Microsoft supports “Marriage for all” in Switzerland

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Marriage equality is not yet a reality in Switzerland. On the 26th of September, the country will decide whether to grant same-sex couples the ability to marry with equal rights. Microsoft Switzerland supports our LGBTQI+ employees on this issue.

Microsoft has a well-established history of supporting marriage equality around the world – and now in Switzerland. There are many reasons: Our customers are as diverse as the world. To create technology that empowers them, we need a workforce that reflects this diversity. And to recruit the best talent, we need to create an environment in which everyone is welcome and valued. For our LGBTQI+ employees and their families, there can be significant challenges in countries that don’t provide equal recognition for their marriage or committed relationship.

This is not just important to Microsoft. We believe it is also good for economies operating in a global context. Countries with inclusive economies have a competitive advantage from securing top talent and benefitting from the contributions of a diverse workforce. Therefore, this is also an opportunity for Switzerland.

Most importantly, marriage equality makes sense not only economically, but also on a human level. I am proud to be the executive sponsor of our Swiss LGBTQI+ employee network (GLEAM) and an ally to my colleagues. After all, every human being should have the same rights – including the right to marry.

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