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Our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. And, we strongly believe this aim closely aligns with the ambitions of the nations, businesses, and people of the Asia Pacific. Since starting operations in the region more than 30 years ago, Microsoft now has thousands of employees working with customers, partners, and organizations in 18 countries and territories. Below are the latest thoughts, observations, and viewpoints of our leaders and experts who are dedicated to the future and progress of our part of the world.

ASIA: Low consumer trust: Should we be ok with it?

Consumers are increasingly asking whether they can trust the technology companies that design, develop, and deploy digital services, writes Anthony Cook, Associate General Counsel, Corporate External and Legal Affairs, Microsoft Asia

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ASIA: Is trust a depleting commodity today

“Trust” has become a commodity in short supply in an era marred by “fake news,” election meddling, and cyberattacks, writes Antony Cook, Associate General Counsel, Corporate External and Legal Affairs, Microsoft Asia.

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SINGAPORE: Building a safer and better internet starts with us

Richard Koh, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Singapore, calls for more civil and kinder online behavior so we can build a better and safer internet for everyone.

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AUSTRALIA: People, technology and trust complete the transformation equation

Steven Worrall, Managing Director at Microsoft Australia, says putting people first and technology second creates the foundation for ongoing innovation and transformation in business.

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AUSTRALIA: New cyber security service helps protect Australian democracy

Politicians, candidates, parties, and other organizations can now add a new critical layer of cyber protection for their online activities with Microsoft AccountGuard , explains Tom Daemen, Director Corporate, External and Legal Affairs at Microsoft Australia and New Zealand.

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INDIA: Project Sangam – Enabling skilling at scale for a better tomorrow

Global governments are facing shortages in skilled resources and levels of unemployment. And, people need to be skilled so they can become more marketable and employable, writes Anil Bhansali, Corporate Vice President, Cloud & AI, Microsoft India (R&D).

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International Women's Day in Hong KongHONG KONG: Create a technology future for women today and every day

The new generation of young women entering the workforce through to girls still at school need strong role models in STEM, writes Cally Chan, General Manager of Microsoft Hong Kong and Macau.

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INDIA: Gender parity at work – Accelerate evolution and ignite revolution

Irrespective of which role we play in the organization, there is an urgent need for each of us to understand the impact of gender diversity at the workplace, writes Anant Maheshwari, President, Microsoft India.

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APAC: Four lessons from Rosie Revere Engineer

Wendy Johnstone, General Manager, Marketing and Operations, Microsoft Asia Pacific, gleans some wisdom from one of her daughter’s favorite books, “Rosie Revere Engineer.”

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INDIA: You are here. This is the Age of Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is not just a product or a set of technologies. It means empowerment for every developer to innovate, every organization to redefine industries, and every individual to transform society, writes Anant Maheshwari, President, Microsoft India.

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HealthcareASIA: Cybersecurity needs to be at the heart of healthcare sector’s transformation

A patient’s safety and well-being is invariably tied to a healthcare organization’s ability to safeguard patient’s private and personal data, writes Keren Priyadarshini, Regional Business Lead, Worldwide Health, Microsoft Asia.

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Red Chinese lanternsAPAC: Driving better road safety with technology and artificial intelligence

During this Lunar New Year holiday season,  Alberto Granados – Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Operations at Microsoft Asia Pacific – looks at how can AI and other new technologies can help make our roads safer.

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Microsoft Technology Center in SydneyAUSTRALIA: Sydney Microsoft Technology Centre opens; accelerates digital transformation journeys for Australian enterprise

Australia is now entering its 28th year of economic growth. GDP growth is at 2.8 per cent, unemployment a low 5 per cent. The nation should be proud of its track record and I firmly believe that by accelerating digital transformation… Read more »


Exploring the power and potential of AI to drive progress in AsiaASIA: Exploring the power and potential of AI to drive progress in Asia

New technologies not only offer potential solutions to our most complex and difficult challenges, they can open the way for more people to take part in the digital economy, says Antony Cook, Associate General Counsel, Corporate External and Legal Affairs, Microsoft Asia.

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APAC: Asia Pacific’s future success is dependent on harmonizing our efforts in data privacy

When it comes to data privacy, everybody wants to do the right thing. But the question is, how, writes Sunny Park, Assistant General Counsel and APAC… Read more »



INDIA: Building a trusted AI ecosystem and finding the right balance

New digital technologies come with risks and benefits. And, it is imperative that they are aligned with our society’s moral values and ethical principles, writes Keshav Dhakad, Group Head & Assistant General Counsel – Corporate, External & Legal Affairs (CELA), Microsoft India… Read more »



ASIA: The transformation of the retail experience starts with cybersecurity

Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting retail organizations that store and use personal and financial data, writes Raj Raguneethan, Microsoft’s Asia Lead for Retail and Consumer Industries… Read more »



INDIA: Design for disabilities, empower everyone

Inclusion is at the heart of everything we create at Microsoft. So, leaving behind a billion people with disabilities is contrary to our mission of empowering every person on the planet to achieve more, writes Anant Maheshwari, President, Microsoft India… Read more »



HeaderASIA: Hidden risks in pirated software

Too-good-to-be-true software deals can be tempting. But in this age of cybercrime, they usually come with unseen dangers and steep hidden costs for consumers and businesses, writes Mary Jo Schrade, Assistant General Counsel and Regional Director, Digital Crimes Unit, Microsoft Asia… Read more »



Wendy JohnstoneAPAC: Inclusive products + inclusive marketing

As global demographics change, it’s no longer a matter of one size fitting all. Marketers need to adapt and become radically more inclusive, writes Wendy Johnstone, General Manager, Marketing and Operations, Microsoft Asia Pacific… Read more »



APAC: Protecting the world’s languages for an inclusive future

Some of the world’s oldest languages run the risk of being wiped out. Now there is mounting pressure on technology to be the silver bullet that holds “old and new” together, writes Alberto Granados, vice president of Sales, Marketing and Operations, Microsoft Asia Pacific… Read more »



HONG KONG: The art of Microsoft worldwide datacenter technology

As more industries move to the cloud, sustainability and environmental issues are becoming key factors in their choice of cloud provider, writes Cally Chan, General Manager of Microsoft Hong Kong… Read more »



ASIA: Cross-border data flows – Powering innovation & economic growth

In Singapore, a student logs into a US-based e-learning platform to join a physics lecture delivered by a leading academic; in Malaysia, an engineer accesses a cloud-based dashboard with real-time analytics on how his company’s manufacturing facilities across Asia are performing Read more »



SINGAPORE: Manufacturing organisations: Are you reaping the full benefits of digital transformation?

To in thrive in our modern environment, manufacturers must increasingly rely upon technology to power breakthrough innovations and drive more intelligent operations, says Richard Koh, Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft Singapore. Read more »


Boy looking at a handheld deviceAPAC: Hello fintechs, goodbye digital passive banks

Traditional banks that only digitalize legacy infrastructure risk becoming obsolete as innovative fintech companies rise, writes Rick Kapur, General Manager, Enterprise and Partner Group, Microsoft Asia Pacific. Read more »



AUSTRALIA: How privacy compliance can help optimize retail sales this Christmas

Critical for any retailer’s success this festive season will be collecting, analyzing, and using data about their customers and, perhaps more importantly, maximizing the often-disparate data they already have, writes Ben Gilbert, Attorney at Microsoft. Read more »



Female students gathering around a computerAPAC: Microsoft’s pledge on interns, digital skills development and jobs in ASEAN

Microsoft is to provide 15,000 university students with internship opportunities, deliver digital skills training to 2.2 million workers in small-to-medium enterprises, and to hire 8,500 digital workers by 2020 across ASEAN, writes Microsoft Asia Pacific’s Sunny Park Read more »



Microsoft ExecutivesAPAC: Four questions with … Alberto Granados

Alberto leads sales and marketing operations for Asia Pacific and under his regional leadership, Microsoft successfully enabled government institutions and multinational commercial enterprises to innovate rapidly by adopting technologies and solutions in areas such as big data, social, cloud and mobility Read more »



NEW ZEALAND: It’s time to upskill for the AI opportunity

Barrie Sheers, Managing Director at Microsoft New Zealand, says more IT professionals need to gain greater skills in machine learning and other areas of artificial intelligence to make the connection between business needs and new technologies Read more »



NEW ZEALAND: Build an AI practice and they will come

There are a lot of AI solutions, services and components out there, and it’s easy to start small, right now, writes Philip Goldie, Director, Commercial and Partner Business at Microsoft New Zealand Read more »



APAC: AI, Sustainability, and Humanity

Soon Hyung Hwang – Industry Solutions Executive, Public Sector (Southeast Asia New Markets) at Microsoft – explores how questions around technology, sustainability, and humanity are intertwined when it comes to addressing the challenges of economic development Read more »



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