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Takeshi Numoto

Takeshi Numoto

Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

As executive vice president and chief marketing officer, Takeshi Numoto is responsible for leading worldwide marketing, inclusive of product marketing, brand, advertising, market research, events and communications for all of Microsoft’s products and services.

Numoto’s tenure at Microsoft has been marked by his instrumental role in the creation of new business models. His innovative strategies have modernized the company’s marketing and commerce capabilities, establishing a connected ecosystem of sales and marketing that harnesses data to optimize customer journeys.

In his previous roles, Numoto supported the growth of the company’s commercial product portfolio and its business transformation towards the cloud.

Prior to joining Microsoft in 1997, Numoto served in the Japanese government’s Ministry of International Trade and Industry.

Numoto holds a bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Tokyo and an MBA from Stanford University. He can be followed on LinkedIn.


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