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Cyber Signals

Defending against cyberthreats with the latest research, insights and trends 

Cyber Signals is a quarterly cyberthreat intelligence brief informed by the latest Microsoft threat data and research. It offers an expert perspective into the current threat landscape, trending tactics and techniques used by threat actors. Cyber Signals is a valuable resource for chief information security officers, information officers, privacy officers and their teams as they evolve technologies, policies and processes. It also provides key data and insights for members of the press.

In an age where digital transactions and online shopping have become integral parts of our daily lives, the threat of cybercrime looms. Among these threats, gift and payment card fraud is pervasive and evolving with criminals using increasingly sophisticated methods to compromise payment card issuers and gift card portals. This edition of Cyber Signals delves into the tactics, techniques and procedures of a cybercrime threat actor Microsoft calls Storm-0539, also known as Atlas Lion, and its activities in the realm of gift and payment card theft. 

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