Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and Microsoft to collaborate in Digital transformation

The Digital Era is here

The Digital Era is here

Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine (Mincifra) and Microsoft Ukraine expressed their intentions to consider the possibility of developing a partnership with the aim to implement the Digital Transformation Program to leverage Microsoft Azure as a vehicle of digital transformation in Ukraine, as well using modern workplace automation solutions for employees government-owned companies as users to enable seamless collaboration across Ukraine and as a tool for collaboration within the Government. To confirm the expressed intentions, parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov, and Country Manager of Microsoft Ukraine Jan Peter de Jong.

Mincifra believes that a robust Digital Transformation Program will be a framework for the transformation of Ukraine and to enter the digital era in the next five years and enable innovations on cloud technology for various state-owned entities, commercial regulated enterprises, Government of Ukraine.
Within this program, Microsoft and Mincifra intend to cooperate for the benefit of the whole scope of initiatives enabling a highly secured cloud platform ecosystem as a foundation, including innovations, advantageous cost of services, implementation of the data security strategy, and creation of new working places. Digital Transformation programs could have an impact on different industries and influence energy transition, digital agriculture transformation, and sustainability.

To successfully implement digital transformation initiatives for the public sector and commercial industries, Microsoft has the intention to contribute with the technology that could allow envisioned Azure Cloud implementation and to cooperate with Ministry to develop the required cloud operating model and to support with own vast technical expertise and best practices by sharing use cases and learnings that are relevant to Ministry to the extent permitted by law.

Ministry shares Microsoft’s intentions and considers the possibility to leverage Microsoft Azure as a vehicle for its digital transformation journey. It covers employees of Ministry and government-owned companies to use modern workplace solutions, to leverage comprehensive Azure cloud technology solutions enabled in Ukraine: AI, Analytics, Cloud, Communication, Big Data, IoT, Security, Business processes and data management, Legal, Logistics. By leveraging comprehensive Azure cloud industry solutions like E-government, E-health, Ed-tech, Ag-tech, Fin-tech, IT, Manufacturing, Energy, Infrastructure, and Gaming.

Game development is evolving. As a result, cloud infrastructure is increasingly becoming one of the most critical components of the development and operation of a video game. Because Microsoft is committed to open source and to support all languages and frameworks equally in Azure, potential collaboration is feasible in that industry.

Following the intentions, Microsoft Ukraine and Mincifra will discuss the possible cooperation for upskilling its employees and other government entities through certified training for employees of enterprises under the umbrella of Mincifra.

Considering Ukraine’s plans regarding digital upskilling, Microsoft offered a collaboration that would allow people and businesses to access free of charge learning paths and content to help learning and upskilling related goals in Ukraine. In order to achieve competitiveness, Ukraine — among other countries with developing tech industries — must create a skills-based labor market and meet the modern economy requirements by connecting employees with domestic or international potential employers. Microsoft demonstrated the intention of working with people and institutions across Ukraine to address the transition to the digital era collectively. In the three months since the launch of the global skilling initiative, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and GitHub have reached more than 15 thousand Ukrainians who already went thru the in-demand learning paths to become digitally skilled.

Microsoft in Ukraine is taking a proactive role working with academia, governments, and the social sector to explore how to best support their digital transformation. We need new approaches to technologies and enable people and governments to enter the digital era and advance technologically. We are here today to agree on how we should create innovative ways to connect technologies with all the Ukrainian citizens in this fast-changing global economy.” commented Jan Peter De Jong, the Country Manager of Microsoft Ukraine.

We see this collaboration as the next frontier for innovation, competitiveness, productivity, and overall growth, with the potential overall value of 500 million USD. Ministry supports skilling initiatives and targets more than 100 thousand fresh and experienced IT talents to be involved throughout the next three years. To enter to the real digital era in our country, we need to initiate respective policy and legislative initiatives that aim to enable and accelerate the use of hyperscale-cloud inside the Ministry’s organization, and entities in the sphere of management of the Ministry as well as in other state authorities, state organizations, and state-owned enterprises” said Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Digital Transformation.

Microsoft has a vast experience helping governments worldwide, including now well-developed European countries, to acquire and deploy integrated, flexible cloud-first, mobile-first solutions based on trusted, highly secure cloud technologies.
Microsoft will support Mincifra with details of worldwide best practices aiming to help the Government of Ukraine with the development of respective policy and legislative initiatives that aims to enable and accelerate the use of hyperscale-cloud for governance and economy benefits for the country.


Legal notice:
The Parties hereby expressly agree that for the implementation of the Potential cooperation, as provided by the Parties in this MOU, the Parties will, at the subsequent stage, have to conclude a separate agreement (s).
This MOU is not an agreement that can be enforced but is implied by the Parties as an expression of the current intentions of the Parties. None of the parties intends to create any legal rights or obligations for any party, including requiring further conclusion of any binding agreement. Only a written license agreement signed by Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited can create a legally binding license agreement between Microsoft and its client.

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