Microsoft Helps New T-Mobile Sidekick Get Personal

REDMOND, Wash. — July 30, 2008 — Available today from T-Mobile USA Inc., the new T-Mobile® Sidekick® powered by Danger (a subsidiary of Microsoft Corp.) introduces innovative software, services and hardware customization that improve an already celebrated mobile experience.

The new Sidekick features key software improvements including support for video capture, playback and sharing; wireless stereo music and media sharing via Bluetooth; quick friend search and optimized group chats in instant messaging (IM); customizable Web browsing; and universal search across all phone applications and data. In addition, the phone’s shell is customizable, creating a unique look for every device. The result is a Sidekick that is fun to use and showcases the owner’s individuality and style.

“Mobile phones aren’t soulless devices. They’re personal expressions and our lifeline to the people that matter to us as we navigate through all of life’s moments,” said Roz Ho, corporate vice president of Premium Mobile Experiences at Microsoft. “Playing such a significant role in our lives, mobile phones should reflect our individual style. T-Mobile clearly understands this, and we’re very excited about what the new Sidekick will offer consumers.”

Get Personal

Custom mobile experiences define what it is like to use the new T-Mobile Sidekick. For example, it presents a streamlined Web browsing experience that allows users to either view Web pages vertically, as with previous models, or to “pan and scan” Web pages, much like a typical personal computer. Users can also visit the Download Catalog to preview and select from hundreds of games, applications, themes and other content and receive purchases instantly.

Individuality gets another boost with a customizable exterior that, for the first time, allows users to match the hardware to the software with their own personal taste. No longer will phones be accidentally swapped among friends and family. The new Sidekick is built with removable shells, and at, users can create their own unique designs — that will be printed directly on the shell and shipped to the customer — to personalize their handset and show off their style.

Messaging Boost

Starting with an always-on connection for true IM and push e-mail capabilities, the latest Sidekick takes it a step further. Now users can see IM status on e-mail messages and in the address book, so they always know when friends are available to chat. IM also becomes easier to use with a “search for friends” feature and the ability to initiate group chats with a simple keystroke.

Video for Life

Life cannot be captured in images and text alone. It is all a story and, because video is the ultimate storytelling medium, the new Sidekick supports video recording, playback and sharing right out of the box. Whether via e-mail and picture messaging or via sideloading to the memory card, users can receive and share video instantly and easily.

Defining Premium Mobile Experience

The Sidekick is brought to life by software and services from Danger, a subsidiary of Microsoft and a component of the Microsoft Premium Mobile Experiences (PMX) group, which focuses on innovative mobile experiences for consumers. Software and services play an increasingly important role in the mobile world, where rich social interaction and ease of use are the main priority, and the T-Mobile Sidekick is a stellar example of what can happen when operators, original equipment manufacturers and software providers partner and build products with this in mind.

About Microsoft

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