Microsoft Ships Millionth SideWinder Force Feedback Pro

REDMOND, Wash., Nov. 30, 1999 — The Force continues to grow strong among consumers. The Microsoft® SideWinder® Force Feedback Pro joystick, that is. Microsoft Corp. today announced the shipment of its 1 millionth SideWinder Force Feedback Pro joystick, the most popular force feedback joystick in the world.

Launched in 1997, the SideWinder joystick has jerked, jarred and jiggled its way to becoming the top-selling force feedback joystick available. Utilizing a powerful 16-bit onboard processor and Microsoft’s digital-optical technology, the Force Feedback Pro adds the sensation of touch to the gaming experience while delivering precise, reliable gaming.

Gamers can feel more than 100 forces, from subtle sensations to rugged power surges, in games that support force feedback technology. The G-force of a hairpin turn and the rumble of cannon fire come alive in the player’s hands, increasing the immersive effects of PC games.

“I think it’s a key milestone in force feedback history,”
said Chris Bull, lead product manager for the SideWinder line at Microsoft.
“What started as a trend two years ago has grown into an industry standard, and we are very proud of our role in that accomplishment.”

Breadth and Depth of Force Feedback Games

Since its inception, force feedback technology has been utilized in more than 150 PC games and is broadly supported by the world’s top PC game developers and publishers. It can now be found in almost every game genre, from flight simulators to driving games.

With the use of a force feedback joystick, gamers can experience the sensation of landing a fighter plane in heavy winds in games such as Microsoft
“Flight Simulator 2000”
“Combat Flight Simulator”
“Jane, USAF”
“Jane’s F/A-18”
from Electronic Arts Inc. Utilizing a force feedback steering wheel, gamers can feel the pull of an exotic car in Electronic Arts’ top-selling
“Need for Speed: High Stakes”
“Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit,”
or while cornering at high speeds in Sierra On-Line Inc.’s
“NASCAR Racing 3”
“NASCAR Legends.”
Or gamers can immerse themselves in surreal fantasy worlds in games such as Microsoft

Midtown Madness TM ”
“MechWarrior 3”
from Hasbro Inc.

The Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback has an estimated retail price of $129.95.

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