Providing the tools Spark staff need to collaborate from anywhere

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Long a leader in telecommunications and technology solutions, Spark is recognised across New Zealand for its nimble, cutting-edge operations, which are underpinned by its special modern workplace philosophy. This is about bringing people, processes, connectivity, and technology together to find the most appropriate and effective way of working.

As Francis File, Spark’s Agile Chapter Lead – Collaboration, explains, Microsoft Teams is core to enabling this. By providing the flexibility Spark’s employees need to work at their own pace, from anywhere, Teams helps the business’s workers across the country enjoy a better work/life balance while delivering better outcomes for customers faster than ever before.

“Here at Spark, we work in an Agile fashion. Having access to virtual tools where you can find the content you need and collaborate with others, makes it really easy to complete the work you need to do within a sprint. Sitting on the bus, at home, or sitting in the office, the experience you have with Microsoft Teams is the same,” File says.

As New Zealand went into nationwide lockdown, Spark found that being prepared so staff could work remotely with Teams improved business continuity, boosted efficiencies and created more diversity of thinking, giving people the chance to work together even though they were stuck at home.

Spark is also finding Teams useful for creating an instant record of conversations to cut out the admin of capturing and manually keying meeting notes into Spark’s systems, whole teams can collaborate on the same document at the same time using the Whiteboard feature and now Spark can also do remote demonstrations for customers in locations it wouldn’t have been practical to visit in person.

Feedback from Spark staff is it’s not just easier – it’s a better way of working. Watch the video to learn more.


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