Dr Jasmine Begum discusses future proofing Malaysian youth in the digital age

 |   Dashika Gnaneswaran, Communications Lead, Microsoft Malaysia


Recently, Dr Jasmine Begum and other industry leaders met with Editor & Producer of Awani Agenda, Dzulfitri Yusop to record a panel discussion on the need to future proof Malaysian youth for the digital age and the role various stakeholders can play in prepping our students for the digital world. The 25-minute interview was aired at 9pm to close to five million viewers in Malaysia.

The interview took place at Astro Awani’s studio for their premier show – ‘Agenda AWANI’,  their signature prime time news programme which discusses the latest and most relevant issues of the day. This bulletin aims to put the top news stories under a microscope, giving viewers a complete view.

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The panel discussion consisted of the below members :

  1. Dr. Jasmine Begum- Director of Legal,Corporate & Government Affairs for Microsoft Malaysia
  2. Sumitra Nair- Vice president for Talent & Digital Entrepreneurship, MDEC
  3. Prof. Dr. Ir. Vinesh Thiruchelvam Dean of the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Technology from Asia Pacific University
  4. Ustaz Muhammad Nizam Abd Samad- Teacher and Senior Co Curriculum Assistant from Sekolah Kebangsaan Parit 6SK in Sungai Besar Selangor

The panel discussion was for close to 25 minutes and focused on the role of various stakeholders in elevating and transforming our education system, for the sake of the future of our next generation in the age of Fourth Industrial Revolution.  The interview primarily aimed at positioning Microsoft as a responsible and conscious technology leader and a partner in the upskilling the Malaysian youth.

Key soundbites from Jasmine’s interview include –

  • The impact of technology on modern lifestyle
    • “Generation Z or the upcoming Alpha generation will only know the connected world. Therefore, education needs to cover the overall different aspects in life and cannot only be technology or device oriented.”
    • “We should not rely solely on the use of digital devices. We need to focus on our lifestyle as a whole.”
  • Role of policymakers in the future of education
    • “There are three mediums that play an important part in the future of education and one of them would be our country’s policy makers. Our policy makers require a huge paradigm shift.”
    • “We have seen a lot of changes since 25 years ago, with the existence of MDEC now being one of them.”
    • “Education can’t just rely on the government or schools per se. It has to begin from home.”
  • The need to pay attention to moral values
    • “The phrase “being brought up by devices” means using devices to distract our kids. From this phrase, we must note that it is also important to teach them values or moral values which cannot be taught using devices.”
    • “The Fourth Industrial Revolution gives us a chance to make a shift on how we can learn and educate the students and it also gives us the opportunity for us to teach them on how to be future inventors.”
  • The future of Malaysia
    • “Malaysia has the opportunity to be the silicon valley of the East”.
    • “We have policies that are quite advanced and we also have imaginative students and workforce that are willing to learn.”


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