Sheikh Manzoor

Profile Picture of Sheikh Manzoor, Public Sector Lead, Microsoft Malaysia, in suit

General Manager, Public Sector Group
Microsoft Malaysia


Sheikh Manzoor is the General Manager of Public Sector Group at Microsoft Malaysia. He is responsible for the empowerment of the public sector (including GLCs) by innovating and accelerating digital transformation. Sheikh is in charge of leading a talented team of digital enablers tasked with delivering long term relationships and value whilst building on the digital transformation momentum for Microsoft’s customers and partners.

A graduate of Business Studies and Finance of Northumbria University from Newcastle (England), Sheikh Manzoor has amassed over 28 years of experience in the industry, helming several leadership positions such as the Executive Director for Business Operations at SAS Malaysia and Country Manager for IBM-Cognos.

Part of Sheikh Manzoor’s portfolio involves working with commercial organizations, GLCs and public service agencies, where he plays the role of an advocate for digital transformation through innovative usage of business analytics, AI and machine learning. His role in Microsoft leverages on this experience to help empower organizations in the public sector with new technologies to improve their performance.

In addition to being an experienced business leader, Sheikh Manzoor is a technology enthusiast with interests in the field of information technology, data analytics and AI. He enjoys engaging with customers to talk about the benefits of new technologies and how it can help provide solutions to some of the challenges faced by business, exploring a world of possible solutions and identifying opportunities to turn those possibilities into reality.

Outside of work, Sheikh Manzoor enjoys spending quality time with his family and participating in outdoor activities such as golfing, swimming, jungle trekking and fishing. He also regularly participates in charitable events.



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