Industry Leaders Select Windows XP Embedded

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 28, 2001 — Microsoft Corp. today announced at the launch of the Microsoft® Windows®
XP Embedded operating system that more than 15 industry-leading companies have committed to shipping their next-generation devices based on Windows XP Embedded within the first half of 2002. The industry leaders are taking advantage of the latest Windows technologies to build robust, full-featured devices in a variety of areas including retail point of sale, self-service kiosks, thin clients, industrial automation, advanced set-top boxes, gaming and residential gateways. Included among the companies that today are announcing plans to ship products and services based on the Windows XP Embedded operating system are the following:

  • Bally Gaming and Systems in its Evolution Series (EVO) slot machines

  • Compaq Computer Corp. in its Evo T-20 Windows-based terminal

  • Fujitsu Siemens Computers in its ACTIVY 3000 Media Center advanced set-top box

  • NCR Corp. in its next-generation automated teller machines

  • National Semiconductor Corp. in a number of devices, including its Origami Mobile Communicator concept device and its residential gateway reference design

  • Neoware Systems Inc. in its Eon thin client appliances

  • Olivetti Tecnost Spa in its Explor@ modular point of sale device

  • QuesCom in its NextBX 100 family of servers

  • Retalix Ltd. in its complete retail solutions for checkout, self-ordering, Internet and tele-ordering, kiosk, and fuel retail devices

  • Siemens IA in its panel PC

  • StellarOne in its ConnectTV middleware

  • VenturCom Inc. with its supporting products and services including Real Time Extensions (RTX) 5.0 and Boot-NIC for Windows XP Embedded

  • ViewSonic Corp. in its VX3600 digital entertainment device

  • Wincor Nixdorf in its BEETLE family of point-of-sale devices

  • Wyse Technology Inc. in its Winterm 9000 series thin client

“We are excited to see these industry leaders delivering solutions based on Windows XP Embedded that take advantage of the latest Windows technologies,” said Jim Allchin, group vice president of the Platforms division, Microsoft Corp. “Their ability to deliver their next-generation products so quickly after the release of the operating system demonstrates how rapidly companies can get their devices to market on our Windows embedded platforms.”

“With the release of Windows XP Embedded, Microsoft is delivering the most current Windows technologies for the embedded developer,” said Al Gillen, research manager for system software at International Data Corp. “IDC expects Windows XP Embedded to become an important offering among the embedded operating systems used to power sophisticated devices, particularly for products such as kiosks, thin client devices, set-top boxes and industrial automation systems.”

About the Microsoft Windows Embedded Family

The Microsoft Windows Embedded operating systems and tools provide comprehensive software platforms for building the next generation of intelligent, 32-bit connected Windows Powered devices that demand rich applications and Internet services for a wide range of flexible solutions. In addition, Microsoft offers a wide range of programs and services designed to meet the specific needs of Windows Embedded customers, industry partners and developers. Windows Embedded operating systems currently shipping include Windows CE 3.0 and Windows XP Embedded. Next-generation Windows Embedded platforms in development include Windows CE .NET, the next generation of the Windows CE operating system, and Windows .NET Embedded Server, the componentized version of the next-generation Windows .NET Server platform.

About Microsoft

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is the worldwide leader in software, services and Internet technologies for personal and business computing. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to empower people through great software — any time, any place and on any device.

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Supporting Quotes From Industry Leaders

“Creating great games is the key to success for our Bally Gaming unit, and Windows®
XP Embedded allows us to quickly develop gaming devices that deliver rich interactive multimedia content in a secure environment, which provides casino players with an immersive and entertaining experience.”

  • Robert MiodunskiPresident and CEOBally Gaming and SystemsAlliance Gaming Corp.

“Compaq is excited to be using Windows XP Embedded for the Evo T-20 since it allows us to deliver the features and connectivity we need to build a robust and secure thin-client device. During our development for the product, we looked at alternative operating systems, and it was clear that Windows XP Embedded provided the right platform and allowed us to deliver the Evo T-20 with the features that customers needed.”

  • Bob Taylor
    Manager Thin Client Products
    Compaq Computer Corp.

“Under Windows XP Embedded, the ACTIVY Media Center is the ideal platform for experiencing television and audio content from an interactive and personalized standpoint. In addition to the high level of stability generally attributed to the Windows XP operating system, its rich multimedia capabilities make ACTIVY systems really easy to integrate with broadband networks.”

  • Peter Esser
    Executive Vice President
    Volume Products and Supply Operations
    Fujitsu Siemens Computers

“We chose Windows XP Embedded because we wanted the most feature-rich operating system to support our residential gateway, set-top box, thin client, mobile and handheld designs. Rich networking and multimedia features, along with broad application compatibility, made Windows XP Embedded the obvious choice for our advanced designs.”

  • Michael Polacek
    Vice President
    Information Appliance Division
    National Semiconductor Corp.

“As a leader in delivering self-service products to the financial services industry, NCR is using Windows XP Embedded to deliver new levels of security, performance and connectivity for our ATM devices. In addition, as the ATM market shifts to more convenient locations outside traditional banking walls, physical size and cost really count. With Windows XP Embedded, we can meet the size and cost requirements and at the same time get the ‘horsepower’ needed to drive the new transactions being done at ATMs. Windows XP Embedded helps us continue leading the ATM industry.”

  • Neal Schwartz
    Vice President Convenience Touch
    PointsFinancial Solutions Division
    NCR Corp.

“Neoware’s thin client appliances are ready for Windows XP Embedded today. Our current Eon family of Windows Powered thin clients can be upgraded to Windows XP Embedded when it ships. We intend to raise the bar even further with Windows XP Embedded by introducing new models specifically designed for this important new operating system with initial shipments before the end of the year. The development tools and broader support in Windows XP Embedded, with the addition of Internet Explorer 6.0 and Windows Media (TM) Player 8.0, will enable us to exceed our customers’ demanding requirements for the latest technologies.”

  • Michael Kantrowitz
    President and CEO
    Neoware Systems Inc.

“It was absolutely nonnegotiable for QuesCom that the NextBX 100 be based on a high-performance platform that delivers rock-solid reliability for the telecommunications industry. Windows XP Embedded meets all the performance and reliability requirements and delivers the comprehensive networking support we need to build the next generation of IP telephony devices.”

  • Philippe Bessaguet
    Vice President Engineering

“Retalix’s StoreLine point of sale (POS) is a leading solution for retail software systems for the food industry. Retalix uses Windows XP Embedded as the operating system platform for our retail POS solutions because of broad hardware and device support, including USB and Plug and Play, as well as the seamless connectivity and integration with Retalix Back Office solutions.”

  • Saul Simon
    Vice President
    Global MarketingRetalix Ltd.

“Siemens is working on a customized Industrial Panel PC solution using Windows XP Embedded for selected customers.”

  • Tim Shepherd
    Marketing Director
    Siemens IA

“Stellar One was selected by Fujitsu Siemens Computers (FSC) as the Middleware choice for its ACTIVY Media Center, based on Windows XP Embedded. Harnessing the power of Windows XP Embedded and its superior multimedia capabilities, combined with the world-class manufacturing capabilities of FSC and Stellar One’s robust ConnectTV middleware, creates a new class of delivery platform.”

  • Lorne Rubis
    Chief Operating Officer
    Stellar One Corp.

“Windows XP Embedded is the ideal architecture to leverage Explor@’s potential, because it enables integration of different software solutions to meet every need, and at the same time it guarantees system security.”

  • Vincenzo Rosselli
    Chief Operating Officer
    Olivetti Tecnost Spa

“We’re excited to take advantage of the latest Windows technologies with Windows XP Embedded while providing additional products and services to extend the reach of Windows XP Embedded further. With the introduction of RTX 5.1 and Boot-NIC for Windows XP Embedded, VenturCom continues delivering mission-critical functionality, centralized management and focused professional services for OEMs and other embedded developers.”

  • Frank Logan
    Senior Vice President
    Business Development
    VenturCom Inc.

“The ViewSonic VX3600 Visual Gateway product combines the latest digital display technology with the latest digital entertainment capabilities. Windows XP Embedded provides unparalleled multimedia capabilities with DirectX®
, Digital TV support, DVD playback and Windows Media Technologies, allowing ViewSonic to deliver the richest multimedia entertainment experience possible.”

  • Marc McConnaughey
    Senior Vice President Advanced Technology Group
    ViewSonic Corp.

“Wincor Nixdorf is one of the world’s fastest growing providers of IT products and solutions for the retail and banking industries. When combined with Windows XP Embedded, Wincor Nixdorf’s BEETLE family of POS systems provides a secure, stable and cost-effective solution that is ideal for retail applications and can easily be integrated into existing IT infrastructures.”

  • Jeff Soisson
    President and CEO
    Wincor Nixdorf USA

“As the leading provider of Windows Custom Application Terminals, Wyse is looking to continue providing the features demanded by our enterprise customers. Windows XP Embedded will allow us to build devices that can be managed and integrated easily into the enterprise, bring new Windows Custom Application Terminals to market more quickly, and allow our customers to take advantage of the broad peripheral support and advanced security provided by the Windows XP Embedded platform.”

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