Microsoft and FastLane Technologies Announce Licensing Agreement

REDMOND, Wash., Jan. 10, 2000 — Microsoft Corp. and FastLane Technologies Inc. today announced that Microsoft has licensed technology from FastLane, which enables administrators to migrate files from Novell’s NetWare to the Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Server operating system quickly and easily. Microsoft will incorporate the technology in the Microsoft File Migration Utility (MSFMU) component of its upcoming Services for NetWare version 5 product, expected to be available shortly after the launch of Windows 2000.

The task of moving large numbers of files has traditionally been an inhibitor for many companies considering migration from Novell NetWare to Windows 2000. Using MSFMU, companies will be able to greatly reduce the time and effort it takes to complete a successful migration. In addition, through integration with Microsoft Directory Synchronization Services (MSDSSs), MSFMU can assign an appropriate security access setting in Windows 2000 automatically to each file it moves, ensuring that users continue to experience seamless file access and protection. Both MSDSS and MSFMU will be available in the upcoming release of Services for NetWare version 5, a comprehensive set of utilities that provide IT professionals with the tools to interoperate with and migrate from Novell NetWare environments to Windows 2000.

“Companies are asking for products that make it easy to move quickly from NetWare to Windows 2000,”
said Brian Valentine, senior vice president of the Business Windows Division at Microsoft.
“By working with FastLane, a leader in enterprise directory management, including data migration, Microsoft is providing a solution that removes one of the last barriers customers face when moving to Windows 2000.”

The technology Microsoft is licensing is based on FastLane DM/Consolidator, which enables administrators to move large amounts of file data to Windows 2000 while preserving directory structures and security permissions. FastLane DM/Consolidator also enables users to maintain access to their data during the file migration process.

FastLane DM/Consolidator is one of five applications within FastLane DM/Suite™ . Other applications include FastLane DM/Manager™ , FastLane DM/Administrator™ , FastLane DM/Reporter™ and FastLane DM/Developer™ .

“We are pleased to see Microsoft utilizing FastLane’s directory management expertise, and, in particular, its server consolidation technology,”
said Chris Howard, senior vice president, Solutions Delivery at Inacom Corp., a FastLane partner.
“The tools from FastLane and Microsoft complement our services and will allow us to help our customers move to Windows 2000 with greater ease.”

“We are excited to work closely with Microsoft to help deliver an easy, fast and secure way to migrate files from NetWare to Windows 2000,”
said Jan Kaminski, president of FastLane.
“By selecting FastLane to build this application, Microsoft is acknowledging our track record of providing powerful, comprehensive, cross-directory management solutions to meet the needs of enterprise customers.”

About FastLane Technologies

FastLane Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of fast, scalable and cost-effective enterprise directory management solutions for Global 2000 organizations. FastLane is a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider. The company can be contacted at (800) 947-6752 and at .

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