Telkomsel Unveils Latest Virtual Assistant Veronika for Customer Services, Now Integrating Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service

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A man holding tablet that showcases Telkomsel virtual assistant

This press release was first published by Telkomsel

  • Telkomsel enhances its customer service channel by updating its virtual assistant Veronika, now integrating Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service.
  • The Veronika virtual assistant is developed using a range of programming languages rooted in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning, which enables it to offer more natural and intuitive interactions when assisting customers.
  • The increasingly intelligent Veronika virtual assistant service presents a comprehensive solution for various customer service needs that not only delivers cutting-edge experiences but also exceeds the expectations of all Telkomsel customers.

Jakarta, 26 September 2023 – Demonstrating its unwavering commitment to prioritizing customer-centric values in all aspects of product and service innovation, Telkomsel has enhanced the capabilities of its virtual assistant customer service channel “Veronika” with the integration of Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service. Azure OpenAI Service allows Telkomsel to access ChatGPT and take advantage of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning. Customers can experience this latest upgrade of Veronika by accessing it through the MyTelkomsel app. Veronika’s latest capabilities open up opportunities for a more natural and intuitive interaction process with customers and provide a more comfortable and personalized service experience.

Vice President of Customer Journey and Digital Experience Telkomsel, Danang Andrianto explained, “Since its introduction by Telkomsel in 2017, the Veronika virtual service channel has been dedicated to simplifying customer interactions in providing information and transaction needs related to Telkomsel’s products and services through evolving chatbot-based features, progressively refined by harnessing the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. By leveraging ChatGPT model that is accessed through Azure OpenAI Service, Veronika continues to innovate by integrating the best AI technology to infuse intelligence into its functions, resulting in the delivery of solutions that are progressively more accurate, fostering interaction patterns that feel increasingly natural and expressive. We hope that Veronika’s increasingly intelligent virtual assistant service can be a comprehensive solution for various customer service needs while providing a digital lifestyle experience that exceeds the expectations of all Telkomsel customers.”

Fiki Setiyono, Country Lead – Azure GTM, Microsoft ASEAN said, “Telkomsel’s integration with Azure OpenAI Service brings greater and more contextual responses to customers. It also enables customer care agents to focus more on inquiries that require solution management. This, in the end, will lead to the agents’ greater productivity and customers’ higher satisfaction.”

Veronika now integrates programming languages rooted in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning, enabling it to engage and interact with customers more naturally. The advantages of machine learning technology’s features also empower Veronika to gain a deeper understanding of product and service needs, enabling it to provide solutions tailored to the requirements and usage of each Telkomsel customer in a more specific manner.

With its current intelligence, Veronika can recommend suitable product package choices based on customer needs, offer product knowledge, and address customer concerns with heightened speed and accuracy. Along with the integration of Azure OpenAI Service, Veronika will continue to innovate and improve to adapt to technological advances. Telkomsel’s commitment to ongoing improvement aims to elevate the intelligence of the chatbot, enabling Veronika to evolve into the best virtual assistant that is solution-oriented and adept at understanding customers in the future.

At present, Veronika’s functionalities, powered by the most recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology from Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, are accessible through the MyTelkomsel apps that can be downloaded from Customers now have the opportunity to greet Veronika and obtain optimal solutions about all Telkomsel products and services, including Telkomsel One, IndiHome, Orbit, MAXstream, and other product offerings by Telkomsel.

Veronika AI Technology on MyTelkomsel: Veronika, which has been integrated with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, can be enjoyed on the MyTelkomsel Application.

Telkomsel also brings Veronika closer to customers through various social media platforms, where the public can follow Veronika’s activities and journey as a virtual influencer through the Instagram account @hai.veronika and engage in interactions that resemble those of friends or close companions.

“With the support of cutting-edge Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, Veronika can now recognize a wide array of keywords, phrases, and everyday language that customers increasingly understand. Veronika can also identify current patterns and trends, enabling predictions based on these patterns to provide recommendations that closely align with customer needs. Through this update, we hope that the customer experience when interacting with the Veronika chatbot will become more natural, personalized, and in line with each customer’s unique needs and preferences. Moving forward, Telkomsel will continue to strengthen and enhance the capabilities of all of its customer service lines, ensuring swift and increasingly accurate fulfillment of all customer service needs,” concluded Danang.