UEM Group Partners With Microsoft Malaysia For Cloud-Based Digital Initiatives

 |   Pankaj Kumar Sharma

UEM Group Berhad (UEM Group), Malaysia’s leading engineering-based infrastructure and services conglomerate, today announced its partnership with Microsoft Malaysia (Microsoft) to drive cloud-based digital initiatives. A Memorandum of Understanding to formalise the partnership was signed between the two sides, of which Microsoft will provide Digital Advisors to support UEM Group and its subsidiaries in their digital revolution journey.

The three-year agreement will see UEM Group and its subsidiaries work with Microsoft to drive digital initiatives based on cutting edge technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Predictive Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Augmented Reality.

Dato’ Izzaddin Idris, Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of UEM Group said, “Our partnership with Microsoft complements UEM Group’s RM150 million, 3-year integrated Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud Solution which we announced in October 2016.

“As buildings, highways, factories and entire cities become ‘smarter’ with ubiquitous computing and ambient intelligent environments, digital solutions are key. The collection of data for analytics and the use of cloud-based machine learning for prediction and anomaly detection would provide us with operational insights to improve our service delivery and modernise our solutions. With Microsoft by our side, we will be able to increase efficiency and productivity as we will have the capability to better respond to the changes and needs of our customers and ultimately improve our customers’ experience.”

The partnership is in line with Microsoft’s efforts to enable Malaysian businesses take advantage of the growth opportunities in the digital economy powered by new ways of collaborative networking. This is truly a key landmark in the Malaysian business context, K Raman, Managing Director, Microsoft Malaysia said, “Digital transformation is no longer an option, organizations need to transform to stay relevant in today’s digital economy. Since Microsoft established its presence in Malaysia over 25 years ago, our technology has helped transform the way people work, learn, play and communicate. We work closely with businesses and enterprises to help them fully harness the power of the innovation with flexible solutions and programs customized for local needs. We are committed to building this partnership with UEM Group that anchored in innovation and create a model for others to look up to.”

Among the first UEM Group subsidiaries to adopt the modern technology is UEM Edgenta Berhad, (UEM Edgenta) Malaysia’s leading Total Asset Solutions entity. It has developed a Smart Facilities Management Solution based on Microsoft’s advanced tools of Azure IoT Hub and Machine Learning, which allows it to harness real-time insights and deliver enhanced value to its customers.

Azmir Merican, Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer of UEM Edgenta echoed Raman’s sentiment, “At UEM Edgenta, innovation is at the heart of how we deliver our business. The partnership with Microsoft has enabled us to embrace cutting-edge technology to better deliver our services. Today, we are challenging the convention and changing the way facilities management has been done. We are successfully teaching the building to think and have embarked on the next phase of IoT where assets will become more intelligent, cost-efficient and customized to the needs of communities.”

Complimenting the solution Raman concluded, “UEM Edgenta is among the leading innovators in Malaysia who is adopting our state-of-the-art technology to transform its business model and products. The Smart Facilities Management Solution taps into our Trusted Cloud Platform to deliver innovative services for UEM Edgenta, as well as their customers, to better manage their business outcomes.”

Watch the solution implemented by UEM Edgenta here: