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The changing world of work

What we’re seeing is that the world of work is undergoing a structural shift. How do we lead in this world? How do we create value? How do we organize ourselves to be able to generate value collectively?

Jennifer Magnolfi Astill, founder, Programmable Habitats


The exponential growth of digital connectivity, devices and information is driving profound changes in the way we work across the globe. In order to survive in this new world, companies need to rethink everything from culture to tools and environments.

New companies are creating value faster than at any point in human history. Yet many of us still work in ways that haven’t kept up with this rapid pace of change, in organizations that still operate according to early 20th century assembly line models of repetition, scale and efficiency. In that world, many people feel that clearing out their inbox translates to a productive day at work.

We have moved from a world where information was scarce, to one of information abundance. While at times the constant communication and flood of data around us can feel overwhelming, there are also immense creative possibilities for growth and positive change due to this flow of information.

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Text by Suzanne Choney. Videos by Microsoft and Pop Tech.