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Our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. And, we strongly believe this aim closely aligns with the ambitions of the nations, businesses, and people of the Asia Pacific. Since starting operations in the region more than 30 years ago, Microsoft now has thousands of employees working with customers, partners, and organizations in 18 countries and territories. Below are the latest thoughts, observations, and viewpoints of our leaders and experts who are dedicated to the future and progress of our part of the world.
headshots of IWD allies Equity, empowerment, and a culture of allyship in Asia Pacific

While the number of women in STEM industries and diversity within organizations have improved in recent years, the pandemic has erased some of that progress and inequalities have been brought into focus. Andrea Della Mattea, President Asia Pacific, Microsoft, shares we can achieve a more inclusive world by investing in sustainable development – whether through skilling, up-skilling, trying new things, or being an ally. Read more »


A river running through a forrestAsia’s shifting environmental sustainability landscape

Asia is a major contributor to global carbon emissions and is highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. No single organization can tackle this climate challenge alone. Marcus Bartley Johns, Asia Regional Director, Government Affairs and Public Policy at Microsoft, shares how we can work together to achieve collective environmental sustainability goals.

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Father and daughter repairing a motorcycle engine together; daughter is using a laptopHow skilling is fueling Japan’s digital transformation

As Japan goes through a massive digital transformation, companies recognise that there is an opportunity to address the digital skills shortage. Microsoft Asia President Ahmed Mazhari reveals how Microsoft has launched a new, targeted skilling partnership to help ensure a successful and sustainable digital future.

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A boy in a wheelchair in a storeHow digital natives are helping fuel Asia’s rise as the world’s innovation engine

Across Asia, new homegrown innovators bring their creativity, originality, and digital knowledge to market, helping to transform the region into a disruptive force on the world stage. To understand the startups and born-in-the-cloud businesses leading this new wave, Microsoft Asia President Ahmed Mazhari speaks with Teddy Oetomo, President of Bukalapak.

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woman looking upTech transformation, flexible work and environmental progress: three reasons to be optimistic about 2022

The events of 2021 set the stage for a transformational year ahead, one where technology will play a leading role as we recover from the pandemic and realign our priorities to empower innovation and a more sustainable future for Asia. Microsoft Asia President Ahmed Mazhari shares three key trends expected to shape the year ahead.

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hybrid work Navigating hybrid work together in Asia Pacific

As countries recover and adapt to the new normal, how we work, how we live, how we lead and how we think about the future has dramatically changed. Vivek Ravindran, Director, Modern Workplace Business, Microsoft Asia Pacific, shares how to navigate the future of hybrid work and redefine what truly matters for colleagues, teams and companies in Asia Pacific.

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people in a meetingFrom ‘Made in Asia’ to ‘Born in Asia’ – how Asia’s new tech vanguard will fuel societal progress

Technology has helped to turbo-charge the economic progress of Asia’s growing middle class by powering innovation in different sectors, opening new markets and boosting productivity. Ahmed Mazhari, President, Microsoft Asia, shares how we’re on the cusp of another transformation led by a vanguard of Asian born-in-the-cloud startups and businesses.

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TaiwanUnlocking the potential of data collaboration: Six learnings from data sharing initiatives in Asia

Microsoft launched open data efforts to maximize the positive impacts of data to unlock the power of digital transformation and create an inclusive recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Mike Yeh, Regional Vice President and Director of Corporate, External and Legal Affairs, Microsoft Asia, shares how such efforts have been implemented in Taiwan, Singapore and Indonesia.

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Unlocking citizen-centric smart cities in Asia

The Asia-Pacific region is set to account for 40% of the global smart city spending, or $800 billion by 2025 and 80% of all economic activities is expected to shift to cities in the years to come. Rapid urbanization, demographic shifts, climate change and advancements in technology have all been drivers for disruption for a need for smarter cities, writes Manish Prakash, Regional Business Lead, Worldwide Government, Microsoft Asia

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women joggingSilver linings: How data and AI are helping healthcare organizations support our aging populations

With Asia’s ‘silver generation’ now amounting close to 1.3 billion people and the advances in medical science and technology pushing the life expectancies to beyond 90 years, there is growing pressure put on the already under-resourced healthcare sector, writes Dr. Keren Priyadarshini, Regional Business Lead, Worldwide Health, Microsoft Asia.

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InclusionLet’s get personal: Four lessons I’ve learnt about putting diversity and inclusion into practice

Understanding each others’ lived experiences acts as an important catalyst for building allyship and creating an inclusive workplace culture. That’s why Microsoft Australia created the Voice+ platform for employees to share their stories. Pip Arthur, Chair of Microsoft Australia’s Diversity and Inclusion Council, shares what she has learned from the platform about inclusion and the importance of uncomfortable conversations.

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As the pandemic drags on, perceptions of online civility worsen in the Asia-Pacific region

As we all continue to navigate the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Microsoft have taken stock of the impact on our lives online. And, unsurprisingly, the pandemic has also taken a toll on digital civility, writes Liz Thomas, Regional Digital Safety Lead, Asia-Pacific.

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A woman wearing a mask uses her handheld deviceWhy data is key to solving Asia’s most pressing problems

Data is indispensable to the world’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions. Automakers are using it to make automated driving safer. Financial regulators use it to identify corrupt transactions. Doctors use it to diagnose diseases and treat cancer better, writes Mike Yeh, Associate General Counsel, Microsoft Asia

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How shifting consumer habits are revealing the future for retail

Retail has changed forever. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdowns and restrictions, consumer habits are no longer the same as they were before, writes Raj Raguneethan, Regional Business Lead, Retail & Consumer Goods, Microsoft Asia

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Digital Safety Essentials: Building blocks for a safer internet

As the pandemic drags on, we need as much “digital good” as we can get, to ensure our online interactions are constructive, kind, and respectful. We also need to keep building our digital skills and literacy, while watching out for cyberthreats, writes Liz Thomas, Microsoft Regional Digital Safety Lead, Asia-Pacific

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What’s Next For Asia Pacific: Digital, Resilience, Cloud and Innovation

We’ve seen how the pandemic has been a catalyst that has challenged our existing views and spurred forth new perspectives, pushed the boundaries of technology and innovation across our cultural, social, economic, and technical worlds out of necessity, writes Sherie Ng, General Manager, Public Sector, Microsoft Asia Pacific 

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Why everyone in the Financial Services Industry should be a change agent

As FSI leaders embrace digital adoption, innovative customer solutions, and more efficient big-data utilization through AI, I am confident the industry will grow from strength to strength, writes Connie Leung, Regional Business Lead, (Worldwide) Financial Services, Microsoft Asia

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Healthcare: From waiting rooms to holograms

COVID-19 has forced us to social distance and reduce face-to-face contact everywhere, including between doctors and patients. The pandemic has also put great strain on medical systems and resources, writes Dr. Keren Priyadarshini, Regional Business Lead, Worldwide Health, Microsoft Asia

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Asia: Leading the world to shape the future of hybrid work

Building a culture of inclusion, fostering a sense of belonging; embracing diversity, prioritizing clear communication, and to create an environment where employees feel appreciated is important, writes Ahmed Mazhari, President, Microsoft Asia                                                                                    

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Six reasons to accelerate your digital transformation on the cloud

Looking toward the future, we need to invest in  our innovation capabilities by building industry clouds for manufacturing, retail, financial services, non-government organizations and healthcare, writes Alain Crozier, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Chairman and CEO of Greater China Region

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Two woemn and a man look at a smartphone togetherTechnology, recovery, and responsibility

As the world starts to open again, we reflect on technologies that are poised to have significant influence in 2021 and beyond, writes Sriram Rajamani, Managing Director, Microsoft Research India

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Re-envisioning connections: A better way of life and work

COVID-19 showed us that business resilience requires an ongoing effort and commitment to building greater tech intensity, writes Ricky Kapur, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Operations, Microsoft Asia Pacific

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How to engineer resilience in a post-pandemic world

It is necessary to reframe how we view successful, resilient organizations, and the infrastructure, relationships, and processes that make them tick, writes Ahmed Mazhari, President, Microsoft Asia.

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Re-imagining manufacturing: Putting digital technology at the center of a post-pandemic new normal

A willingness to adopt new digital technologies could determine whether an enterprise survives and thrives or struggles and fails in the months and years ahead, writes Saj Kumar, Regional Business, Leader, Manufacturing, Microsoft Asia

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DiversityChallenge each other to be better allies in creating a truly diverse workplace

Diversity and inclusion are important for every organization and this is especially crucial for technology companies, writes Cally Chan, General Manager of Microsoft Hong Kong and Macau.

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Safer Internet Day 1Closing the Digital Civility Divide

Microsoft’s latest Digital Civility Index finds some of the best and the worst experiences online across Asia-Pacific and shows how more can be done to make the internet safer, writes Liz Thomas, Regional Digital Safety Lead, Asia-Pacific.

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Independent software vendors of all sizes are digital first responders for Asia Pacific

Many ISVs across our region have created unique, crucial, and necessary digital solutions as countries and organizations grapple with the pandemic, writes Pratima Amonkar, APAC head, Cloud Solution Partners at Microsoft.

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sHow tech intensity is empowering Indonesia for the New Normal

Forward-looking organizations are using this time of COVID as an opportunity to reassess workflows and invest in new efficiencies, writes Haris Izmee, President Director Microsoft Indonesia.

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Looking beyond COVID-19: the importance of Public-Private Partnerships

Malaysia is seeing an unprecedented wave of rapid digital transformation as government agencies embrace new solutions in response to the pandemic crisis, writes K. Raman, Managing Director, Microsoft Malaysia.

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dDrones, data science and innovation at the Microsoft Azure Virtual Hackathon in Asia Pacific

Magic happens when people with diverse experiences, backgrounds, and tech abilities get together and come up with bold solutions to big challenges, writes Ricky Kapur, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Operations, Microsoft Asia Pacific.

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Disrupting and defending against COVID-19 themed cybercrime

COVID-19 is changing the nature and business of retailing on many levels, and those who play in this space must adapt. Raj Raguneethan, Regional Business Lead, Retail and Consumer Goods, Microsoft Asia shares how organizations can better manage current challenges and work toward eventual recovery.

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cityRe-imagining retail: Microsoft customers embrace technology for post-COVID recovery and resilience

As COVID-19 themed cyberattacks peak, more needs to be done to safeguard ourselves and the nation. Mary Jo Schrade, Assistant General Counsel, Regional Lead, Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit Asia shares how every person can safeguard themselves from these attacks. 

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Vincent shihA safer cyberspace for our next generation

Father of three, Vincent Shih who is also Microsoft Taiwan’s Assistant General Counsel, ponders the future and asks: Will the digital and physical worlds be safe and secure for the next generation?

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Developers and innovation for good

As the world’s population grows, the ability to meet food demand becomes a big problem. Developers and entrepreneurs are now on a quest to solve some of these problems in the agribusiness, writes Annie Mathew, Director, APAC Developer Lead  

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Balancing remote working needs with security

It is inspirational to see so many of us being productive and connected during the COVID crisis. But let’s remember to keep ourselves safe and secure as we work remotely from home, writes Mary Jo Schrade, Assistant General Counsel, Regional Lead, Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit Asia.

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Activating allyship for greater inclusion in the workplace

Diversity lets us pick up ideas from others and learning about each other’s differences builds strong and connected teams. Our differences are our strengths, writes Kevin Woo, Managing Director, Microsoft Singapore.

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SID-5e420357d8e4eBeing safe online is a year-round activity

While it might feel like it is getting harder and harder to stay safe, a few simple steps can help you minimize the risk of cyberattack, writes Antony Cook, Regional Vice President and Chief Legal Counsel, Microsoft Asia.

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APAC: Diversity – our best defense against cybersecurity threats

The world is facing a major shortage of cybersecurity professionals. One of the fastest ways to close this gap is to increase diversity in the sector, writes Diana Kelley, Cybersecurity Field Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft.

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Co-creating with developers, partners, customers and employees for an inclusive world, with artificial intelligenceAPAC: Creating inclusiveness at our first AI for Accessibility Hackathon in Asia Pacific

Pratima Amonkar, Accessibility Lead, Microsoft Diversity & Inclusion, Microsoft APAC, shares how Microsoft is addressing the need for assistive technology – by organizing its first-ever AI for Accessibility hackathon in Asia Pacific with the Philanthropies team, bringing together over 400 participants in eight countries to conceptualize and prototype AI solutions that can transform the daily lives of people with disabilities.

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APAC: The State of Cybersecurity in 2020: Five Key Trends

As technology and the Internet have evolved dramatically over the past decade, so too has both the occurrence and potential impact of cyberthreats. The number of data breaches has almost doubled in 2018, and the average cost of a data breach to a company totals to $4 million. Cybersecurity is no longer an option. It’s an operational imperative. Diana Kelley, Cybersecurity Field CTO, Microsoft, gives her insights into the current state of cybersecurity.

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xAPAC: 5 strategies to gain consumer trust in the digital era

Interactions and transactions today are becoming digital, however, in the consumers’ eyes, many organizations in the Asia Pacific still have room for growth when it comes to consumer trust in digital service offerings. Keshav Dhakad, Director & Assistant General Counsel – Corporate, External & Legal Affairs at Microsoft India shares 5 pointers on how to build consumer trust in the Asia Pacific.

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NEW ZEALAND: Why we’ll all be gamers in the future

Game-based learning is recognized globally as a valuable educational tool that can help fill skills gaps in construction, technology, hospitality, and more, writes Barrie Sheers, Managing Director at Microsoft New Zealand.

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APAC: Four questions with … Mike Chan

Mike Chan leads Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise efforts in Asia Pacific, where he helps companies and industries with their digital transformation journeys.

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Andrea Della Mattea at DigiGirlz in ColomboAPAC: Learn, Include, Empower, Grow: How change and transformation is our new reality

Preparing for growth and change comes in a myriad of ways – unlearning our old mindsets, listening to fresh perspectives, and thinking outside the proverbial box, writes Andrea Della Mattea, President, Microsoft Asia Pacific.

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APAC: AI and citizen scientists powering the clean-up of Asia Pacific’s beaches

Mike Chan, General Manager, Cloud and Enterprise, Microsoft Asia Pacific, looks at the potential impact of a new database to help coastal communities keep their waters healthy across our region.

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ASIA: Low consumer trust: Should we be ok with it?

Consumers are increasingly asking whether they can trust the technology companies that design, develop, and deploy digital services, writes Anthony Cook, Associate General Counsel, Corporate External and Legal Affairs, Microsoft Asia.

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ASIA: Is trust a depleting commodity today

“Trust” has become a commodity in short supply in an era marred by “fake news,” election meddling, and cyberattacks, writes Antony Cook, Associate General Counsel, Corporate External and Legal Affairs, Microsoft Asia.

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SINGAPORE: Building a safer and better internet starts with us

Richard Koh, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Singapore, calls for more civil and kinder online behavior so we can build a better and safer internet for everyone.

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AUSTRALIA: People, technology and trust complete the transformation equation

Steven Worrall, Managing Director at Microsoft Australia, says putting people first and technology second creates the foundation for ongoing innovation and transformation in business.

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AUSTRALIA: New cyber security service helps protect Australian democracy

Politicians, candidates, parties, and other organizations can now add a new critical layer of cyber protection for their online activities with Microsoft AccountGuard , explains Tom Daemen, Director Corporate, External and Legal Affairs at Microsoft Australia and New Zealand.

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INDIA: Project Sangam – Enabling skilling at scale for a better tomorrow

Global governments are facing shortages in skilled resources and levels of unemployment. And, people need to be skilled so they can become more marketable and employable, writes Anil Bhansali, Corporate Vice President, Cloud & AI, Microsoft India (R&D).

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International Women's Day in Hong KongHONG KONG: Create a technology future for women today and every day

The new generation of young women entering the workforce through to girls still at school need strong role models in STEM, writes Cally Chan, General Manager of Microsoft Hong Kong and Macau.

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INDIA: Gender parity at work – Accelerate evolution and ignite revolution

Irrespective of which role we play in the organization, there is an urgent need for each of us to understand the impact of gender diversity at the workplace, writes Anant Maheshwari, President, Microsoft India.

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INDIA: You are here. This is the Age of Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is not just a product or a set of technologies. It means empowerment for every developer to innovate, every organization to redefine industries, and every individual to transform society, writes Anant Maheshwari, President, Microsoft India.



HealthcareASIA: Cybersecurity needs to be at the heart of healthcare sector’s transformation

A patient’s safety and well-being is invariably tied to a healthcare organization’s ability to safeguard patient’s private and personal data, writes Keren Priyadarshini, Regional Business Lead, Worldwide Health, Microsoft Asia.

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Red Chinese lanternsAPAC: Driving better road safety with technology and artificial intelligence

During this Lunar New Year holiday season,  Alberto Granados – Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Operations at Microsoft Asia Pacific – looks at how can AI and other new technologies can help make our roads safer.

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