Microsoft Sri Lanka brings AI-powered productivity to Brandix with Copilot for Microsoft 365

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Ashroff Omar, group CEO of Brandix Apparel Private Limited and Harsha Randeny, Microsoft country manager for Sri Lanka and Maldives shaking hands along with representatives from both companies.

Colombo, Sri Lanka – November 23, 2023: One of Sri Lanka’s premier apparel solutions provider, Brandix Apparel Private Limited, has taken the pioneering step to adopt Copilot for Microsoft 365, a powerful generative AI service that combines the power of large language models (LLMs) with organizational data from Microsoft 365. By integrating generative AI capabilities, Brandix aims to optimize operational excellence, revolutionize its workflows, alleviate the burden of email tracking, and amplify efficiency without compromising the well-being of its workforce.

Microsoft’s recent launch of Copilot for Microsoft 365, an AI-powered companion that seamlessly integrates AI capabilities into a unified experience, marks a breakthrough in human-technology interaction where privacy and security remain at the forefront. By being among the first organizations in Sri Lanka to participate in the Early Access Program, Brandix looks forward to Copilot transforming the way their workforce seamlessly works and collaborates with AI.

Speaking on the adoption group CEO of Brandix Apparel Private Limited, Ashroff Omar stated, “Microsoft’s Copilot has revolutionized how Brandix works—transforming data into decisions, ideas into innovation, and challenges into opportunities. Copilot is not just a tool; it’s our future made more exciting! The key to harnessing the full potential of Copilot lies in our ability to intelligently leverage this AI tool, ensuring it aligns with our goals and enhances our decision-making processes.”

Brandix shared that it has been truly remarkable to witness the enthusiasm with which the teams have embraced Copilot. The excitement and readiness displayed have been unprecedented. In an industry where fast responses are crucial to prioritize customer excellence within the operational pillars, Copilot offers the potential for increased responsiveness. At Brandix, where the ethos is to inspire their workforce, even in the early stages of implementation, Copilot has empowered employees in day-to-day operations freeing up time that can now be leveraged to focus on creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

As the use of generative AI at work spreads, the real opportunity is to not only transform personal productivity but uplift the capability of the entire organization. Copilot would set a new baseline, one that encourages employees to think like a manager, as tapping into Copilot’s full potential requires the ability to delegate, exercise good judgement, and apply subject matter expertise. Thus, with Copilot, employees will be able to manage their new assistant and know when to delegate a task to AI and when to apply their own unique human intelligence.

Harsha Randeny, country manager for Microsoft Sri Lanka and Maldives, commented, “We are pleased to see Brandix embark on their transformative AI journey through the strategic implementation of Copilot. The move aligns with the broader digital transformation journey the country is undertaking, making it a commendable first step by one of Sri Lanka’s leading apparel organizations. Brandix’s adoption of Copilot marks a leap towards operational excellence and innovation in the apparel industry, paving the way for new standards of excellence. With Copilot, Microsoft looks forward to reconnecting our customers with the purpose and meaning of their work in a secure, compliant, and privacy-preserving way.”

As Brandix advances on its journey with Copilot, the collaboration between humans and AI emerges as a catalyst for creativity, efficiency, and a renewed sense of purpose. This embodies the spirit of progress in the continually evolving landscape of the apparel industry.

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