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A group of medical professionals consult data from a tablet during surgery.

The Industry Playbook

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Staying one step ahead – how FSI companies can manage risk in a less predictable world

Over the past couple of years, the world has undergone a series of unpredictable events that have had a dramatic impact on the risks defining the business world, creating the need for much quicker and more efficient risk analysis.

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Future of finance – the opportunity in new ecosystems of services

The Financial Services Industry (FSI) has reached an inflection point. New competitors are constantly appearing in the market, bringing innovative new solutions to entice increasingly demanding customers.

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A team of healthcare specialists analyze data from different digital screens

Healthcare companies now depend on their data proficiency to save lives – here’s why

When we think of pioneering solutions with the potential to save lives, resource optimization and capacity building may not be the first areas of healthcare that come to mind.

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A young doctor delivers a consult using her mobile phone

Future of Healthcare – Companies must do more than yesterday or risk being left behind

Cloud technology is transforming healthcare delivery in the Middle East and Africa. Forward-looking companies are drawing on the power of the cloud to enhance and optimize clinical, operational, and administrative efficiencies.

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Two store attendants analyze data from digital screens

From e-commerce to omnichannel, consumers drive retail’s digital transformation in MEA

The pandemic left little room for error when it came to adapting to the new normal. For retail this meant e-commerce experienced a renaissance.

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A man shops from home using his mobile phone

Future of Retail – Customers drive e-commerce’s contactless experience

With the help of cloud technology, retailers in the Middle East and Africa are differentiating themselves in a highly competitive environment.

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Public sector employees sitting in a meeting room.

It’s time to digitally transform existing cities into smart ones

Smart cities have garnered a lot of attention in recent years. Pitched as paradigms of what future cities should be, smart cities are intelligent ecosystems that are enabling the efficient, convenient, and sustainable distribution of and access to services for citizens and civil servant employees.

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 A female traveller at an airport shows her electronic boarding pass to an airline worker at a boarding gate.

Tech solutions help airlines reset and rebuild for a new and improved travel industry

Airlines are rethinking their business models after the fallout from COVID-19. It has tested the grit of many businesses and those that were able to pivot during the tough days of lockdown are proving to be resilient and innovative in their recovery.

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phone in hand that wears gloves scanning

Future of Travel – Tech solutions are driving seamless and personalized travel experiences

Digital solutions are unlocking the potential for greater business value for organizations in the travel industry to improve customer service, explore new income streams and create personalized travel experiences from booking to arrival.

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