Are you ready to do business in the AI era?

The development of AI strategy and business culture is a complex process, which is why Microsoft has created a free AI Business School, a series of online masterclasses designed to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the AI era.

In recent years, some of the fastest-growing companies have been introducing artificial intelligence into their businesses, to improve business processes and be able to make specific decisions. A study conducted by Microsoft, on how AI will change leadership, shows that 93.5% of fast-growing companies intend to invest in AI over the next three years, while 76% of leaders in these companies across the US and Europe want to improve their leadership skills in line with the increasing presence of artificial intelligence in business.

Still, the survey found the reality is a little different – with fewer than two out of 10 high-growth companies truly integrating AI into their business. There is a gap between what executives want and their organization’s readiness for business based on AI culture.

Are you ready to do business in the AI era

On the path of strategy development, executives and other business leaders often do not know how and where to start introducing AI to their companies, what changes to the business culture need to be made, and how to build an AI business responsibly. In the business community, there is a limited understanding of what artificial intelligence really is and how it can be implemented, leading most companies to introduce AI and machine learning within individual projects, but few use AI across the organization and fail to identify business opportunities and problems that AI can address.

Microsoft AI Business School is available online, at no cost, in an easy-to-use format, so business leaders can access the content at a pace that suits them and based on the interests they focus on. In the lectures, users gain insight into the experiences and recommendations of executives from all industries, who have successfully transformed their organizations with the help of artificial intelligence, as well as the challenges they encountered during the process. A large number of written and video materials, case studies, guides, and an overview of AI technologies that are driving change in a wide variety of business areas are already available.

The school is designed to help business leaders learn how AI can help them create business value, reduce business operations costs, improve service quality, whether they are in manufacturing, healthcare, retail, finance, or any other industry.

AI Business School, developed in partnership with INSEAD, one of the world’s largest business schools, that has aligned its vision of educating responsible leaders who transform business and society, with Microsoft’s mission to help organizations and individuals realize the full potential of artificial intelligence and make it accessible to all.

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