Microsoft and Mission Critical Software Announce Licensing Agreement To Accelerate Migrations to Windows 2000

REDMOND, Wash., June 16, 1999 — Microsoft Corp. and Mission Critical Software Inc. today announced that Microsoft will license Mission Critical’s Domain Migrator TM technologies, currently part of Mission Critical’s OnePoint TM suite, for use with the Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Server operating system. By providing a simple, task-based user interface, powerful preview and rollback capabilities, extensive reporting features and
“prune and graft” support, Domain Migrator will help customers accelerate their upgrades to Windows 2000 Server from Windows NT® Server 4.0. Microsoft intends to deliver the Domain Migrator technologies as a Microsoft Management Console snap-in along with the release of Windows 2000 later this year.

Customers deploying the beta 3 release of Windows 2000 as part of the Rapid Deployment Program (RDP) told Microsoft that they want both to upgrade and to consolidate their existing Windows NT Server 4.0 domains in one step. Upgrading and consolidating domains simultaneously minimizes the time it takes to achieve the full benefits of Windows 2000, but require advanced tools. By licensing Domain Migrator from Mission Critical Software, a leading developer of management tools for Windows-based networks, Microsoft will be able to provide tools that support this important customer requirement as part of Windows 2000.

“History has shown that without a comprehensive upgrade and migration tool set, the move to directory-service-based network operating systems can take several years,”
said Mike Nash, director of marketing for Windows NT Server operating system and infrastructure products at Microsoft.
“By listening to our RDP customers and working with Mission Critical Software, Microsoft is underscoring its commitment to providing the flexibility customers need to upgrade quickly to Windows 2000 Server.”

“We are excited to work closely with Microsoft to deliver an easy, secure and fast way to migrate to Windows 2000,”
said Rick Pleczko, vice president of product marketing at Mission Critical Software.
“By selecting Domain Migrator, Microsoft is acknowledging our track record of providing powerful, comprehensive Windows NT and Windows 2000 systems management solutions to meet the needs of corporate customers of Windows.”

Domain Migrator provides several technologies designed to accelerate upgrades to Windows 2000 Server from existing Windows NT Server 4.0 domain structures:

  • Task-based paradigm. Upgrade operations typically involve several individual steps such as moving users, setting correct file permissions, and moving Microsoft Exchange Server mailboxes. Domain Migrator provides a task-based paradigm, including wizards, that makes it easier for administrators to perform tasks in order.

  • Modeling and rollback support. Domain Migrator enables administrators to model the way they would like Active Directory TM directory service structures to look in Windows 2000 Server before actually starting move operations. If administrators don’t like the outcome of moves, Domain Migrator’s rollback features can restore previous configurations quickly and automatically.

  • Extensive reporting capabilities. Domain Migrator provides a collection of reports that enable administrators to assess the impact of upgrade models in advance and the outcome of operations once completed.

  • Parallel domain support. Domain Migrator uses security features new to the beta 3 release of Windows 2000 to enable customers to keep Windows NT 4.0 domains in operation until they are comfortable with their new deployment of Windows 2000.

Domain Migrator also provides prune and graft technologies designed to help administrators restructure information in the Active Directory service of Windows 2000 Server. Restructuring capabilities enable companies to quickly react to corporate reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions by making it easier to update information in the tree structure used by Active Directory. Prune and graft technologies also enable companies to reduce the number of Windows 2000 domains they need and thereby streamline administration and lower total cost of ownership.

We have used products from Mission Critical Software to help manage our
Windows NT Server 4.0 domains and expected to look to Mission Critical Software for tools to streamline our deployment of Windows 2000,”
said Jim Dodgson, senior manager of Windows NT computing services at Nortel Networks Corp.
“By teaming with Mission Critical to deliver Domain Migrator as part of Windows 2000, Microsoft is showing commitment both to customers and to delivering a high-quality solution.”

Customers that want to start their migration to Windows 2000 immediately can obtain Domain Migrator 5.0 as part of Mission Critical Software’s OnePoint suite of products. Mission Critical Software expects to continue to enhance the upgrade and restructuring features in the OnePoint suite in future releases while maintaining compatibility with the Domain Migrator technologies included by Microsoft with Windows 2000 Server.

About Mission Critical Software

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