Windows XP Media Center Edition Industry Support

“ABS Computer is very excited about Windows XP Media Center Edition. The new ABS Media Center PC integrates performance computing and digital entertainment such as TV, music, digital video, photos and DVDs in one easy-to-use system. The remote control of this newest member of ABS Home Systems enables users to take total control of the best of multimedia entertainment and an exciting personal computing experience. ABS customers will be very happy to know that Windows XP Media Center is finally a reality.”

  • Ken Lam

  • Executive Vice President
    ABS Computer Technologies, Inc.

“The Navigator Media Center PC fits perfectly into Alienware’s line of powerful and innovative PC solutions. Microsoft’s Windows XP Media Center Edition takes the Alienware experience one step further by offering features that satisfy the needs of even the most demanding digital media enthusiasts. Smaller than traditional PCs, the Navigator and Navigator Pro models combine advanced multi-media functionality, with state-of-the-art performance, in a compact all-in-one solution.”

  • Kevin Wasielewski

  • Vice President of Marketing
    Alienware Corp.

AMD Athlon XP processors and Windows XP Media Center Edition give customers a digital hub for the living room with a powerful solution for managing their ever-increasing volume of digital audio, video and photographs. Systems based on AMD Athlon XP processors provide exceptional performance today and can scale with customers’ future needs as they capitalize on the innovations offered in Windows XP Media Center.

  • Ed Ellett

  • Vice President, Client Business Segment
    Computation Products Group

“As the world’s leading 3-D graphics company, ATI Technologies delivers the industry’s fastest graphics ASICs, including the latest family of RADEON 9700 PRO and RADEON 9000 PRO products, which are the perfect solutions for Windows XP Media Center Edition’s graphics and video display technologies. As a critically acclaimed and long-standing leader of PC multimedia solutions, including the ATI ALL-IN-WONDER 9700 PRO, ATI is proud to be a part of Media Center Edition’s success.”

  • Godfrey Cheng

  • Director of Marketing, Multimedia Products
    ATI Technologies Inc.

“CompUSA customers understand technology. We know they’ll find the idea of controlling their PC entertainment experiences from across the room to be very compelling. The remote control could well become the next standard PC peripheral; we see the HP Media Center PC with Windows XP Media Center Edition as an important first step toward the connected home.”

  • Tony Weiss

  • Executive Vice President

“Creative Labs is excited to work with Microsoft and its OEM partners to supply the audio technology that powers media center PCs. We see Windows XP Media Center Edition as a great platform for extending opportunities to enjoy digital media in the home. The fun and freedom of the Media Center interface, together with the exceptional audio quality of the Audigy sound card, deliver an outstanding digital entertainment experience to consumers.”

  • Steven Erickson

  • Vice President of Audio Development
    Creative Labs, Inc.

“With Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition, PCs will become a central hub for all digital media entertainment. As the leader in digital video software development, CyberLink is proud to share our expertise in DVD playback and digital video recording technologies. We are also excited to take part with Microsoft in delivering rich media experiences and defining new values for the PC.”

  • Alice Chang

  • CEO
    CyberLink Corp.

“We strive to anticipate our customers’ needs and desires for integrated digital media experiences, and the Cyberpower Media Center PC with Windows XP Media Center Edition delivers the great look and performance they are seeking.”

  • Eric Cheung

  • Vice President of Marketing
    Cyberpower Inc.

“This development is both fun and innovative. Integrating the power of the PC, DVD player, TV and home audio system, all controlled by a Media Center remote, opens up a compelling new world of home digital entertainment possibilities.”

  • Richard Hockenbrock

  • Vice President, Licensing Operations
    Dolby Laboratories Inc.

“Emuzed’s TV Capture and Tuner card with Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition will provide consumers with an unparalleled digital media experience by combining the entertainment of the television with the power of the PC.”

  • Dhaval Ajmera

  • Executive Vice President, Marketing and Sales
    Emuzed Inc.

“The HP Media Center PC with Windows XP Media Center Edition is what the future has in store this holiday season. We’re very excited about showcasing this product and demonstrating how much more our customers can get from their PC. The Media Center interface is simple, elegant and highly functional. What a great idea to be able to kick back after the e-mails and spreadsheets and simply enjoy a wide variety of entertainment choices.”

  • Rick Lotman

  • Senior Vice President
    Merchandising and Marketing
    Future Shop

“Gateway is focused on providing customers with innovative solutions that make it easier to take advantage of all the benefits of digital media. The Gateway Media Center PC with our plasma TV and digital display is a superior platform for experiencing digital media in both the home and the classroom.”

  • Mike Flanary

  • Vice President of Communications and Digital Solutions
    Gateway, Inc.

“Combining the rich media experience of the PC with television makes Windows XP Media Center Edition a blockbuster! With more than 10 years of experience making PC-based TV receivers, Hauppauge is proud to share our expertise with Microsoft’s development teams — Windows XP Media Center will redefine what it means to watch TV!”

  • Dean Cirielli

  • President
    Hauppauge Computer Works Inc.

“The introduction of Windows XP Media Center Edition and the new HP Media Center PC is the upshot of our shared goal of making technology an integral part of people’s lives. Together, we’ve created a whole new way for people to experience their favorite pastimes, whether it’s watching DVDs, listening to music, watching television, sharing and managing digital photos, or all of the other things PCs are normally used for, in one easy-to-use, integrated system.”

  • Carly Fiorina

  • Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

“The Media Center PC is one of the first PCs to give consumers freedom to enjoy digital entertainment in new ways and new places around the home. The high performance of the Pentium® 4 processor combined with Windows XP Media Center Edition provides consumers with an incredible digital entertainment experience.”

  • Paul Otellini

  • President and Chief Operating Officer
    Intel Corp

“Microsoft is creating a new industry by combining the best of PC and entertainment technology to create a singular operating system for consumers to manage everything from Word files to music to recording television. We are pleased that Microsoft chose InterVideo to power the DVR and DVD playback because it validates the hard work and technology of our entire company. We look forward to working with Microsoft to help create the ultimate media management operating system.”

  • Steve Ro

  • Founder and CEO
    InterVideo Inc.

“NVIDIA’s full family of graphics and multimedia processors provides the ultimate platform for Windows XP Media Center edition. Together, NVIDIA and Microsoft are evolving the PC platform into a multifunction home entertainment system, perfect for consumers who desire a versatile platform for all their digital music and DVD playback, TV recording and 3-D gaming needs.”

  • Dan Vivoli

  • Vice President of Marketing

“Windows XP Media Center Edition is an important new platform for delivering digital media to the home. Pressplay, with its extensive catalog of digital music, is already working with MSN® and Windows Media® to deliver the most compelling array of features to digital music consumers including on-demand streaming, downloading, CD burning and compatibility with many of today’s leading portable devices. Media Center’s remote-controlled viewing/listening experience will bring consumers a whole new way to enjoy their favorite digital entertainment.”

  • Michael Bebel

  • CEO

“For years, consumers have been using a remote control device to control their audio/video experience. Creating a similar experience for the Windows XP Media Center is a logical step in making the convergence of the computer and entertainment sectors really happen from an end-user perspective. As a leading innovator and provider of remote control devices for the traditional audio/video consumer electronics market, we are pleased to work with Microsoft leveraging our patented Infra Red protocol technology and products.”

  • Xavier Delmeiren

  • Vice President, Remote Control Systems Group
    Philips Components
    Royal Philips Electronics

“TMS’ database and ability to interface with many applications and systems makes our data highly compatible with leading-edge applications such as Windows XP, and we are pleased to be part of this innovative new product. Consumers will find that our TV listings and entertainment information provide a highly accurate tool that they can rely on to help make programming decisions.”

  • Barbara Needelman

  • Vice President, Entertainment Products
    Tribune Media Services

“We are excited to work with Microsoft on Windows XP Media Center Edition because home connectivity truly is the next frontier. For more than 15 years, UEI has been focused on simplifying the user interface for the growing complexity of devices in the home. This expertise positions us perfectly to complement Microsoft’s product offerings and deliver a truly connected experience for consumers in our mutual quest to bring innovative computing technology into the home.”

  • Rob Lilleness

  • President and COO
    Universal Electronics Inc.

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