China Information Technology Security Certification Center Source Code Review Lab Opened

BEIJIING, China, Sept. 26, 2003 — China Information Technology Security Certification Center (CNITSEC) Source Code Review Lab officially opened in Beijing on Sept. 25. At the opening ceremony, No.15 Institute of Ministry of Information Industry, China Software Corp., No.3 Institute of Ministry of Security, De An Corp., Wellhope Corp., Beijing Topsec Co. and Venus Info Tech Inc. signed the Government Security Program (GSP) Source Code Agreement’s Additional Personal Exhibits with CNITSEC and Microsoft. CNITSEC and the seven partners now have controlled access to Microsoft® Windows®
source code through the CNITSEC Source Code Review Lab.

Officials from the State Informationization Office, the State Reform and Development Commission, Ministry to Public Safety, Ministry of Information Industry, Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Security attended the ceremony today.

Microsoft is the first commercial software company that provides the Chinese government with access to its source code. In February this year, during the visit of Microsoft chairman and chief software architect Bill Gates to China, CNITSET, representing the Chinese government, and Microsoft signed the GSP Source Code Agreement. The opening of the Source Code Review Lab and the signing of GSP Source Code Agreement’s Additional Personnel Exhibits indicated that Microsoft and the Chinese government have made substantial progress in fulfilling the agreement.

The GSP is a global initiative that provides national governments with managed access to Microsoft Windows source code and other technical information they need to be confident in the security of the Windows platform. The China government is one of the first governments around the globe to sign the agreement.

CNITSEC has worked out related regulations for the Source Code Review Lab.

Wu Shizhong, director of CNITSEC, said at the ceremony: “The security of information technology is an important issue for the government in its efforts to construct information infrastructure. To study the source code of operating systems can play a key role in strengthening security of information technologies. The opening of CNITSEC Source Code Review Lab will further promote the study and development of China’s information security technologies.”

Tim Chen, vice president of Microsoft and CEO of Microsoft Greater China, said: “The opening of CNITSEC Source Code Review Lab is a significant step in fulfilling Microsoft’s long-term commitment in China. To create a trustworthy computing environment is the goal of Microsoft. Microsoft is willing to cooperate with the Chinese government and its authorized parties and share Microsoft’s accumulated experience in software and security development.”

He Dequan, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, welcomed Microsoft’s decision to open its Windows source code to the Chinese government and the opening of CNITSEC Source Code Review Lab. “China is speeding up the construction of its information infrastructure, and to strengthen the security of information networks is an imperative issue,” he said. “To study source code is very important in improving the security of information systems. As a commercial software company, Microsoft’ decision to open its source code will help China in its research and development of information security. I hope related parties will take advantage of this opportunity and the cooperation between Microsoft and the Chinese government will become closer and broader.”


China Information Technology Security Certification Center (CNITSEC) is China’s only authorized information technology security certification organization. It is also the only national certification center in China to adopt the international GB/T 18336 idt ISO 15408 standard to test, evaluate and certify information security products, systems and Web services.

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