Microsoft Recognizes Vendors for Outstanding Performance

REDMOND, Wash. — Sept. 30, 2009 — Microsoft Corp. today recognized six vendors as recipients of the 2009 Microsoft Vendor Program (MSVP) Excellence Awards. The MSVP Excellence Awards acknowledge exceptional performance, exemplary service and innovation by vendors that are members of the MSVP, Microsoft’s preferred vendor program. The MSVP was created to make it easy for Microsoft employees to work with a prequalified, select group of vendors, and for vendors to work with Microsoft.

Winners were chosen by a selection committee from representatives across the company and nominated by Microsoft employees based on outstanding quality, value, service, innovation, delivery, organizational health, supply chain management, diversity, technology, environmental practices and price. Winners were announced live on stage today during the eighth MSVP Annual Vendor Summit on Microsoft’s corporate campus in Redmond.

“Members of the Microsoft Vendor Program provide a level of expertise, service and efficiency that’s invaluable to our employees and which they rely on every day to do their jobs,” said Tim McBride, general manager and chief procurement officer at Microsoft. “On behalf of employees across the company I congratulate the winners of this year’s awards and recognize the value that these and other companies provide.”

2009 MSVP Excellence Award Winners

Winners were announced in seven categories: Diversity, Environmental, Quality, Service, Technology, Value and Vendor of the Year.

  • Diversity
    Corona Wright, a joint venture of Howard S. Wright and Corona Steel; general contractor

  • What Corona Wright Did
    Corona Wright managed expansion of Microsoft’s North Campus garage, which involved adding two new levels to the garage that matched the previous construction perfectly, as well as performing a challenging fire alarm retrofit over the Thanksgiving weekend. The project was completed on time, under budget and without complaints from Microsoft employees.
    “Prior to this project, Howard S. Wright and Corona Steel had never teamed up. The two companies performed seamlessly as a single entity, and we haven’t noticed any difference between working with Corona Wright as a joint venture versus working with any of our single-ownership contractors. Not only has Corona Wright helped us diversify how project funds are spent, but its interim project audit was 100 percent clean of issues, and it’s on schedule and under budget on our project.”
    — Steve Thompson, Senior Development Manager, Real Estate & Facilities, Microsoft

  • Environmental
    DB Engineering; mechanical engineering firm

  • What DB Engineering Did
    DB Engineering designed and created a scalable cooling model for a large offsite test facility, worked hand in hand with the site engineers to fine-tune the design and made it compliant with multiple air handler suppliers.
    “DB Engineering possesses a deep and thorough knowledge of our facilities in the Puget Sound region and what areas represent the greatest potential for reducing our energy consumption. Nowhere is that more evident than in its work on the Redmond Ridge 1 Test Facility. Based on its expertise and its understanding of Microsoft properties, DB Engineering has designed a facility that could return energy savings.”
    — Glen Beyer, Manager, Lab & Systems Planning, Microsoft

  • Quality
    Crispin Porter & Bogusky LLC; advertising and design agency

  • What Crispin Porter & Bogusky LLC Did
    Crispin Porter & Bogusky LLC created and executed the multimedia “I’m a PC” advertising campaign, which included television, Web, billboards and user‐generated content.
    “Crispin has done outstanding work giving voice to a billion PC users around the world to reignite their passion for Windows.”
    — Gayle Troberman, General Manager, Advertising and Customer Engagement, Microsoft

  • Service
    GLY Construction; general contractor

  • What GLY Construction Did
    GLY Construction provided pre-construction and construction services for building of Microsoft’s 2.74 million sq. ft. West Campus. The project involved demolishing several existing structures and building a 4,600-car underground parking garage (1.6 million sq. ft.). On top of the garage, GLY built soccer fields, ballparks and water features as well as a three-building Commons complex featuring 20 food and retail vendors and four training rooms (140,000 sq. ft.). In addition, GLY built four buildings (1 million sq. ft.) to house 4,000 Microsoft employees and multiple hardware and software labs.
    “GLY played the primary role for Microsoft in coordinating all the steps of the pre-planning phase, such as project budgeting, procuring subcontractors, reviewing options and scheduling. The company devoted its best talent to the West Campus project and became a stabilizing force in the early stages when other vendors were faltering.”
    — Gid Palmer, Senior Account Manager, Real Estate & Facilities, Microsoft

  • Technology
    Compass Group, North American Division; food management, hospitality and support services provider

  • What Compass Group Did
    In partnership with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Compass Group developed design guidelines that helped Microsoft realize $2.7 million in capital savings and improve its software, as well as help increase the quality of OEM products.
    “Compass has had an amazing impact on so many fronts across Microsoft, from improving the quality of its products to bringing down the cost of managing conference rooms across numerous campuses and facilities. Compass’ skin-in-the-game approach to managing and enhancing our facilities makes the company a great example of what we look for in a long-term vendor relationship.”
    — Paul Egger, Senior Services Manager, Real Estate & Facilities, Microsoft

  • Value
    Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (Hitachi GST); disk drive manufacturer

  • What Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Did
    Hitachi GST helped the Xbox team meet its holiday goal by overcoming a shortage of components integral to the Xbox console and developing processes and systems to manage the quality of the Xbox product. Over and above that, Hitachi GST provided an equitable financial solution for the FY09 holiday season to help meet Microsoft’s aggressive production schedule, while providing financial incentives to contractors for meeting that schedule.
    “Hitachi came up with a creative approach for the FY09 holiday season that helped us meet our aggressive production schedule and provided a financial incentive for doing so at the same time. But the vendor didn’t stop there. Hitachi also took part in manufacturing audits, sent drive-handling instructions to the contract manufacturers and repair centers, and designed a drive tester that could be used throughout manufacturing, integration and repair centers, so information would be consistent. Hitachi Global Storage Technologies demonstrates what it looks like to go the extra mile, and to go another one after that.”
    — Jong Lee, Senior Procurement Manager, Microsoft

  • Vendor of the Year
    Compass Group, North American Division; food management, hospitality and support services provider

  • What Compass Group Did
    Among Compass Group’s other contributions to Microsoft is the provision of hospitality and facilities management services in nine countries spanning three continents. In North America alone, the Compass Group provides food service for 9 million people each year, manages nine conference spaces in Silicon Valley and 141 in Puget Sound, and manages audiovisual (AV) services and provides design recommendations for new AV-related construction projects and facilities upgrades.
    “Compass is very comfortable in Microsoft’s metrics-oriented environment. In fact, the company seems to prosper and brings solutions that really drive great results. More than anything, Compass demonstrates a recognition that success for a vendor is based not only on exceptional execution but also on bringing proactive ideas, solutions and new thinking to the table — always moving forward, not being satisfied with the status quo.”
    — Chris Owens, General Manager, Real Estate & Facilities, Microsoft

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