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Personalizing education with technology

While personalized learning may have only gotten its official name in 1970, its history goes back much further. The concept is based on ideas that have existed for nearly a whole century, with the Winnetka Plan and Dalton Plan introducing tailored strategies for individual learners. Despite its long history and … Read more »

Hot properties – beating the competition in sales with AI

The Hong Kong real estate market is one of the most competitive in the world. Agencies compete to sell the hottest properties in the shortest time possible. Ricacorp Properties Limited foresees earnings to rise by 30-40 percent and profits to increase by 40-50 percent through using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to … Read more »

Microsoft’s education work & good citizenship highlighted on global CSR list

Microsoft has been recognized for having one of the world’s best reputations among consumers for corporate social responsibility (CSR), Forbes’ magazine has reported. Microsoft claimed second place on 2017 global list put together by Reputation Institute (RI), a Boston-based consultancy, which analyzed 170,000 company ratings cross 15 countries, the magazine … Read more »