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What’s New

Expedia Is the Most Popular Online Travel Site

  • According to Media Metrix, an independent online measurement firm, Expedia recorded back-to-back months as the industry leader in number of total visits, exceeding 3.9 million people in May. This gives Expedia the unique distinction of being the No. 1 site in both total number of hits and sales of $16 million per week.

New Family Travel Section – http://expedia.com/daily/family/

  • Following the success of the recently introduced Business Travel section, the Family Travel section delivers tips on keeping children (and parents) happy,
    destinations and attractions, family-oriented deals, an airport survival guide, driving directions, and other assorted family resources and tools.

“Ultimate Family Vacation”
Contest – http://expedia.com/daily/family/

  • Now through Sept. 3, kids 7-13 have the chance to take their parents on vacation! Kids who submit a creative essay describing their ultimate family vacation – real or make-believe – are eligible to be chosen as a weekly winner and have a chance at the grand prize. The grand prize includes round-trip airfare for four to Orlando, Fla., five nights’ accommodations at the Portofino Bay Hotel, minivan rental from Alamo and Universal Escape Passes for the entire family. The first 500 entrants will receive a Fuji disposable camera. Weekly prizes will include Fuji digital cameras, a backpack courtesy of eBags and Home Publishing Suite software from Microsoft Corp.; weekly winner’s essays also will be published on Expedia.

Expedia Radio

  • A one-hour, syndicated, weekly travel radio program designed as an audio companion to MSN Expedia, Expedia Radio launched on leading radio stations in Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia and Seattle. Expedia Radio offers timely, in-depth features on all aspects of travel, from exotic destinations to practical advice for weekend travelers. A station list and times as well as the previous week’s show are available at http://expedia.com/daily/radio/ .

Top Honors

  • PC Computing and PC World both recently named Expedia the No. 1 online travel site, joining PC Magazine, Computerworld and Macworld in bestowing this honor upon Expedia.

Insider’s Advice

Expert Columnists –

  • Doctor Alan Spira , beginning July 28, noted travel health expert, writes his personal tips for staying safe and healthy during water activities this summer.

Travel Chat Highlights for July – http://expedia.com/daily/community/

  • Down the Fairy Tale Road. Travelers can learn about Germany’s legendary Fairy Tale Road, made famous by stories of the Brothers Grimm, with Allison Williams, who was awarded a library grant to explore this German treasure. July 12, 7-8 p.m. PDT

  • Is Bigger Better? This chat will focus on the pros and cons of the new breed of gigantic cruise ships taking to the water. July 13, 7-8 p.m. PDT

  • Two’s Company.

    Our experts provide useful sources designed to help people find fellow travelers to share travel costs or provide companionship during a trip. July 14, 6-7 p.m. PDT

  • Live From Iceland.

    Iceland native Palli chats live from his homeland to discuss the many attractions and activities on the great northern island. July 15, 7-8 p.m. PDT

  • Kids on Business Trips.

    Julie Bloem from the Fort Worth, Texas, Convention and Visitors Bureau explains how to turn a business trip into a fun family vacation. July 20, 7-8 p.m. PDT

Travel News – http://expedia.com/daily/travnews/

  • Chicago for the PGA Championships. This article can help travelers plan a trip to this year’s premier golf event, held in the Windy City.

  • New York City for the Millennium. Travelers learn the best way to travel to New York this New Year’s – the hottest millennium destination in the hemisphere.

  • Vancouver for Art Connoisseurs. Visitors discover fine art and local treasures tucked away in the scenic town of Vancouver, British Columbia.

  • Honolulu for Hula. Read about where and how to enjoy Hula dancers performing in the tropical paradise of Honolulu.

360-Degree Tour of Seward, Ala. –

  • Seward, Ala., a historic seaside town, contains the best sights Alaska has to offer: glaciers, wildlife, sport fishing and scenery on a grand scale. Take a 360-degree tour of Seward’s mountain-ringed harbor.

“Best Places” http://expedia.com/daily/favplaces/

  • California’s Top 10 Beaches. Expedia profiles the top beaches in California to soak in the sun and bask in the surf this summer. Travelers click on the
    “Plan this trip”
    link to book the trip, learn about activities and link to local tourism Web sites.

  • Following the Fairy Tale Road in Germany. Immortalized in the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, Germany’s Fairy Tale Road remains an object of enchantment as profiled in this article beginning July 19. Travelers can click on the
    “Plan this trip”
    link to book the trip, learn about activities and link to local tourism Web sites.

Top 10 Destinations Booked Online With MSN Expedia

Where are travelers on the Internet going? Following is a list of the hottest destinations booked on MSN Expedia from May 15 through June 15, 1999:

  1. New York

  2. Washington, D.C.

  3. San Francisco

  4. Chicago

  5. Los Angeles

  6. Orlando, Fla.

  7. Atlanta

  8. Boston

  9. Seattle

  10. Denver

About MSN Expedia Travel

MSN Expedia ( http://expedia.com/ ) is the place to go on the Web to easily plan travel, purchase tickets, and make hotel and car reservations. Part of the MSN network of Internet services, MSN Expedia also offers in-depth destination content and travel news as well as mapping services. MSN Expedia is the Web’s leading online travel agency, with weekly travel sales currently exceeding $16 million and the top reach for online travel sites according to Media Metrix*. MSN Expedia is also the winner of PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice Award for best leisure travel Web site, as well as awards from PC World, Macworld and PC Computing for top online travel site. A credit card guarantee is offered on MSN Expedia (U.S. and Canadian versions only) to protect credit cards used on the Internet from fraud. With this service, after an initial purchase on Expedia, customers’ credit cards are protected from fraud liability – up to $50 (U.S.) – on any purchases made in the subsequent 12 months on or off the Internet. Since the program’s introduction in June 1998, Microsoft is proud to state that, because of the top-level site security, the service remains unused.

MSN Expedia also offers exceptional customer service, with more than 250 customer service representatives available via a toll-free number and e-mail to answer questions and provide assistance to travelers 24 hours a day, seven days a week while they are en route.

*Media Metrix, April and May 1999

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