“Tetris” Creator Unveils First Microsoft-Created Puzzle Game

REDMOND, Wash., Sept. 30, 1999 — Alexey Pajitnov, famed creator of
one of the most popular and addicting games ever, has created a new puzzle game aimed to match the popularity and addictive qualities of
“Tetris” Microsoft ® “Pandora’s Box.”
Now available at major retailers for an estimated retail price of $19.95 (U.S.),
“Pandora’s Box”
challenges players to decipher an array of visual puzzles to reassemble the mythical Pandora’s box.

“Pandora’s Box”
takes players on a worldwide adventure as they strive to reconstruct the mythical Pandora’s box, whose pieces have been scattered around the world by seven fabled tricksters. Only by solving a series of puzzles are players able to find the missing pieces. The game is composed of 10 types of puzzles, each with more than 350 variations. A puzzle-only option is also available for those who want short-term puzzle play without the added story line.

“The puzzles in ‘Pandora’s Box’ are not like typical word and logic puzzles but instead take advantage of computer technology by challenging players’ visual skills,”
said Alexey Pajitnov, game designer for
“Pandora’s Box”
at Microsoft.
“While traveling the globe, players are treated to visually stunning puzzles that include fine art and famous landmarks from around the world.”

The engaging story line provides a challenging goal that is bound to keep players entertained for hours. Featuring true-to-life renditions of some of the world’s greatest works of art,
“Pandora’s Box”
takes puzzle lovers to new heights. Vibrant colors, detailed patterns and stunning visual landscapes reveal the mystery hidden inside of Pandora’s box.

Alexey Pajitnov joined Microsoft as a game designer in September 1996 to lead the development of a series of mind teasers and puzzle games.
“Pandora’s Box”
is the first game that he created from the ground up at Microsoft. Pajitnov was born in Moscow, Russia; his love of strategy gaming started at age 14, when he became fascinated with math, puzzles and tasks. Pajitnov’s interest in gaming intensified over the years, resulting in
“Pandora’s Box.”

“Pandora’s Box”
has an estimated retail price of $19.95 (U.S.). More information about
“Pandora’s Box”
and a downloadable trial version of the game are available at http://www.microsoft.com/games/pandorasbox/ .

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