Enterprise Software Vendors Commit to Windows DNA

REDMOND, Wash., May 24, 1999 — Microsoft Corp. today announced that leading software vendors, including Allaire Corp., Bluestone Software Inc., Centura Software Corp., Elemental Software, HAHT Software, Level 8 Systems Inc., Persistence Software Inc., SAGA SOFTWARE Inc., Unify Corp. and Vectrix Corp., recently declared their commitment to the Microsoft® Windows® Distributed interNet Applications (Windows DNA) architecture for building distributed applications on the Windows operating system, the most comprehensive and integrated application server platform. These announcements broaden the choices for developers who want to build applications faster and easier by using the common service infrastructure of the Windows operating system.

The Windows platform provides a set of rich system services and component-based application services that support open technology standards, all exposed in a unified way through the Component Object Model (COM). The Windows DNA architecture is designed to provide a high level of interoperability with existing enterprise applications and legacy systems, making it easy to protect and extend current investments. Windows DNA also supports a wide choice of programming languages and integrated development tools, giving developers the option of choosing the tool that best fits their needs.

“Industry support of Windows DNA has grown dramatically over the past year,”
said Jigish Avalani, group manager of Windows DNA marketing at Microsoft.
“These recent announcements will enable even more customers to use the Windows DNA architecture to take advantage of the powers of the Windows platform for creating distributed applications for the enterprise.”

Below are recent announcements Microsoft made with leading ISVs whose products extend the ability to successfully adopt the Windows DNA development model.

Summary of Announcements

  • Allaire announced an agreement to enhance the integration between Windows DNA technologies and the Allaire ColdFusion Web application server. The resulting integration will enable customers to more quickly and easily deliver enterprise and e-commerce applications that take advantage of the complementary strengths of ColdFusion and Windows DNA services. More information can be obtained on the Web at http://www.allaire.com/coldfusion/ .

  • Bluestone Software a performance leader in enterprise interaction management, announced that Bluestone’s Web Application Server framework, Sapphire/Web, supports the Windows DNA architecture. Sapphire/Web’s open architecture promotes interoperable, scalable and 24×7-reliable enterprise-class Windows DNA applications. More information can be obtained on the Web at http://www.bluestone.com/ .

  • Centura Software, a leader in secure, embedded micro- and e-business databases and development solutions, announced its support of the Windows DNA architecture. The powerful combination of Windows DNA technologies and Centura’s Web 4GL application development environment allows organizations to quickly develop and deploy e-business applications across the enterprise that are stable and secure. More information can be obtained on the Web at http://www.centurasoft.com/ .

  • Elemental Software , creator of the award-winning Web-development product Drumbeat 2000, announced an agreement designed to promote the speed and ease of building Windows DNA Web applications using Drumbeat 2000. Drumbeat 2000 integrates key technologies of the Windows DNA architecture that enable Web developers to take advantage of and extend the Windows platform to build rich, multitiered, distributed applications without hand-coding. More information can be obtained on the Web at http://drumbeat.com/ .

  • HAHT Software announced that the innovative HAHT e-Scenario product line will follow the Windows DNA architecture. The combination of HAHT technologies with Windows DNA services creates robust packaged solutions that improve customer service, supply-chain efficiency and internal processes. More information can be obtained on the Web at http://www.haht.com/ .

  • Level 8 Systems announced that Geneva, Level 8’s leading scalable application integration server, now provides support for the Windows DNA architecture. The Geneva Integration Server allows enterprise customers to quickly build scalable applications that take full advantage of the power and flexibility of Windows DNA services. More information can be obtained on the Web at http://www.level8.com/ .

  • Persistence Software , a provider of transactional application servers, announced support for the Windows DNA architecture. PowerTier for Windows DNA enables companies to integrate Persistence PowerTier applications into Windows DNA Component Object Model (COM) and Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) environments. More information can be obtained on the Web at http://www.persistence.com/ .

  • SAGA SOFTWARE announced that SAGA’s enterprise integration solution, Sagavista, will support the Windows DNA architecture. By embracing Windows DNA, Sagavista, which is now in development, will enable intelligent enterprise-scale integration between the Windows NT® operating system, OS/390, UNIX and packaged applications. More information can be obtained on the Web at http://www.sagasoftware.com/.

  • Unify , a leading provider of solutions for e-commerce, announced its continued support of the Windows DNA architecture. By integrating Unify VISION AppServer and AppBuilder with Windows DNA technologies, customers can create total
    e-commerce and Internet solutions. More information can be obtained on the Web at http://www.unify.com/ .

  • Vectrix announced that it will support the Windows DNA architecture for the Windows operating system in conjunction with the further development of its EdgeworX 2000: E-Commerce Suite of products. This collaboration will allow developers to save time, reduce costs and get their applications to market more quickly. More information can be obtained on the Web at http://www.vectrix.com/ .

About Windows DNA

Windows DNA is the application development model for the Windows platform. It specifies how to develop robust, scalable, distributed applications using the Windows platform, extend existing data and external applications to support the Internet, and support a wide range of client devices maximizing the reach of an application. The Windows DNA architecture enables ISVs and organizations to solve industry-specific challenges, while lowering costs associated with deploying and managing information technology systems.

More information about Windows DNA can be found on Microsoft’s Web site at http://www.microsoft.com/dna/ .

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