30,000 medical workers took part in the largest online Congress in Ukraine

30 000 працівників медичної сфери взяли участь у наймасштабнішому в Україні онлайн конгресі

The fourth International Congress on Infusion Therapy, which took place online this year, was attended by 30,000 participants from 8 countries. The organizer, “Institute of Blood Pathology and Transfusion Medicine of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine”, became the first state institution in Ukraine that held such a big event online. The medical event’s success is a prime example of modern technologies’ effective use for the medical industry’s digital transformation.

Nowadays, infusion therapy is one of the most important treatment methods designed to solve a wide range of medical problems. None of the current intensive therapy and reanimation techniques couldn’t be used without infusion. Both conventional therapy and rehabilitation today are difficult to imagine without the infusion. Every four years Institute of Blood Pathology and Transfusion Medicine of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, with the support of “Yuria-Pharm”, holds a congress on infusion therapy. The Congress brings together specialists from more than 30 different medical spheres, speakers, and participants from different countries to share relevant knowledge, practices, and achievements.

Until 2020, the Congress took place in an offline format. Under quarantine restrictions, the organizers had to find an alternative form for the event with tens of thousands of participants.

Thanks to the assistance of the title sponsor pharmaceutical company “Yuria-Pharm” and the technological support of the international IT-partner SMART business and Microsoft Ukraine, organizers held the two-day Congress on a digital platform. “Yuria-Pharm” and SMART business built the conference’s ecosystem, with five products, the core of which was the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing. The solution allowed maintaining personal communication with 30,000 participants in 8 countries, simultaneously broadcasting nine thematic video streams and providing each participant with a personal office for active participation in the Congress. Through the possibility of quickly scaling, the Azure cloud-based website has provided a seamless robot and content access to 100,000 visitors (from different devices).

Organizers noted that digital tools helped to hold the Congress successfully and attract a large audience. The last Congress, held in 2016, was successful, with approximately 3,000 medical workers, including 500 nurses and 40 candidates of medical sciences. This year, the online format event opened a participation opportunity for participants who couldn’t join the event because of geographical barriers.

This year, when we managed to gather 30,000 participants online, who took an active part in discussions — it exceeded all our, even the most daring expectations. And we are very proud of it. Not only that this promoted new knowledge, but also motivated participants to self-education, development, showing the need to keep up with the times and meet the international scientific and practical standards” — the Institute of Blood Pathology and Transfusion Medicine of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine says.

“With our partners, we created a communication platform for doctors who save lives on the front line, as well as scientists from Ukraine and from all around the world. They were ready to share the latest and applied discoveries, including the most acute problem of COVID-19. The most important thing — to make this process most comfortable and available to each medical practitioner, to provide timely feedback and participation in discussions. 145 reports were presented to medical workers from the following countries: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, getting access to new information and practices. Congress materials became a training guide for all interested parties and were loaded into free access”, — commented Yurii Markevych, a director for “Yuria-Pharm” company’s relationship with clients.

“I am sure that today, together with partners, we were able to provide a solution for the medical community, which allows us to share technical innovation in the field of medicine through qualitative development of IT-strategies and development processes. This enabled the presence not only to every fourth doctor of Ukraine but also to numerous doctors from neighboring countries, who raised the overall level of awareness” — continues Oleksander Malytsia, Head of IT Architecture at “Yuria-Pharm”.

“Organization of the event of such a scale — is a complex, multilevel task. Our company has served as an assistant and consultant at every step of the way: from searching for an architectural solution to its customization and the active first line of support during the Congress. All configurations took place in Dynamics 365 Marketing, and personal communications were conducted via SMS, Viber messages, Viber chatbot (decision of GMSU Messaging Services). For all the users’ convenience, a personal office was created based on our development — decision SMART HCM & LMS, a part of which is a portal for distance education.  This enabled all 30,000 participants to communicate freely, ask questions, join interactives, and discussions in one digital space.  For doctors — it is comfortable to plan their day and view the records of reports for another two weeks and at the end — to generate automatically a certificate based on getting marks”, — shares Nataliia Onyschuk, the managing partner of SMART business.

Daniil Biktimirov, Microsoft Partner Development Manager, for CEE Multi-Country, concluded that today is a time of significant challenges and changes in the healthcare industry. Medical institutions, and everyone working in the industry, need to innovate quickly, improve patient service, and create new tools for interaction, skills development, and experience exchange. Digital technologies enable every organization to achieve more. “We are glad that Ukraine has experienced partners who are ready to help to implement digital transformation projects for organizations that are critical for each of us today, as well as for companies that are looking for and implementing new tools that increase competitiveness.”

Source: 30 000 працівників медичної сфери взяли участь у наймасштабнішому в Україні онлайн конгресі


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