New Knowledge – New Opportunities: How to Master In-Demand Skills and Secure an IT Job

New Knowledge – New Opportunities: How to Master In-Demand Skills and Secure an IT Job

Digital tools are becoming increasingly popular, and the demand for digital professions is growing rapidly. The challenge of today is to constantly evolve and acquire relevant skills to unlock new career paths in the technological world. This article explains why training can provide a competitive edge in the job market, opening up new horizons and professional development opportunities. We also share a selection of the most relevant technological professions/skills and provide guidance on how to quickly master them.

The Dynamic IT World

The IT world is constantly changing and progressing rapidly, with new technologies, programming languages, and tools emerging. This high level of competition necessitates the mastery of new tools and the improvement of both hard and soft skills, which can provide an advantage in the job market.

You can either stay within the field and grow or completely transition their careers to master a new position. The most popular professions for retraining include those in the IT field and design.

Demanded professions are continuously evolving and require staying updated on the latest trends and innovations. Having a diverse range of competencies increases the chances of securing a promising position with a high salary. Acquiring new knowledge and skills will help open up career prospects. But how can one choose a profession among the various technical positions and master it quickly?  Educational course is one of the solutions for mastering a new profession.

From Digital Literacy to Basic Technical Skills

Microsoft, in collaboration with LinkedIn and GitHub, has launched a Global InitiativeFree Learning Paths for Top Jobs,” offering 350 free courses. These courses can help individuals explore relevant technical professions or enhance basic digital skills for in-demand job vacancies.

Microsoft sees its mission as providing an opportunity for everyone on the planet to achieve more by granting access to the necessary skills and technologies for professional success.

The initiative has already assisted over 80 million people worldwide in gaining access to digital and basic skills.

Who Can Benefit from the Program:

  • Those who are changing careers and seeking to learn a new profession.
  • Those who wish to update and deepen their existing knowledge.
  • Those who require modern digital and personal skills.

What’s New in the Initiative This Year

The initiative is continuously being enhanced and expanded with new courses, curricula, and training materials.

This year, the following additions have been made to the “Free Learning Paths for Top Jobs”:

  • Six new Career Fundamentals certifications to help future job seekers demonstrate essential skills to employers.
  • Free basic training programs called “Skills for Work” in the following areas: “Digital Literacy,” “Productivity,” Soft Skills, and “Entrepreneurship.”

IT Professions Available in the Courses for Ukrainians

  1. Administrative Professional: You will acquire the basic skills required to perform administrative functions, including communication, writing, time management, and mandatory competencies for working with software.
  2. Project Manager: Learn how to effectively manage projects through planning and communication, and gain expertise in management tools within Microsoft 365.
  3. Business Analyst: Understand basic business analysis concepts and key processes. Practice using software tools to solve typical business analysis problems.
  4. Systems Administrator: Learn how to manage on-premises, cloud, physical, and virtual services to ensure data storage security.
  5. Data Analyst: Explore the fundamental concepts used in data analysis and practice using software tools for data analysis and visualization.
  6. Software Developer: Gain an understanding of the basic concepts and structure of programming languages, and learn how to apply them in practice.

Training courses are available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic.

How Courses Can Impact Future Careers

Educational certifications can play a vital role in the job search process and help job seekers demonstrate their skills to potential employers. Over the past two years, the number of LinkedIn users who have added certificates to their profiles has increased by 44%.

Thanks to the “Free Learning Paths for Top Jobs” initiative, anyone can take a course and, upon completion, receive a certificate essential for career development. Additionally, upon finishing the courses, students will receive a special LinkedIn badge to confirm their studies, which can be a significant advantage when seeking their desired job.

IT training and professional development are essential components for keeping pace with the rapidly changing technological world, ensuring a competitive advantage, and realizing your potential in the field of the future.

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