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From moon shots to everyday innovations, Microsoft has always pushed the limits on what’s possible with technology. Because of this, we’ve delivered some of the most advanced products in our industry. But we don’t make these products for us, we make them so our customers and partners can benefit and create their own innovations. Our hyper-scale datacenters give New Zealand businesses the tools they need to create innovative new technologies that will help shape the New Zealand of tomorrow.

  • Microsoft’s hyperscale datacenters will deliver digital transformation at a speed and scale unlike anything we’ve seen before. It will enable New Zealand to embrace a more digitally connected society through the use of artificial intelligence, smart sensors and data. The possibilities truly are endless.
  • We recognise that to drive further innovation in the cloud, we also need to have people with the right skills. Microsoft is helping address the skills shortage by funding programmes like our global skills initiative, which has trained more than 33,000 New Zealanders in digital technologies since June 2020.
  • Locally hosted Azure services will pour rocket fuel on New Zealand’s growing tech scene. Kiwi businesses will be able to gain global scale with local presence. They will be able to create tools and services in locally hosted cloud infrastructure that can be rolled out around the globe by connecting into Microsoft’s global network.
  • Our IDC research into cloud’s potential dividend for New Zealand shows public cloud services drove more than $12.7 billion of business revenue (for suppliers and customers) in 2020. This equates to more than 2 per cent of GDP. Over the next four years, an estimated $30 billion will be added over and above this, creating an additional 102,000 jobs across all sectors.

  • As we pursue our purpose to create technology that benefits people and the planet, we share our technology, our resources, our approach, and our learnings with our customers and partners to help them achieve their own goals for a better future.
  • The faster pace of innovation and cost savings enabled by our local datacenter region is just a fraction of the significant benefits New Zealand businesses are poised to gain from digital investment.