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What’s big in edtech in Asia?

Access to learning varies across different regions in Asia. So, education institutions and governments are turning to technology to help bridge that gap. Here’s a look at some of the emerging trends … Read more »

Intelligent technology tools: AI is helping with that

We showcase exciting new AI-driven advances in intelligent search that give people richer, more useful information. They include visual search, which uses computer vision and object recognition advances to help people more easily track down information about something shown in a picture, and machine reading comprehension, which uses deep learning to … Read more »

AI for Earth can be a game-changer for our planet

On the two-year anniversary of the Paris climate accord, the world’s government, civic and business leaders are coming together in Paris to discuss one of the most important issues and opportunities of our time, climate change. I’m excited to lead the Microsoft delegation at these meetings. While the experts’ warnings … Read more »

Future-ready skills: Driving education transformation

If you are a parent, you might well feel uneasy about your children’s working future. As we move into a new digital age, many jobs that exist now might not be around in the coming years when they graduate. But then again, a whole host of new occupations are likely … Read more »