Microsoft Statement on U.S. Supreme Court Decision in AT&T Case

REDMOND, Wash., April 30, 2007 — Microsoft Corp. issued the following statement, attributable to Senior Vice President and General Counsel Brad Smith, following today’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Microsoft vs. AT&T:

“Today’s Supreme Court decision is important for the entire information technology industry, adding clarity and balance to our patent system. This decision promotes a global patent system that works.  The ruling ensures that U.S. courts, like courts elsewhere, can respect the patent laws of other countries, helping promote cooperation among patent systems worldwide. 

“We’re also pleased that today’s decision applies the patent law to software in the same way it’s applied to other inventions.   The patent system remains one of the country’s fundamental engines of economic growth.  It is important for patent laws to continue to provide an incentive to innovate for software, just as it does throughout the rest of the economy.  Today’s decision reinforces this result.

“This decision also adds to Microsoft’s successful record on appeal and has implications for many of our other patent cases.  In particular, we believe the damage awards against Microsoft in both the Alcatel-Lucent and Eolas cases will be revisited in light of this ruling, and we welcome this result.”

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