“Start-up” Technology is already within reach

 |   Microsoft Indonesia

Many people watched the Korean drama “Start-up”, following the adventures of Seo Dal-Mi, Nam Do-San and Han Ji-Pyeong trying to start up a new technology company in the highly competitive South Korean market. The technology used by the developers at Samsan Tech is quite sophisticated, namely artificial intelligence (AI), and computer vision.

Computer vision is a software system designed to see the world visually, through cameras, images, and videos, which are then processed by computers towards making decisions. This system can be used for autonomous driving vehicles or checking signatures on financial documents.

If in the past you needed advanced degrees to understand how to use artificial intelligence, thanks to cloud technologies such as Azure Cognitive Services and online education like Microsoft Learn, this technology is now very accessible. We can learn and create our own start-up or solution with the latest information and technology protocols.

We can study computer vision using a combination of specialized machine learning models and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solutions – including cognitive services in Microsoft Azure – here.

To implement computer vision, we have to use and understand processes to detect objects, categorize images, extract insights with video indexing services, and implement custom vision solutions. You can find more information about this here.

And for those in Indonesia, there is also a free #BelajarMSCloud program at https://belajarmscloud.com/

Make no mistake, artificial intelligence is being used everywhere every day, and it is ever so accessible.

Are you ready to make your own start-up?