328 pages, $39.99 ERP). This comprehensive, in-depth reference covers the most-used features of Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook and Internet Explorer 5.

  • Microsoft Office 2000 Small Business At a Glance (by Perspection Inc., ISBN: 0-7356-0546-7, 336 pages, $19.99 ERP). This title covers each application in the Office 2000 Small Business suite (Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, Publisher and Small Business Tools) with a visual, task-oriented style to help readers find answers to specific questions quickly and easily.

*Multimedia Training for Organizations

  • Microsoft Office 2000 Step by Step Interactive (Network Edition). A local area network (LAN)- and Web-enabled version of Microsoft Office 2000 Step by Step Interactive is available via license for organizations. This version includes an Administrator Console, which lets training managers and administrators deliver customized training content directly to groups of users within their organization, adjust course syllabi to meet specific group or individual learning objectives, and generate reports. In addition, Office 2000 software simulations in the course lessons provide an effective way for help-desk professionals to train users on Office 2000 prior to deployment.

For IT Professionals

Microsoft Press offers a full line of resources for technical professionals, providing technical references and training for planning, deployment and maintenance of Microsoft products and technology:

  • Microsoft Office 2000 Resource Kit (by Microsoft Corp., ISBN: 0-7356-0555-6, 896 pages with one CD, $59.99 ERP). Developed by the Office development team, the Microsoft Office 2000 Resource Kit is a comprehensive technical reference for administrators and planners. A companion CD provides key tools and utilities to ensure smooth deployments and low cost of ownership for Office 2000.

  • Microsoft Office 2000 Technical Support Training Kit (by Microsoft Corp., ISBN: 0-7356-0669-2, 800 pages with one CD, $99.99 ERP). This in-depth technical training resource covers the installation, deployment and collaboration support of Office 2000 applications. Issues also include upgrading, Web support, remote users and Help customization. (Scheduled to ship in August 1999.)

  • Deploying Microsoft Office 2000 Notes From the Field (by Microsoft Corp., ISBN: 0-7356-0727-3, 400 pages, $39.99 ERP). This guide outlines the best practices and procedures for deploying Office 2000 in an enterprise environment, based on real-world experience of Microsoft Consulting Services. (Scheduled to ship in September 1999.)

  • Building Applications With Microsoft Outlook 2000 Technical Reference (by Randy Byrne, ISBN: 0-7356-0581-5, 752 pages with one CD, $49.99 ERP). This reference, developed for groupware solution builders, provides strategies for developing productivity-enhancing applications with Outlook 2000.

For Developers

Fundamentals titles from Microsoft Press are an effective way for business power users or corporate developers to learn to automate and write their own functions and procedures using Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA) and Office 2000. A companion CD in each book includes sample applications and code to support every lesson.

  • Microsoft Access 2000/Visual Basic for Applications Fundamentals (by Evan Callahan, ISBN: 0-7356-0592-0, 384 pages with one CD, $39.99 ERP)

  • Microsoft Excel 2000/Visual Basic for Applications Fundamentals (by Reed Jacobson, ISBN: 0-7356-0593-9, 368 pages with one CD, $39.99 ERP)

  • Microsoft Office 2000/Visual Basic for Applications Fundamentals

    (by David Boctor, ISBN: 0-7356-0594-7, 576 pages with one CD, $39.99 ERP)

Designed to help professional developers build flexible solutions based on Office applications, the Microsoft Office 2000 Developer software suite provides essential tools for faster application development and distribution. Developers programming applications for Office 2000 can choose from the following Microsoft Press learning solutions:

  • Microsoft Office 2000/Visual Basic Programmer’s Guide (by David Shank, Mark Roberts and Tamra Myers, ISBN: 1-57231-952-6, 976 pages with one CD, $49.99 ERP) is official Microsoft product documentation with detailed technical information and performance tips for all Office 2000 tools, arranged by task.

  • Microsoft Office 2000/Visual Basic Language Reference (by Microsoft Corp., ISBN: 1-57231-955-0, 7,040 pages, $199.99 ERP) is official Microsoft product documentation containing A-Z references to features, objects and Visual Basic for Applications programming language.

  • Programming Microsoft Access 2000 (by Rick Dobson, ISBN: 0-7356-0500-9, 624 pages with one CD, $49.99 ERP) is an accessible guide for intermediate-to-advanced Access developers. It serves as a robust reference to new Access features and includes advanced topics for experienced developers. It also includes extensive code samples.


Microsoft Press Office 2000 references and learning solutions products are available now in bookstores and software stores throughout North America, or directly from Microsoft Press at (800) MSPRESS (677-7377). In Canada, customers can call (800) 667-1115.

The network version of Microsoft Office 2000 Step by Step Interactive is available to organizations via the Microsoft Select and Open License programs, from $26-$36 (U.S.) per desktop (estimated price, depending on the number of desktops licensed). Interested customers should contact their software reseller for specific pricing, or call (800) MSPRESS to be connected with the appropriate salesperson. An OEM version of this product is also available via license. More information on Microsoft license programs and price levels is available at .

Microsoft Press is a division of Microsoft Corp. and the leading source of comprehensive self-paced learning, training, evaluation and support resources designed to help everyone from developers and IT professionals to end users get the most from Microsoft technology. Users can choose from more than 250 current titles in print, multimedia and network-ready formats – learning solutions made by Microsoft. More information is available at .

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