MDW Partners Wins the Swiss Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Award 2023

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Zurich, 28th June 2023. MDW Partners, a leading consulting firm specializing in Big Data, AI, and Business Applications, has been honored with the prestigious title of Swiss Microsoft Country Partner of the Year 2023. Microsoft recognizes MDW Partners for their exceptional innovation, commitment to customer success, and their ability to deliver high-quality solutions. Congratulations also go out to the global finalists Accenture, Aproda, novaCapta and Ontinue.

Based in Geneva, MDW Partners has established a reputation for their strategic approach and expertise in conceptualizing and implementing data solutions. They excel in executing end-to-end projects, providing valuable insights and enabling business process automation. Notably, MDW Partners manages a global organization’s sales and supply chain data, utilizing the latest Microsoft technologies and generative AI data quality control. This data platform serves over 15,000 users across more than 30 markets, offering valuable insights and enabling new KPI’s creation and business process automation.

«The work of the whole MDW team is a prime example of our Swiss partner ecosystem, delivering top solutions centered on clients› needs,» says Andrew Reid, Microsoft Switzerland’s Global Partner Solution Director. «Their focus on Data & AI solutions perfectly aligns with the increasing value of data in shaping critical business decisions, putting them at the forefront of this transformative field. I want to thank MDW for their dedication to our partnership, evident in their Solutions Partner designations and dedicated specializations.»

MDW also stood out for its innovation one of the first European partners to implement a project using the generative AI solution Azure Open AI Services. This pioneering project, designed for a public sector client, assists operators in analyzing massive communication data, generating key insights for classification and resolution.

Maxime Gouffé, CEO of MDW Partners, expressed his gratitude for the endowment: «We’re honored to receive this award, affirming our commitment to Microsoft’s solutions as a dedicated partner. This recognition testifies to our team’s expertise and dedication to delivering high-quality, innovative solutions that drive business success. As European pioneers in business applications and generative AI, our consultants have innovatively delivered numerous solutions with high return on investments for our customers. Congratulations to our team! Lastly, I extend my heartfelt thanks to Microsoft with whom we have established a strong partnership, allowing us to jointly address the evolving needs of our customers.”

Creative marketing drives technology adoption

MDW consistently develops creative marketing campaigns that resonate with their target groups and promote technology adoption in Switzerland. Notable initiatives include an OpenAI marketing campaign that streamlined over 40 key business cases for C-Level executives, and targeted campaigns for specific sectors like the FSI, focusing on timely issues such as ESG monitoring. MDW also employs innovative strategies, as evidenced in their session at Microsoft Ignite in March 2023. There, they presented a walkthrough of the Microsoft Power Platform, complemented by a generative AI-created rap song.

Looking ahead, MDW Partners will follow their growth and innovation in the field of data solutions. They are committed to maintaining their customer-centric approach and delivering projects that not only meet but exceed customer expectations.
Accenture, Aproda, novaCapta and Ontinue: Four further partners recognized as global finalists

In addition to the Swiss Microsoft Country Partner of the Year, Microsoft recognized partners in several global categories as finalists:

  • Accenture has been recognized for their exceptional work in the category “Business Intelligence”, demonstrating a deep understanding of data-driven decision making and providing transformative solutions to businesses.
  • Aproda has been endorsed as finalist for their expertise in “Dynamics 365 Business Central”, highlighting their ability to deliver comprehensive business management solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • novaCapta Software & Consulting Schweiz AG has been honored as finalist for their contributions to the category “Modern Workplace for SMB”, creating efficient and collaborative work environments that drive productivity and business growth.
  • Ontinue has also been acknowledged as finalists for their significant impact in the category “Nonprofit”, providing innovative and effective solutions that enable organizations to focus on their mission and make a greater impact.

These recognitions reflect the dedication, expertise, and innovation of our partners. Microsoft is proud to work alongside these organizations and look forward to seeing the continued impact of their work in the coming year.

Congratulations to all partners! The full list of global winners can be found on the Microsoft News Center.

There is more to celebrate: Local Awards at Inspire 2023

In addition to the global awards, Inspire 2023 will also be the platform for the announcement of local awards. These awards aim to recognize the remarkable contributions and achievements of our partners at the local level. The awards ceremony will take place in Zurich on July 19, 2023.


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