How one square mile of the UK has become a hub of creativity

WIndows, phone, tablet, surface

By Lee Schuneman With a rich history in arts, music, film, advertising, television and fashion, Soho has long established its reputation as the centre of creativity in London – and arguably the world. Now predominantly made up of media and technology offices, production and editing studios, Soho is still a … Read more »

TruRating: helping customers to rate shops – as they shop

Shopper using TruRating service on chip-and-PIN handset

Answer the following questions truthfully: how many times have you left a restaurant after a great meal and vowed to write a positive review online? Or got so angry at poor service that you made it your mission to drag that company’s name through the mud using just your computer … Read more »

Microsoft extends Autism and Inclusive Hiring Programme to UK

Today Microsoft UK announced the rollout of a new pilot programme focused on hiring people with neurodiverse conditions, including Autism or Asperger’s syndrome, for full-time UK based Microsoft positions. Microsoft UK will initially be hiring for 10 roles. The UK programme will be modelled on the program that has been … Read more »

Microsoft announces plans to offer cloud services from the UK

Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella announced plans to offer commercial cloud services from the UK

Will deliver Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online from a new UK data centre region; completes data centre expansions in Ireland and Netherlands; all part of the more than $2 billion spent on cloud infrastructure across Europe London — 10 Nov 2015 — Microsoft Corp. CEO Satya Nadella … Read more »