Microsoft Indonesia and Pos Indonesia to Realize the Potential of Indonesia’s Digital Economy through the SATU Karya Initiative

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Jakarta, 10 November 2022 – Microsoft Indonesia and Pos Indonesia today officially strengthened their partnership to create a digital imperative for Indonesia. The partnership focuses on exploring the use of Microsoft cloud computing technology to support Pos Indonesia’s digital transformation and innovation–particularly in the logistics sector–through Pos Indonesia’s internal transformation, integration of affordable logistics systems, online learning methods at the International Logistics and Business University (ULBI), as well as improving the digital skills of 14,862 employees and 8,817 O-rangers/partnerships spread across various provinces in Indonesia. 

“In its 276th year, Pos Indonesia shows resilience and adaptability across time. They are living proof that digital imperatives are needed and can be carried out by every individual and organization. Through this partnership, we hope to further accelerate Pos Indonesia’s digital transformation and innovation, thereby creating a foundation for sustainable and inclusive digital transformation, as well as becoming an example of what development means in the fifth industrial revolution era,” said Microsoft Indonesia President Director Dharma Simorangkir.

This partnership is part of ‘SATU Karya,’ the latest initiative from Microsoft Indonesia, which facilitates cross-industry collaboration in Indonesia to create an integrated digital ecosystem and realize Indonesia’s digital economy potential. 

Pos Indonesia President Director Faizal Rochmad Djoemadi said, “I warmly welcome the collaboration between Pos Indonesia and Microsoft Indonesia. Pos Indonesia continues to innovate by serving and reaching out to the public, especially in today’s era of digital development. Collaboration with Microsoft Indonesia is an important and strategic momentum for Pos Indonesia to support Indonesia’s digitalization to provide the best service for the community and contribute to the Indonesian economy. 

Supporting the realization of Indonesia’s economic growth potential is a shared responsibility. Therefore, State Owned Enterprise Minister Erick Thohir, who witnessed the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Microsoft Indonesia and Pos Indonesia at the SATU Festival event on Thursday (10/11), greatly appreciated the two companies for realizing this partnership. “Thank you to Microsoft Indonesia and PT Pos Indonesia for building togetherness in securing Indonesia’s economic growth potential, which economically is not an easy feat. That is why there needs to be a partnership between SOEs, the private sector, [and] small-medium enterprises.” 

The Launch of SATU Community and SATU Talenta 

On the same occasion, Microsoft Indonesia also launched two community programs under the umbrella of SATU Karya. The first one is SATU Community, a community for every individual in Indonesia interested in learning or innovating using Microsoft technology. Here, they can ask each other questions and share knowledge and technical skills regarding Microsoft technology, guided by Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and fellow developers in the community. People can join this community via The second program is SATU Talenta, a LinkedIn community where Microsoft-certified Indonesian digital talents can meet industry players and discuss various matters related to the professional field. It includes sharing digital skills that are relevant to industry needs, networking with companies or institutions, and sharing job vacancies. This community is accessible through 

“Through SATU Community and SATU Talenta, we hope to answer the fundamental needs of achieving the digital economy, which is inclusive digital skills that are relevant to the future of work, and connecting job seekers with employers. Apart from these two community programs, we will continue exploring collaborations with other industry players to initiate other SATU Karya programs,” added Dharma. 

The Opening of Post Bloc Jakarta Phase II 

The SATU Festival activity began with the inauguration ceremony for the Pos Bloc Jakarta Phase II opening. Pos Bloc Jakarta is one of the Creative Hubs developed through a collaboration between Pos Properti Indonesia, a subsidiary of Pos Indonesia in charge of managing all assets belonging to Pos Indonesia, with PT Ruang Kreatif Pos as the manager of Pos Bloc, a subsidiary of M Bloc Group (PT Radar Ruang Riang). 

Through this opening, Pos Bloc Jakarta’s building now covers an area of ±6,200 M2, which can accommodate 48 MSME tenants with a capacity of 3,000 to 4,000 visitors per day. 

Faizal added, “Pos Bloc can become a public space that allows more cross-industry and cross-generation collaboration. With the Spirit of Pos Bloc, which includes change and pride, we are optimistic that Pos Indonesia’s transformation, one of which is embodied in the development of Pos Bloc creative hubs in various cities – most recently, we just inaugurated Pos Bloc Medan on October 29, 2022 – will bring Pos Indonesia into a better future. A Pos Indonesia that is closer to the young millennials.”