Microsoft Windows Media Adopted by J.D. Edwards & Co. As Corporate Communication Solution

REDMOND, Wash., Feb. 14, 2000 — Microsoft Corp. today announced that J.D. Edwards & Co. (Nasdaq
“JDEC” ), a leading supplier of Internet-based work-force solutions, has selected Microsoft® Windows Media TM as the exclusive digital media platform for its internal corporate communications. J.D. Edwards has deployed Windows Media, an end-to-end client and server corporate streaming solution, across its corporate infrastructure to its more than 5,500 employees in 50 offices worldwide. The firm adopted Windows Media because it provided a cost-effective audio- and video-streaming solution that integrated easily with its existing Windows NT® operating system and Office environment.

“It was important that we were able to implement a comprehensive streaming solution without having to fully replace the existing enterprise network,”
said Al Lippa, Internet services manager at J.D. Edwards.
“We looked at competing products, but decided that Windows Media dovetails naturally with what we already have and is scalable in a way that can grow as we grow.”

J.D. Edwards’ core mission is to enable customers to maximize control of their business, which the company sees as hinging on the ability to implement new ideas and innovations quickly across an organization. Using Windows Media was a key way for J.D. Edwards to execute those goals, using technology to improve the speed of internal communication and knowledge management across its worldwide organization.

The company uses Windows Media to replicate content to 19 Windows NT-based servers worldwide: 13 in the United States and Canada, three in Europe, two in Asia and one in Mexico. Users are automatically routed to a local connection, so they receive the video and audio stream from the nearest Windows Media-based server with the highest quality possible. Windows Media also offers the unique ability to adjust connection speeds for mobile users.

“With offices spread around the world, we needed to establish a conduit of communication that employees would find helpful and inclusive,”
said Mark Endry, CIO and senior vice president at J.D. Edwards.
“Windows Media provides the technological link that helps us communicate our mission-critical information quickly and further develop our worldwide community of knowledge workers.”

J.D. Edwards will use Windows Media for in-house communications as well as for interactive, collaborative training and presentations. These advances are projected to save time and travel expenses and will give every employee direct contact with company executives. J.D. Edwards has constructed an intranet portal called Knowledge Garden, exclusively based on Windows Media, which enables employees to access video presentations from quarterly meetings led by CEO Doug Massingill. The company plans to evolve these into regular webcasts. J.D. Edwards also plans to expand the use of Windows Media and its integration with the PowerPoint® presentation graphics program to allow the rapid deployment of streamed presentation for use on the company’s intranet.

J.D. Edwards joins a list of major companies that depend on Windows Media as their corporate digital media platform, including Aetna Inc., Hewlett-Packard Co., Partners

HealthCare Systems Inc., Deere & Co., Northrop Grumman, Eastman Chemical Co., 3Com Corp. and Fujitsu PC Co.

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