Microsoft and Corillian Demonstrate Massive Online Banking Capabilities

MIAMI, Dec. 7, 1999 — Microsoft Corp. and Corillian Corp. today announced test results which demonstrated that Corillian’s Voyager eFinance on servers running the Microsoft® Windows NT® Server operating system easily processed more than 8 million online banking transactions in a 72-hour period.

The tests were conducted in laboratories in Cupertino, Calif., using data from a top 15 bank. During the 72-hour test, the Windows NT-based system managed sufficient transactions to sustain 3.68 million online banking customers — about three times the online population of the largest U.S. online banking program. The system maintained a response time of less than five seconds for more than 98 percent of the 8 million transactions. The system also performed an average of 31.5 transactions per second and efficiently managed up to 4,800 simultaneous sessions.

“What we’ve demonstrated here is that Corillian’s Voyager running on Windows NT has more capacity for online banking than any bank in the world currently requires,”
said John Grispon, worldwide banking industry manager at Microsoft.
“As the demand for online banking capabilities skyrockets, financial service providers need high performance Internet solutions that are bulletproof, and that’s what we’re delivering.”

The tests were run on four of Hewlett-Packard’s LXr 8000 Dual PIII 500 MHz Xeon servers running Microsoft SQL Server TM for Windows NT 4.0 and Voyager. The tests blended a variety of data from typical online banking activities, such as signing on to an account, obtaining account histories, transferring funds, obtaining balances and initiating payments.

“The results of these tests validate what we already knew. Corillian’s Voyager eFinance Suite has the comprehensive functionality and cost-effective flexibility that banks need to conduct business on the Web,”
said Ted Spooner, chairman and CEO of Corillian.

The lab tests were conducted on four transaction processing servers, three Web servers, one database server and one transaction request broker server, a sort of traffic cop for the system components. The tests simulated real-world conditions to the maximum extent possible, forcing the system, for example, to support an increase in activities during a weekday lunch hour. Seventy percent of the transactions executed did not conclude with a sign off. Those sessions timed out automatically after 10 minutes, effectively raising the number of open sessions that Voyager had to manage at any given time.

A series of linear performance tests were also conducted to determine how many customers each Voyager component could manage while maintaining response times of less than five seconds for 95 percent of transactions. Voyager was able to sustain 3,300 concurrent users and peaks of up to 4,800 users. If the peak concurrent users supported during the linear performance tests generated transactions at the same rate during a 72-hour period, Voyager could sustain an enrolled base of 3.68 million customers running 20 million transactions per day.

About Corillian

Based in Beaverton, Ore., Corillian is a leading provider of next generation Internet-based technology solutions that fulfill the eFinance needs of the Financial Services industry. The

Voyager platform is built on the Windows NT operating system and uses the latest Microsoft communications technology. Voyager server applications support Internet-based banking, bill payment, brokerage, bill presentment, narrow casting and small business transactions. Corillian’s Client Solutions include Browser Banker, a customizable browser-based (HTML) interface, and OFX-enabled personal financial managers that can support products like Quicken and Microsoft Money. For more information on Corillian, visit .

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