Industry-Leading Vendors to Bring Windows CE .NET 4.2 Gateway Devices to Market

BOSTON, June 26, 2003 — Today at the 802.11 Planet Conference & Expo, Jawad Khaki, vice president of Windows Networking and Communications at Microsoft Corp., announced that global device manufacturers including AboCom Systems Inc., Accton Technology Corp., D-Link Systems Inc. and Mitsubishi Electric Corp. are building wired and wireless gateways for commercial and residential use on the Windows®
CE .NET 4.2 operating system for deployment later this year. In addition, industry-leading silicon vendors including Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD), ARM Ltd., Broadcom Corp., Conexant Systems Inc., GlobespanVirata Inc., Intel Corp., Marvell Technology Group Ltd., MIPS Technologies Inc., NEC Electronics Corp. and Texas Instruments Inc. are optimizing hardware to support Windows CE .NET-based gateway devices, and top systems integrators including Intrinsyc Software Inc., Jungo Ltd. and Synnex Information Technologies Inc. are providing development and integration support.

“Windows CE .NET 4.2 is a low-cost device platform with features for easy installation of gateways in the home and office,”
Khaki said.
“The enhanced security, network protocols and low pricing of Windows CE .NET enable manufacturers and distributors to cost-effectively grow the wireless ecosystem and deliver new customer experiences based on easy access to voice, video and data services from their PCs and devices.”

Key Features for Building Gateways

The new Windows CE .NET 4.2 Core license, available for an estimated retail price of $3 (U.S.), includes the following key features for network gateways at home and in the office:

  • A broad set of security and network protocols enables devices to connect and communicate more securely with other devices and people over wired and wireless networks through advanced network security features such as 802.11a, b and g; Native 802.11; Ethernet and Bluetooth®
    ; Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA); 802.1x; IP Security Protocol (IPsec); IPv6, virtual private networks; firewall support; and Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol (PEAP).

  • Comprehensive device setup and management support enables easy and efficient setup of gateways and integration with home local area networks (LANs) and enterprise and network operator infrastructures. Management features allow for effective management of devices, reducing device return rates and customer service and device maintenance costs for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), retail chains and network operators. Key features include Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), Internet Connection Sharing, a device management client for Microsoft®
    Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003, Simple Network Management Protocol 2 and support for Server Message Block file and print services.

  • Intuitive Network Gateway User Interface enables enterprises and network operators to provide compelling services that are local to the gateway. Examples include e-commerce, online gaming, and e-mail or voice mail services that users access via a customizable and convenient Web-based interface.

A sample gateway configuration of Windows CE .NET 4.2 provides an integrated and footprint-optimized solution for embedded developers and includes a granular set of more than 350 components that can be individually selected and combined to bring feature-rich, customized gateways to market. A complete feature list can be found at .

Getting Started

Microsoft provides evaluation versions of Windows CE .NET 4.2 that help developers quickly evaluate the operating system and bring an embedded design to market with minimal development costs. The Emulation Edition is available free via download from the Microsoft Download Center at (connect-time charges may apply), and a free 120-day Evaluation Kit can be ordered from the Windows Embedded Web site (shipping and handling charges will apply). More information about evaluating and acquiring Windows CE .NET 4.2 can be found at the Windows Embedded Web site at .

About Windows CE .NET 4.2

The Windows CE .NET embedded operating system combines an advanced, real-time operating system with the most powerful tools for rapidly creating the next generation of
“smart,” connected, small-footprint devices. The latest version, Windows CE .NET 4.2, expands upon the solid foundation developed in previous Windows CE versions by providing more secure and scalable networking, faster performance, richer multimedia and Web browsing capabilities, and greater application compatibility across Windows CE-based devices. Windows CE .NET 4.2 includes features that create innovative solutions and deliver differentiated user experiences such as performance-based kernel enhancements and two additional preconfigured design templates for voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones and gateways. In addition, Windows CE .NET 4.2 includes the latest Windows technologies, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, Windows Media®
9 Series codecs and controls, the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 1.0, and a number of other newly supported protocols and services that provide even greater interoperability among PCs, servers, Web services and devices.

About the Microsoft Windows Embedded Family

Microsoft is the worldwide leader in providing adaptable and scalable platforms for building the next generation of 32-bit, connected devices that enable rich applications and services. Microsoft Windows Embedded is a family of operating system software for use in embedded devices such as automated teller machines (ATMs), consumer electronics, gateways, industrial controllers, kiosks, mobile handheld devices, point-of-sale terminals, set-top boxes, VoIP phones and Windows-based thin clients. The Windows Embedded family of operating systems consists of Windows XP Embedded, which delivers the power of Windows XP Professional in componentized form for flexible development of reliable and advanced devices, and Windows CE .NET, an advanced, real-time operating system for small-footprint devices. Each of these operating system platforms includes powerful development tools for rapid development of customized devices. A Core license with an estimated retail price of $3 (U.S.) provides the rich capabilities of Windows CE .NET 4.2 for creating low-cost commercial and consumer devices. A free, noncommercial distribution license for Windows CE .NET 4.2 enables developers to share device images at no cost to foster innovation and collaboration. More information about the Windows Embedded family of operating systems can be found at

About Microsoft

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq
) is the worldwide leader in software, services and Internet technologies for personal and business computing. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to empower people through great software — any time, any place and on any device.

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Gateway Vendors Cite Top Reasons for Choosing Windows CE .NET

“As a leading provider of innovative network communications products, AboCom’s latest Multimedia Residential Gateway benefits from Windows CE .NET 4.2. Delivering a reliable performance in a small footprint along with the latest networking and communications technologies, Windows CE .NET 4.2 provides enhanced features and technologies, including wireless multimedia streaming, PVR, VoIP phone and gateway configurations, platform development tool enhancements, the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 1.0 and expanded Board Support Packages. AboCom will continue to meet customer needs by delivering the latest in Windows CE .NET-based technologies.”

  • Andy Tsai
    General Manager
    Mobile Interconnected Products Division

“The extensive set of advanced gateway capabilities, including rich wireless networking support such as 802.11a, b, g, Native 802.11, WPA and Bluetooth in the Windows CE .NET 4.2 device platform are exactly what Accton required to create an ideal feature set for our Wireless Gateway platforms.”

  • Frank Kuo
    Senior Vice President

“The combination of high-performance, low-power AMD Alchemy Solutions processors and reference designs with the Windows CE. NET 4.2 operating system enables designers to develop more secure gateways that can accommodate the increased bandwidth required by multimedia, storage and voice services. Our work with Microsoft allows our customers to easily deploy cost-effective systems that provide secure connections over wired and wireless networks, as well as greater interoperability with existing PCs, servers and external devices.”

  • Phil Pompa
    Vice President of Marketing, PCS Group

“Microsoft’s residential gateway technology further extends the concept of the connected consumer in concert with the aims of the ARM relationship. Greater application compatibility with other ARM core-based device categories, such as Pocket PC and Smartphone, will enable developers to leverage existing software development investments rapidly. The ARM relationship continues to support Microsoft’s innovative efforts to deliver feature-rich, compatible, and cost-effective products into all of these devices.”

  • Mary Inglis
    Director of Operating Systems and Alliances

“As a leading provider of wireless LAN technologies, Broadcom has engaged with a wide range of OEMs to enable compelling WLAN-enabled networking products for mainstream consumer markets. Microsoft’s Windows CE .NET operating system is an excellent platform for these consumer networking devices.”

  • Jeff Thermond
    Vice President and General Manager, Home and Wireless Networking
    Broadcom Corp.

“With broadband-enabled services on an upward trajectory, ensuring the cohesive integration between gateways and a variety of consumer devices is critical. Microsoft’s Windows CE .NET 4.2 platform, supported by semiconductor solutions such as our new home network processor, is a win-win solution for consumers and manufacturers alike.”

  • Chee Kwan
    Vice President
    Broadband Access Products

“D-Link and Microsoft share a common vision for next-generation data communications solutions for the digital home, small office/home office, small to medium-sized business, and workgroup to enterprise environments. Powered by the network system solutions in Windows CE .NET 4.2, the D-Link DCF-660W Air Wireless Compact Flash Adapter enables personal digital assistants to connect to an existing wireless network and access the Internet and download e-mails quickly and efficiently.”

  • Steven Joe

“GlobespanVirata is extremely pleased by the networking and communications technologies added to Windows CE .NET 4.2, and its support for wireless and voice applications. Windows CE .NET 4.2’s extensive library of drivers and protocols provides an excellent match to the requirements of our Home Router and Residential Gateway platforms. The flexible development environment allows us to include elements of GlobespanVirata’s ISOS (Integrated Software on Silicon) software suite in order to add value for our DSL and Home Router customer premises equipment (CPE) solutions.”

  • Vivek Bansal
    Vice President, Worldwide Marketing

“The high performance of the Intel IXP425 network processor combined with the many integrated network gateway features provided by the Windows CE .NET 4.2 operating system will be a compelling platform for Intel’s OEM customers.”

  • Jim Finnegan
    General Manager, Network Processor Division

“Contributing to the development of the next generation of mobile and small-footprint devices, Intrinsyc is delivering innovative reference designs and value-added software that utilize the full functionality of the Windows CE .NET 4.2 operating system design platform. With Windows CE .NET 4.2, Intrinsyc provides developers support for wireless networking, multimedia and Internet functionality, speeding up the development process for companies seeking to deliver innovative handheld devices.”

  • Derek Spratt
    President and Chief Executive Officer

“As a long-time provider of gateway software solutions and Windows CE-based tools, Jungo is positioned to enable equipment manufacturers and device developers with rich networking and communications technologies, through Windows CE .NET 4.2. Jungo continues to support innovative platforms and technologies, providing greater flexibility in the gateway world.”

  • Ofer Vilenski
    Chief Executive Officer

“Marvell Semiconductor is pleased to be utilizing Windows CE .NET 4.2 to supply gateway router networking solutions based on the Marvell Link Street 88E6318 Secure Gateway Router device, enabling high-performance networking hardware with advanced security, multimedia and wireless capabilities. Marvell’s implementation of a Windows CE .NET gateway-router board support package, with Microsoft’s new additions of enhanced gateway router and VoIP functionality under Windows CE .NET 4.2, provides an effective platform to expand the functionality and performance of the Marvell gateway reference design.”

  • David Young
    General Manager
    Connectivity Business Unit

“Windows CE .NET and MIPS architecture make a great combination for building network gateways. Through the MIPS Alliance for Windows CE, MIPS licensees work closely with Microsoft to create advanced network gateway platforms, and I expect we will soon see some great products announced as a result of these efforts.”

  • Jeff Sasagawa
    Director of Market Development and System Solutions

“Mitsubishi Electric Corp. is developing a Home Gateway with UPnP and SCP bridge based on the Windows CE .NET device platform. Windows CE .NET provides high productivity and rich functionality, enabling us to leverage our assets in communication technology for device bring-up in the home controller market in this ubiquitous age.”

  • Satoshi Tanaka
    Manager, Internet Media Systems Department
    Mitsubishi Electric Corp.

“NEC Electronics has a history of designing its 64-bit MIPS-based VR Series microprocessors for networking applications and optimizing its processors to support the Windows CE operating system. This combination of VR Series and Windows CE .NET 4.2 makes an ideal choice to provide the power and performance needed for a gateway application.”

  • Katsuhiko Itagaki
    Director, Standard LSI Solutions Strategic Business Unit
    NEC Electronics Corp.

“Synnex is taking advantage of advanced gateway functionality such as VOIP and VPN in Windows CE .NET 4.2 to bring our customers to market with innovative wireless and connected devices faster and more cost-effectively than previously possible.”

  • Machine Tsai
    Product Manager

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