Microsoft Announces Windows Services for UNIX 2.0

REDMOND, Wash., April 3, 2000 — Microsoft Corp. today announced the release of Microsoft® Windows Ò Services for UNIX 2.0 to make it easier for customers to integrate the Windows 2000 operating system into existing UNIX-based network environments. Windows Services for UNIX 2.0 includes components that simplify account management and network administration, as well as allow customers to build on existing technology investments by leveraging UNIX resources and expertise.

“As increasing numbers of customers choose to adopt Windows 2000 as part of their UNIX networks, Microsoft is committed to ensuring that the Windows platform works well with other key platforms and systems in the heterogeneous computing environments,”
said S. Somasegar, vice president of Windows Engineering Services, Microsoft.
“Windows Services for UNIX 2.0 is a strategic product because it allows organizations to benefit from Windows while supporting their existing technology investment.”

“We are extremely delighted to announce the release of the first product developed at our India Development Center. We built the Windows Services for UNIX 2.0 product with a very comprehensive set of features to addresses the UNIX interoperability needs of corporations,”
said Srini Koppolu, managing director, Microsoft India Development Center, Hyderabad.
“This is the first of many strategic products that are being developed at our development center.”

Increased Interoperability and Manageability for UNIX Customers

Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX 2.0 meets a growing customer need to integrate Windows 2000 into a UNIX environment. This new release includes components designed to ease the management of heterogeneous environments and allow customers to utilize the skills and resources already inherent in the organization.

Manageability Components Simplify Network and Account Administration

Specialized manageability components such as Server for NIS, Two-way Password Synchronization and NIS to Active Directory TM Migration Wizard provide the ability to synchronize and centrally manage both UNIX and Windows-based accounts in Windows 2000. In conjunction with its Telnet client and server, Microsoft has licensed ActiveState’s ActivePerl 5.6 as part of Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX 2.0 in order to simplify both local and remote network administration, while providing the ability to automate network administrative tasks.

“Microsoft understands interoperability and that manageability is one of our greatest needs when integrating multiple network operating systems,”
said Charlie Russel, director, Information Technology, Spear Technologies.
“Windows Services for UNIX 2.0 provides all the tools that organizations need to easily manage all network administration and account management activity from either UNIX or the familiar Windows interface.”

Leverage Existing UNIX Resources and Expertise

Specialized interoperability components such as Client for NFS, Server for NFS, and – new to this release – Gateway for NFS and the Username Mapping server provide the ability to share network resources between Windows 2000 and UNIX, while more than 60 popular UNIX utilities and a Korn Shell give UNIX users and administrators a familiar environment and tools.
“We were anxious to move to Windows 2000 but knew that we would need to interoperate with our existing UNIX-based network,”
said Eric Fontana, chief scientist at Innoveda.
“The components in Windows Services for UNIX 2.0 make it easy to build on the resources that we already have in place without the need for additional staff or training. It protects our existing investment and allows us to exploit the benefits of Windows 2000.”

Pricing and Availability

Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX 2.0 will be available through retail outlets, the Select and Open licensing programs, specified OEMs, online purchase and the MSDN TM developer program. Windows Services for UNIX 2.0 estimated retail price is $149. Windows Services for UNIX 2.0 is scheduled to be launched at the Spring Networld+Interop 2000 in Las Vegas, May 7-12. For information on Microsoft Windows Service for UNIX 2.0, please see .

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX 2.0 requires a computer with 60 MB of available hard disk space and 16 MB of RAM, running on top of the recommended configuration, Windows NT® Workstation or Server network operating system version 4.0 and/or Windows 2000 Professional or Server.* This product is built on Windows NT TCP/IP implementation and requires an appropriate Ethernet, token ring or FDDI network adapter.

About Microsoft

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