Leading Software Vendors Building Innovative Solutions With Windows 2000

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 16, 2000 — Microsoft Corp. today announced continued tremendous support for the Microsoft® Windows® 2000 family of products from independent software vendors (ISVs) as the company prepares to launch the operating system. The Microsoft Windows 2000 Global Launch Partners, Adobe Systems Inc., Commerce One Inc., i2 Technologies Inc. and SAP AG, are showcasing their strong commitment to the Windows 2000 platform by delivering comprehensive solutions, services and support. Also, over 3,000 companies have committed to delivering almost 8,000 Windows 2000 Ready applications, and 28 applications have received the Certified for Windows 2000 logo, exceeding the number of applications receiving the logo at the Windows 95 launch. Finally, over 170 Windows 2000 ISV early adopters made significant early commitments to helping Microsoft deliver best-of-breed solutions for customers worldwide.

“Our work with the Windows 2000 Global Launch Partners, certified application vendors and ISV early adopters offers our customers a wealth of compatible, creative and innovative solutions on the Windows 2000 platform,”
said Deborah Willingham, vice president of Windows Marketing at Microsoft.
“It’s exciting to see the thousands of solutions available to customers, as well as the opportunities available for the development community, as we approach the worldwide availability of Windows 2000.”

Windows 2000 Global Launch Partner ISVs

“It is critical that our customers have a complete set of professional Web publishing tools optimized for the Windows 2000 operating system,”
said Bryan Lamkin, vice president of marketing at Adobe Systems.
“The combination of the new operating system from Microsoft and Adobe’s commitment to certifying our desktop applications for Windows 2000 will give customers the powerful solutions they need to develop dynamic, visually compelling Web sites and engage their audiences.”

“As a Windows 2000 Global Launch Partner, we are pleased to use this new platform throughout our solutions,”
said Mark Hoffman, CEO of Commerce One.
“We believe that its manageability and reliability are ideal for Commerce One’s Market Site, Auction Services and BuySite, a complete e-commerce solution that allows buyers and sellers to interact online to streamline the entire purchasing and liquidation process.”

“Customers using TradeMatrix, i2’s electronic business-to-business marketplace solution, benefit from the flexibility and manageability of the Windows 2000 platform,”
said Sanjiv Sidhu, chairman and CEO of i2.
“Windows 2000 provides a robust platform for i2’s TradeMatrix participants to collaborate with suppliers and customers, improve business processes, and maximize operational efficiency. We are pleased to work with Microsoft to deliver unprecedented value to our joint customers.”

“The combination of mySAP.com and Windows 2000 provides advanced Internet business solutions with a reliable, highly available and scalable platform for our joint customers worldwide,”
said Cheryl C. Groover, vice president of strategic alliances at SAP America Inc.
“SAP is pleased to support Windows 2000 today on the official launch of this new platform, providing broader platform support and choices to customers implementing mySAP.com solutions. Customers that run SAP offerings on Windows 2000 can benefit from flexible solutions that are quickly Internet-enabled with a low total cost of ownership.”

Certified for Windows 2000 Applications Program and Windows 2000 Readiness

The Certified for Windows 2000 Applications program establishes a rigorous technical specification to help customers identify applications that are reliable, secure, manageable and designed specifically to fully exploit the new features of Windows 2000. Certified for Windows 2000 Applications have passed a rigorous, tightly controlled, independently verified testing process, and the 28 new certified programs exceed the number of applications given a logo at the launch of Windows 95. ISVs already certified by VeriTest Laboratories as Certified for Windows include Alibre Inc., BMC Software Inc., Caere Corp., Damgaard, Executive Software International Inc., Fabasoft, FileNET Corp., Gemplus, Microsoft, Mission Critical Software Inc., Navision Software US Inc., NetIQ Corp., Pivotal Corp., Prophet 21, PTC, ScanSoft Inc., Symantec Corp., TG Group and WRQ Inc. In addition, there are currently 40 more companies testing their software to be Certified for Windows 2000.

“By designing FileNET’s Panagon Content Services around the Application Specification for Windows 2000, we enable our customers to take advantage of the many new installation and administration features of Windows 2000, such as Application Installation Service, to enable quick, remote deployment and maintenance of Panagon applications by system administrators, ultimately reducing costs and downtime,”
said Lee Roberts, president and CEO of FileNET.

Over 3,000 software vendors have committed to delivering almost 8,000 Windows 2000 Ready applications. This category defines software that is compatible with Windows 2000, has been extensively tested and will be supported by the software vendor. Microsoft has been supporting this effort by providing laboratories worldwide for compatibility testing. Customers interested in finding out the status of the applications they use are encouraged to visit the Windows 2000 Readiness Web site at http://www.microsoft.com/windows2000/upgrade/compat/ .

“BMC Software is today providing customers with our industry-leading e-business solutions for availability and performance running on Windows 2000,”
said Jim Whitney, business development manager at BMC Software.

We are also pleased to be among the first ISVs to receive certification for Windows 2000 Server by taking advantage of COM+, WMI, Active Directory TM , the Microsoft Windows Installer and other advanced services for Windows 2000.”

To join the Windows 2000 readiness program, ISVs may sign up at http://msdn.microsoft.com/osig/ .

About Windows 2000

Windows 2000 is an ideal platform for the next generation of business computing and addresses the full range of customers’ computing needs, from laptops and desktops to high-end clustered servers. The operating system helps organizations Internet-enable their business with a reliable, manageable infrastructure that is optimized for existing and emerging hardware. More information about Windows 2000 is available at http://www.microsoft.com/windows2000/ and at http://www.microsoft.com/technet/ .


General availability of Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2000 Advanced Server is scheduled to begin Feb. 17, 2000. Windows 2000 Datacenter Server is expected to be available approximately 120 days later.

About Microsoft

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq
) is the worldwide leader in software for personal and business computing. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to empower people through great software — any time, any place and on any device.

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Global Launch Partner ISVs

Adobe Systems Inc.

Commerce One Inc.

i2 Technologies Inc.


Certified for Windows 2000 Applications

Alibre Design 1.0

BMC Software Patrol for Windows 2000 Server (server certification)

Caere OmniPage Pro 1.0

Damgaard Axapta 3.0 (server certification)

Executive Software Diskeeper Workstation 5.0

Executive Software Diskeeper 5.0 Server

Executive Software Undelete Server

Executive Software Undelete Workstation

Fabasoft Components version 3

FileNET IDM Document Services 5.1 (server certification)

Gemplus GemSafe User 2.1

Microsoft Office 2000 Suite

Mission Critical Software OnePoint Operations Manager 3.10 (server certification)

Navision Financials

NetIQ Application Manager Suite 3.5 (server certification)

Pivotal eRelationship (server certification)

Prophet 21 Wholesale 7.5

PTC Pro/DESKTOP 2000i2


Scansoft TextBridge Pro Millennium version 9.5

Symantec pcAnywhere 9.02

TJ Group PLC TJ Planner 6.0

WRQ Reflection for AS400

WRQ Reflection for HP w NSVT

WRQ Reflection for IBM version 8.0

WRQ Reflection for REGiS Graphics version 8.0

WRQ Reflection for UNIX and Digital version 8.0

WRQ Reflection X version 8.0

Industry-Leading ISVs Supporting Windows 2000 With Their Applications

Active Voice Corp., Unity 2.3

American Power Conversion (APC), PowerChute plusUPS management software version 5.2

Artisoft Inc., TeleVantage

Attachmate Corp., EXTRA! Enterprise 2000

Autodesk Inc., AutoCAD 2000

Autodesk Inc., Autodesk Inventor R2

Baan Co., BaanERP 5.0c

Bindview Corp., bv-Control for Active Directory version 1.0

Bindview Corp., bv-Control for Microsoft Exchange version 1.0

Bluecurve Inc. Dynameasure 3.0

BMC Software, PATROL for Windows 2000 Server

BMC Software, PATROL for Windows 2000 Advanced Server

BMC Software, PATROL for BackOffice®

BMC Software, PATROL for Exchange Server

BMC Software, PATROL for Microsoft Systems Management Server

BMC Software, PATROL for Microsoft SNA

BMC Software, BEST/1 for Windows NT® Server

BMC Software, BEST/1 for Exchange Server

Caere Corp., OmniPage Pro 1.0

COM2001.com, InternetPBX version 2.0

COM2001.com, InternetCOMMUNICATOR 1.0

Compuware Corp., NuMega DevPartner Studio 6.5

Compuware Corp., NuMega Driver Studio 1.5

Compuware Corp., EcoTOOLS 7.1

Compuware Corp., QACenter 4.5

Compuware Corp., XPEDITER/SQL for Microsoft SQL Server TM

Corel Corp., WordPerfect Office 2000

Corel Corp., WordPerfect Office 2000 Standard

Corel Corp., WordPerfect Office 2000 Voice

Corel Corp., WordPerfect Office 2000 Professional

Corel Corp., WordPerfect Office 2000 Small Business Edition

Corel Corp., WordPerfect Law Office 2000

Corel Corp., CorelDraw 9 Graphics Suite for Windows

Eastman Software Inc., Eastman Software Enterprise Imaging & Workflow 4.0

Entrust Technologies, Entrust/Desktop Solutions 5.0

Entrust Technologies, Entrust/Entelligence

Entrust Technologies, Entrust/SignOn

Entrust Technologies, Entrust/ICE

Entrust Technologies, Entrust/Express

Entrust Technologies, Entrust/Direct

Entrust Technologies, Entrust/PKI 5

Executive Software International, Diskeeper version 5.0

Executive Software International, Undelete version 2.0 (Workstation)

Executive Software International, Undelete version 2.0 (Server)

FastLane Technologies Inc., FastLane DM/Suite

FastLane Technologies Inc., FastLane DM/Manager

FastLane Technologies Inc., FastLane DM/Administrator

FastLane Technologies Inc., FastLane DM/Reporter

FastLane Technologies Inc., FastLane DM/Consolidator

FastLane Technologies Inc., FastLane DM/Developer

FileNET, Panagon Content Services 5.1

FileNET, Panagon Web Services

FileNET, Panagon Image Services

FileNET, Panagon IDM Desktop

FileNET, Panagon Visual WorkFlo

FileNET, Panagon Report Manager

FileNET, Panagon Print

FileNET, Panagon Capture Professional

FileNET, Panagon Capture Desktop

Flexion Systems, the BusinessGuardian family of products and services

Freshwater Software Inc., SiteScope version 5.0

Full Armor Corp., FAZAM 2000

Gemplus, GemSafe User 2.1

Great Plains, eEnterprise

Great Plains, Dynamics

Hewlett-Packard Co., HP OpenView VantagePoint

Hewlett-Packard Co., HP OpenView Express

InstallShield Software Corp., InstallShield for Windows Installer version 1.1

Internet Security Systems Inc., Internet Scanner

Internet Security Systems Inc., Database Scanner

Internet Security Systems Inc., System Scanner 4.0

Keyfile Corp., Keyflow Commerce

Legato Systems Inc., Legato NetWorker

Legato Systems Inc., Legato Octopus

Legato Systems Inc., Legato Cluster Enterprise

MDD Inc., Trusted Enterprise Manager 3.0

Micrografx Inc. iGrafx Professional

Micrografx Inc. iGrafx Process

Micrografx Inc. iGrafx Designer

Mission Critical Software Inc., OnePoint Operations Manager version 3.1

Mission Critical Software Inc., OnePoint Domain Migration Administrator version 6.0

Mission Critical Software Inc., OnePoint Directory & Resource Administrator version 6.0

NetIQ Corp., NetIQ AppManager Suite version 3.4

NetManage Inc., ViewNow 1.0 Windows Edition

NetManage Inc., Rumba Office 2000

NetManage Inc., ViewNow for Citrix and Windows Terminal Services

NetManage Inc., Rumba Office 2000 for Citrix and Terminal Server

NetPro, DirectoryAnalyzer version 1.04

Network Associates, McAfee VirusScan 4.5

Network Associates, PGP CyberCop Monitor

Network Associates, PGP CyberCop Scanner

Nortel Networks, Contivity Extranet Switch client, Release 2.6.1

Novadigm Inc., EDM

Novadigm Inc., Radia

Oblix Inc., Oblix E-Business Solution

ON Technology Corp., ON Command CCM V4.6

Optika Inc., Optika eMedia version 1.5

Oracle Corp.’s suite of e-business solutions

Picazo Communications Inc., VoiceMedia 2000 Communications Server


PTC, Pro/DESKTOP 2000i

Rainbow Technologies Inc. (RNBO), iKey 1000

Solomon Software Inc., Solomon IV version 4.21

Symantec Corp., pcAnywhere version 9.2

Trend Micro Inc., InterScan VirusWall (NT) version 3.32

Trend Micro Inc., InterScan eManager version 3.2

Trend Micro Inc., ScanMail for Exchange version 3.0

Trend Micro Inc., PC-cillin 2000

VERITAS Software, VERITAS Backup Exec

VERITAS Software, VERITAS Volume Manager

VERITAS Software, VERITAS NetBackup

VERITAS Software, VERITAS ClusterX


Wise Solutions, Wise for Windows Installer 2.0

WRQ, WRQ Reflection 8.0

WRQ, WRQ Reflection 8.0 for IBM

WRQ, Reflection for HP w NSVT

WRQ, Reflection for AS 400

WRQ, Reflection for UNIX and Digital version 8.0

WRQ, Reflection for REGiS and Digital version 8.0

WRQ, Reflection X version 8.0

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