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More speed. More productivity. More time to focus on what matters most.

Discover how the most trusted and comprehensive cloud can help you meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world – and how you can do more with less. View infographic.

More training. More learning. More connection. Less time.

Toyota Motor North America is using the Microsoft Cloud to empower its employees to do more with less.

A person stands next to a car door in a factory

Mixed reality is transforming training

  • “If we go from one trainer per trainee to two trainees, that doubles our efficiency right there. The more we increase that ratio, the more efficient our trainings become.” — Zach Reeder, Technology Development Engineer at Toyota Motor North America. Read the story
  • Mixed reality can increase training efficiency by 60%, saving $1,440 per trainee while improving knowledge acquisition and retention. Learn more

Power Platform saves time and empowers every employee

  • One person in TMNA’s first Power Platform training class translated her Excel spreadsheets into Power BI dashboards – that switch alone saved her 10 hours of work every month. Read the story
  • Microsoft Power Platform can deliver 140% ROI over three years – find out how. Learn more

Microsoft Teams keeps everyone connected

  • “With Teams, we are getting the value out to the business literally in minutes or hours, versus weeks or months.” — Tim Holman, Enterprise Architecture Business Intelligence at TMNA. Read the story
  • Discover how Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams help organizations like Toyota simplify IT management and reduce costs. Learn more

More tax returns. Less paper. More cloud power. Less cost.

H&R Block is bringing “a whole new mindset” to optimizing cloud operations and unlocking new value with Microsoft AI.

AI is empowering every H&R Block tax expert

  • With 21 million clients, H&R Block needed to scale the expertise of its 60,000 tax professionals, and with the Microsoft Cloud, they’re making the experience easier, less stressful and more personal for everyone. Read the story

Optimizing cloud strategy with Azure

  • “Our monthly spend year-over-year is nearly flat, while we now have approximately 30% more of our total compute in the cloud. Thanks to our partnership with Microsoft, our team has learned valuable techniques and strategies to continue optimizing our spend.” — Paul Clark, Director of Cloud, H&R Block. Learn more

More productivity. More security. More sustainability. Less complexity.

L’Oreal is using the Microsoft Cloud to enable collaboration, innovation and learning around the world while delivering a simplified, secure, seamless environment where everyone can do their best work.

Microsoft Teams is transforming collaboration

  • “We’ve reached more people for our Digital Discovery Virtual event, 600 as opposed to 100, because we use Teams to deliver it rather than hosting it in person.” — Harriet Chisholm, Digital Upskilling Manager at L’Oréal. Learn more

Windows 11 simplifies and secures L’Oreal’s global footprint

  • With Windows 11, L’Oreal reduced its hardware configurations from more than 500 to just 70, which it manages with just 10 global policies – removing cost and complexity from the company’s worldwide operations. Read the story
  • Find out how organizations can work safer and smarter with the Windows 11 2022 Update. Learn more

Mixed reality is helping deliver on sustainability commitments

  • By connecting employees around the globe through mixed reality, L’Oréal is reducing costs, optimizing operations and cutting down on travel — a benefit that ties directly to the company’s long-term commitment to environmental sustainability and minimizing its carbon footprint. Learn more

More efficiency. More collaboration. More security. Less redundancy. Less risk.

EY is using the Microsoft Cloud to simplify, streamline and automate routine tasks, while enabling secure collaboration for all.

Woman uses clear tablet

Power Platform makes EY’s global finance processes more efficient

  • EY’s PowerPost solution is projected to reduce costs by 30% or more, and cut lead times by 95%. Read the story

Modernizing identity and data governance empowers 300,000+ users to collaborate securely

  • “The EY organization’s collaboration grew exponentially because of our Azure AD External Identities solution. Within four months, the number of groups at EY swelled from 100,000 to over 450,000.” Usman Abubakar Ehimeakhe: Assistant Director, Technical Lead of EY Microsoft 365 Services. Learn more
  • Find out how Microsoft’s security solutions can help you do more with less. Learn more

A modern app solution – deployed faster than ever

  • This game-changing approach allows EY to provision new and complex app instances in a few hours instead of waiting for days – and the operational impact given the scale could be millions of dollars. Read the story