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Trust and Security

Microsoft is dedicated to earning trust every day, spanning privacy, cybersecurity, digital safety, responsible AI and transparency. We believe in a principled approach to technology. That’s why we’re not only asking ourselves what technology can do, but what it should do.

  • We are committed to the advancement of AI driven by ethical principles that put people first. We hold true to 6 Key AI Principles: fairness, reliability and safety, privacy and security, inclusiveness,
    transparency and accountability.
  • Microsoft also believes that privacy is a human right and we have an ethical framework to ensure this right is protected.
  • With our datacenter region, we are enabling public cloud data to be stored securely right here in Aotearoa, under the ownership of our customers and staying in Microsoft’s network.

  • We are investing $20 billion over the next five years in security, more than 8,500 security professionals are using AI tools to analyse more than 24 trillion signals daily and respond to security threats around
    the world, 24/7, in real time.
  • Microsoft serves billions of customers globally, allowing us to aggregate security data from a broad and diverse spectrum of companies, organizations, and consumers. Our unique position helps us generate a high-fidelity picture of the current state of cybersecurity, including indicators to help us predict what attackers will do next.
  • An estimated 93 per cent of companies embrace a multicloud strategy. That’s why we’ve evolved Microsoft Azure into the industry’s only cloud that seamlessly empowers customers to operate hybrid/multicloud environments.
  • Our commitment to end-to-end security means our customers’ workloads are protected wherever they live — on-premises or even in another cloud environment.