PT PII Collaborates with Microsoft for Digital Transformation, Supporting the Acceleration of Infrastructure Development in Indonesia

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Jakarta, 3 August 2022 – In the midst of Indonesia’s infrastructure development acceleration, which is among the keys to the post-pandemic economic recovery, PT Penjaminan Infrastruktur Indonesia (Persero) / PII continues to transform. The organization is carrying out the State’s mandate, which is to manage the risks of financing guarantee through the Government and Business Entity Cooperation scheme, in a safe and modern way. In this transformation, PII partners with Microsoft to provide and support the migration process through some productivity and collaboration, data analytics, as well as cybersecurity solutions.

PII President Director Muhammad Wahid Sutopo said that PII is currently providing a guarantee for 42 projects with an investment value of more than IDR 470 trillion. “Recognizing the nature of high contact in the business, where we have to maintain relationships with various stakeholders that serve as decision makers, communication is absolutely necessary. The pandemic has made us realize that today’s digital communication is more effective in supporting operational activities in carrying out the mandate assigned to us, compared to conventional communication. Therefore, we immediately accelerate our digital transformation,” said Sutopo.

Cloud Helps the Company to Manage Risk

Understanding these needs, PII began to leverage the Microsoft 365 ecosystem in 2021 with Microsoft Teams as its main hub for chatting and conferencing, writing meeting notes, getting meeting recordings, implementing collaborative work in the same document, managing storage data, distributing tasks, and scheduling—all on one platform. To speed up business processes, PII is also transitioning to digitally automating approval and signing of documents using PowerAutomate within Microsoft Teams.

Flexibility, multifunctional capabilities in one place, user-friendliness, and security protocols on the platform are the advantages that PII needs. End-user device management becomes easier and safer, ensuring that the company is ready to implement the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. This capability also allows all PII employees to work from anywhere while mitigating the risk of sensitive data leakage and preventing attacks on company information systems.

Sutopo added that although it has not been a year, PII has seen the benefits of this digitalization effort, especially in terms of document storage which was originally saved in different storage with many versions. Now, each employee only needs one link to access the same document. Sutopo recalls his experience on one occasion where he had left a comment in a document before his flight and he could immediately see the results of the revision through the same link when he landed. The latest data can be used whenever needed. “In my opinion, this digitalization makes our collaborative work more effective and organized. We are now exploring the potential for implementing hybrid work, combining face-to-face and digital work depending on employee preferences. With a strong foundation through the collaborative systems and tools that we now have, it will make the plan easier in the future,” added Sutopo.

PII’s innovation does not end there. As the company focuses on risk management, data is a valuable asset that helps them understand and provide risk assurance effectively. Therefore, PII is starting to leverage PowerBI technology—an interactive data processing and visualization from Microsoft—to turn data from past projects into useful insights for managing future risks. This real-time data analysis capability also allows PII to get access to accurate figures when needed.

Driving Productivity at Work Digitally

The transformation carried out brought satisfactory results. Through an ongoing employee satisfaction survey, 92% of respondents are satisfied with the migration and feel that using Microsoft 365 helps increase their productivity.

PII IT team also saw a decline in requests for IT support from employees. During the migration period, there was a decrease of more than 90% of tickets submitted for email-related problems. In addition, requests for cleaning mailboxes due to full personal storage capacity have been reduced by 100% as employees utilize Microsoft’s cloud that provides email storage capacity of up to 50 GB per person and document storage of up to 1 TB per person. It is apparent that employees are becoming more independent in solving their IT problems, allowing the IT team to focus on things with higher priority, such as cybersecurity.

Familiarity: Key to Quick and Targeted Digital Transformation

Familiarity is an important aspect of consideration for PII to be able to implement change management quickly and seamlessly. This is because the transformation mechanism and digital platforms familiar to employees will require a lower learning curve and take less time to adapt. It can minimize uncertainty from such change efforts with potentially higher acceptance rates, thus enabling greater digital transformation success.

According to PII Finance Director Donny Hamdani, most of PII’s employees are financial experts with no specialization in information technology. However, since this digitalization was carried out, PII has been seeing employees starting to find out and innovate using all available Microsoft 365 licenses to find new ways to make their work easier. “We are proud to see a growth mindset like this, and digitalization with Microsoft makes it easier and faster to do that. We also want to quickly explore other ways to use Microsoft technology, such as through the development of an integrated P2P (procurement-to-payment) system and the completion of database management for data analysis needed for future projects so that PII can make decisions more quickly and accurately,” said Donny.

Moving forward, PII hopes to continue to explore the use of more integrated technologies that can improve the company’s work efficiency. One of them is the development of Dynamics 365 ERP solution that is currently being developed to support a more efficient procurement and financial process. PII also continues to develop data analytics capabilities to assist continuous monitoring processes that are able to mitigate the impact of financial risks, increase guarantee capacity, and contribute to infrastructure development in Indonesia.