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Microsoft HoloLens now available in Singapore

Microsoft announced today that Microsoft HoloLens, the first fully self-contained holographic computer running Windows 10, will be available in Singapore starting 12 April 2018. With this expansion, HoloLens is now available in 41 countries. “At Microsoft, we are on a mission to empower every person and organisation on the planet … Read more »

A new IP strategy for a new era of shared innovation

Every company today is becoming in part a software company – we see this every day at Microsoft. Whether it’s auto manufacturers, retailers, health care providers or financial services firms, our customers are not only transforming their own business operations with our software but collaborating with our consultants and engineers … Read more »

Breaking botnets and wrestling ransomware

As security incidents and events keep making headlines, Microsoft is committed to helping our customers and the rest of the security community to make sense of the risks and offer recommendations that matter. One way we do so is through the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, a bi-annual publication that Microsoft … Read more »

Safeguarding organisations in a digital world

In recent years, an increasing number of high-profile data breaches have been grabbing international headlines. The largest data breach of personal information to date happened just one year ago, when hackers stole the data of over 148 million Americans from credit agency Equifax. Closer to home, Uber came under fire … Read more »

Getting ready for AI, and the future of jobs and work

This article was first published in The Business Times on 26 March 2018. Worldwide revenue from AI will surge past US$46 billion in 2020, according to research firm IDC. In Asia-Pacific, this is projected to rise to US$6.8 billion by 2021. Though researchers have been working on AI decades, development has accelerated … Read more »

Artificial Intelligence: Our future computed

By Richard Koh, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Singapore This article was first published in The Business Times on 26 March 2018. Today, our morning routines will probably see us checking our smartphones for updates on the latest news headlines and updates of our friends’ social lives. You read the work emails arrived … Read more »

AdvanIDe: Building a modern workplace with Microsoft 365

In this day and age, data privacy and security has become more important than ever before. Widespread cyberattacks, along with commercial data breaches becoming more prevalent, has underscored the need for more robust security measures and enhanced privacy controls to be put in place, to minimise the risk of valuable … Read more »