The Government of Estonia signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Microsoft

The Government of Estonia signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Microsoft

The Government of Estonia, represented by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Microsoft, represented by Microsoft Estonia, to enable public sector organisations to continue unlocking the benefits of cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

The MoU will support Estonian public services in accelerating the transition to digital government, improving cooperation and communication of government employees and innovating services to citizens.

“The consolidation and modernization of the government infrastructure will strengthen the benefits of cloud services for the entire public sector and, as a result, significantly improve the accessibility, safety and efficiency of public services for our citizens,” said Andres Sutt, the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology. “Among our top priorities is ensuring compliant, safe, and secure digital environment for all Estonian citizens,“ he stressed.

Cloud solutions have already been playing an important role in Estonian national cloud policy. „The Ministry has launched and led several projects, in collaboration with Microsoft, aimed at leveraging benefits of cloud. The most recent example is #krattAI, a network of AI enabling citizens to use public services via virtual assistants, through voice-based interaction in fluent Estonian,“ added Mr. Sutt.

Estonia has a strong track record of digital-first governance and future-oriented policies which foster a strong offering of digital public services, a vibrant start-up ecosystem and tech entrepreneurship. At a time where organizations of all kinds are looking to harness the power of digital transformation, it is encouraging to see the Estonian government opting for our Azure cloud and AI to accelerate the transition of e-Estonia to the cloud to benefitall citizens,said Ralph Haupter, President EMEA, Microsoft.

“People value the freedom of using digital services and cloud solutions are an integral asset in making them broadly accessible and easy to use for all. Microsoft is committed to working with our partners in helping drive digital transformation for people and organizations around the world,Haupter added.

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