Ukrnafta has increased employee efficiency with Microsoft products


Ukraine’s leading oil company Ukrnafta uses Microsoft Office 365 cloud solutions, which provide effective communication and interaction between employees. Office 365 services have brought together more than 40 oil and gas production and refining units across the country and increased the efficiency of more than 3,000 employees.

“Ukrnafta” is a company with 50 years of experience. It controls 60 percent of Ukraine’s overall oil market and has 24 drilling rigs and 537 petrol stations. To maintain a leading position, it needed an effective organization of work within the company. Previously, ten main oil and gas units and about 30 support units worked separately from each other with different user catalogs, accounting systems, services, and IT processes. The company set a course for digitalization five years ago, and to increase efficiency, began the transformation by consolidating all its structures. “We quickly needed to teach all employees to use different tools efficiently. So, we chose the local partner SoftwareONE to help us consolidate infrastructure and implement Office 365 and, most crucially, set up an effective company-wide adoption strategy,” explains Vladimir Krasotin, Director of IT at Ukrnafta.

Ukrnafta implemented an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system in its regional offices, and the project team conducted online staff training and shared all materials via Teams. Employees began interacting with each other in Teams to learn how to use the new system. As the entire company used the ERP system, all employees later got used to Teams regularly. This implementation combined corporate culture and vision, and with SharePoint and OneDrive, working on documents within the company has accelerated and become more manageable.

The IT department, HR, and the internal communications departments use Microsoft Teams in their daily communication, sending newsletters and introducing “Let’s Talk” lectures for employees dedicated to industry-specific topics. Over the last year, there have been many “thematic” video conferences, with the help of which the company’s employees learned useful corporate information, asked questions and received answers.

“We followed a clear trend of the growing popularity of such broadcasts,” – says Vladimir Krasotin. “We started with 200-300 online visitors, and then in six months, we got a stable audience of 600-800 employees. Interesting fact – according to our observations, we had the largest number of visitors from more than 1,000 people when the employees shared their experience of using new technologies by themselves with colleagues. For example, at the beginning of the quarantine, we shared our examples of arranging remote work better. Employees from different departments told and demonstrated specific examples of how Teams, SharePoint, and Power BI technologies help them in their work. This meeting was a real sensation.”

Ukrnafta’s teams are very active in using Office 365 tools. More than 87% of employees use Teams daily, and in general, 95% of employees use O365 services actively.

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